1- About this game

C-Wars is pixel action game with strategy, rogue-like flavor, and a 16-bit graphics which is retro enough to bring you back to 90's.

Start your story with different heroes from different factions. Unveil dark stories behind the infectious outbreak that turns people into mutated monsters.

Each playthrough has a main storyline and randomly generated missions. You'll need to fight off enemies, loot gears, supplies and manage soldiers to get a better chance of survival.

Combat will be tough and unforgiving. But you'll have many chances to better yourself. Getting beaten in battle won't instantly kill you. Instead, it increases the crisis value. The more time you spend on failure and wander around the closer you are to face the end.

2- FAQ

Q: Playable demo?
A: PC/MAC Early access is out now on Steam.
Try the free demo at itch.io: C-Wars by Onipunks (itch.io)
Steam page: http: //store.steampowered.com/app/250540

Q: Release plan?
A: Steam, Xbox One, Android

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Build Update #SEP23 #101



1- Reworked animation and code structure for throwable in combat
2- New enemy throwable attack type and animations
3- Control scheme for mission Area
4- More buttons to navigate mercenary UI
5- Penalty warning when returning to the title screen during combat
6- Penalty warning when returning to the title screen or withdrawing to map in the mission area
7- "+" sign as a level indicator in the weapon pad for upgraded weapons
8- Randomizer for LV Up attributes
9- Crisis HUD in dialogue
10- New perk drops in chapter 1
11- Boss and mini-boss added in chapter 1
12- Additional dialogues for chapter 1



1- Mechanical character using a wrong material tag
2- Inaccessible grids for no reason
3- Dialogue line wrapping issues in a few locations
4- Wrong icons in UI control schemes
5- Wrong grid and tile layer issues
6- Typos in dialogue and descriptions
7- Mission countdown bar fissure issue
8- Friendly units getting removed without deploying
9- Wrong display in the system menu
10- Wrong perk reward in missions
11- Selling grenade crash the game during combat
12- Certain perk cards should drop only once
13- Display issue when switching weapons mid-attack
14- Cannot give more than 1 grenade for mission reward
15- Wingman reward not taking effect instantly in the prologue
16- Minor crash issue in the prologue
17- Other stability and crash fixes
18- Prologue withdraw disabled
19- Wingman menu crash after weapon broke in combat



1- Layers and object layout issues in multiple missions tweaked
2- Enemy spawn and item drop rate rebalanced
3- Mission rewards
4- Crisis HUD icons position tweaked
5- Perk Han-Banliang buff changed to AMR+10
6- Withdraw penalty now with a detailed number


We are on itch.io!

Uploaded a free demo on itch.io. It contains only the prologue where you can learn the basics of the game.
Try the free demo at itch.io: C-Wars by Onipunks (itch.io)


Steam page: Store.steampowered.com

KS Update #44 NEO-Music and SFX system

KS Update #44 NEO-Music and SFX system

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KS Update #44 NEO-Music and SFX system. It's time to reveal our new composer for C-Wars... Tenfour!

Build Update #MAR11 (PC and Mac) #98

Build Update #MAR11 (PC and Mac) #98


Build Update #MAR11 (PC and Mac) #98. New sound effect system!

KS Update #43 GDC 2016 and the MECHA PLAN

KS Update #43 GDC 2016 and the MECHA PLAN


KS Update #43 GDC 2016 and the MECHA PLAN.Come to GDC 2016 with us to see the latest MECHA PLAN in C-Wars.

Build Update #FEB13 (PC and Mac) #97

Build Update #FEB13 (PC and Mac) #97


Build Update #FEB013 (PC and Mac) #97. Meet the young Fenrir with his hacked Roquin mecha!

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This game deserves more attention :)

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