Lux is a first person puzzle game initially developed as a University project by a team of 11. It was an ambitious project undertaken over a six week period. Over this period the team developed the initial concept, built the 'Lux Engine' and implemented a demonstration of the game-play into the custom made engine. Some of its features include:

  • Real time shadow maps
  • Real time spotlights
  • Skinned mesh animation
  • DirectInput based control system
  • Shader Management
  • Volumetric Shadows
  • Scalable Particle System
  • Normal Mapping
  • Object Culling ( Frustrum and Occlusion )
  • Octree-based Scene Management
  • Audio
  • Uses F-MOD
  • Custom UI system
  • Event Management
  • Double-Queue Event System
  • Supports .x files for importing Meshes

Please head over to the Lux page to find out more about the game we have created from this engine.

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Here is a mock up video of a puzzle utilising the future 'shadow' mechanic, whereby in certain special locations and circumstances, shadows adopt a physicalised nature.

Shadow Puzzle from Toby Everett on Vimeo.

In this video the player is represented by the green stick figure and the puzzle mechanic, in this case, is demonstrated using an elaborate two stage 'zelda esque' block pushing puzzle.

A modified version of this puzzle, along with other puzzles based around physicalised shadows may be implemented in the future.

Let us know what you think :)

Lux Update

Lux Update

Lux 5 comments

Improvements, bug fixes and hints - a better experience overall.

New Video Added, Demo game-play.

New Video Added, Demo game-play.

Lux 6 comments

This video includes text to explain the basics of the game.

Lux Prototype Demo Release!

Lux Prototype Demo Release!

Lux 15 comments

The Lux 'proof of concept' is now available for you all to try out! :)

Modcast S02 E08

Modcast S02 E08

Feature 28 comments

Another week another cast. Join the ModDB Crew for another discussion about related news from ModDB.

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Lux is a first person puzzle game. The game is set in a steam punk/futuristic universe. An unknown force is consuming all light sources throughout this...

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