Flowlab is a different type of game creator. Design and build your game directly inside Flowlab, using the integrated tools.

Unlike drag and drop game creators, you can build your own custom game logic instead of using canned behaviors. No programming experience is required to start creating game logic. Game mechanics are built using a visual designer that is discoverable and intuitive, with no scripting language to learn. The logic flow can be visualized while it is running, giving the game deeper insight into the running game and making it easy to jump in and start building or experimenting:

Flowlab also includes a sprite and animation editor, integrated physics engine, and level editor - all built in. In addition, all of the tools are included as part of the running game, so are always accessible directly from the games themselves.

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Project Light


Project Light puts you in the shoes of a hero who is tasked with ridding his world of a dark force. While the player cannot attack directly, he can push a pedestal of light towards enemies and obstacles to destroy them so that he can progress to new levels and finally obliterate the heart of darkness.

If you'd like to know more about the game, keep reading; if not - click the link provided below and give it a try. It'd be much appreciated.

Along their journey, players can choose to collect coins, gems, potions, and other treasures scattered around the map. Villages and fun/easy side quests are also put in place to earn gems. Or if you wish, you can search for hidden areas, secret locations, and even secret boss fights. Loot that you obtain will build up and unlock one of over 40 unique skins for your player.

Your player can wear one skin per life. If you die or enter/exit an area, you will lose your skin but be capable of getting a new one to replace it. You can wear a skin by facing the player forward so that you can see his face. Then press "C" until the costume activates.

Coin types, flowers, houses, gem and coin placements, enemy placements, order of costumes available, and many other game features are randomized so that each playthrough offers different and unique outcomes.

I'd encourage new players to check out the "Instructions" page on the main menu to learn more vital information on how to play.

Provided below are some screenshots of gameplay you can expect out of Project Light.

Project Light's open world element provides the player with beutiful scenery filled with secrets of all shapes and sizes. Some cave systems are easy to find, while others are more rare. They also provide new enemies and obstacles. Obsticles and enemies are scattered all around the map. Watch your health bar and your pedestal's health bar as you progress. Indoor areas offer temporary protection. Use them to gather a few coins and transport to villages for side quests. Villages offer fun and easy side quests. They are also a great way of earning gems.

Project Light - Open World Adventure Game

Project Light - Open World Adventure Game


Project Light is a pixelated; open world adventure game wherein you are tasked with ridding the world of dark forces by pushing a pedestal of light near...

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