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Elements available in Chaos Archon 1.0 alpha release

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Attend the instruction forthwith!

A painkeep cube.

Instructions: touch the cube. Press fire (you must be in activation range - about 200 units.)
If you select another weapon (via number impulse 1-9 or mouse wheel) the cube will be freed.
These cubes can give you: painkeep items, weapons, random items, monsters (not always helpers!), live grenades (RUN!...run faster than that, its a cluster bomb), and teleport spheres.

A morphic cube.

Instructions: touch the cube. The morph selection menu will appear for this cube.
Use the mouse wheel to select a morph and press ALT-FIRE (impulse 13, bound to X) to assume that form. If you select another weapon (via number impulse 1-9) the cube will be freed.
Once you morph, or release the cube without morphing, you will not touch any more morph cubes unless you issue impulse 50 (bound to W). Morph options available in the alpha release are limited:
Enforcer, Zombie, Wizard (Scragg), Ogre, Hell Knight, Shalrath, Fiend (demon), Lava bomb, Scourge (centroid), Gremlin (NOT the hipnotic gremlin, the one from the movie...)


Instructions: Open 'er up. Get out your trusty axe, shotgun, or crate opener of choice. Anything that does damage will open a crate. Contents displayed prior to opening are generic unless the map author made them specific. Crates always contain goodies. Just remember that one of the goodies is an explosive barrel, and only *most* of the crate contained monsters are set as helpers. (This means a small percentage might have it in mind to attack after being let out - hey, how would you like to be cooped up in a crate?)

(Note: if you play on quake 1 original maps, the map brush crates can NOT be opened. If you hit a crate on one of those maps and hear the "axe hit the wall" sound - its prob. not a mod crate.)

Opened crates:

Some new goodies to give you more reason to open crate.

The original "Howard Roy" quake 1 quantum tunnel apparatus. What does it do? Heh heh - makes "holes" through solid objects.

Super gravity well. On the left. In the red case. Grab this thing toss it out and watch (well, dont actually - run really, really fast!) everything get sucked in and all living things perish. And even if oppoonents are out of range - this thing can fire "black" lasers! Ha.

Other items.

Teleport sphere. These little doohickeys appear from painkeep cubes and link randomly to some level teleport or deathmatch location. Touch one, and it takes you there.

Power runes may appear depending on the rune server option selected. They do all the usual things like double damage, protection, haste, regeneration, etc. Since the lithium mod is GPL, that code is included as a bonus.

Power point. Found on the hub map - idea from the original archon of course. These magic points can heal your wounds and make items for collection.

Storage wars:

You bid against other players on the contents of these anonymous units. Ha ha, just kidding - open these up to find the map votes for the hub.

Hub map:

The hub map for the Chaos Archon mod...should look familiar to some. Vote on your favorite map, or try a new one.

These features are designed primarily to enhanced death match play. They can, however, be used to re-fresh coop and single player action. Did (or do) you think quake one singleplayer / coop is too easy? Check readme.txt for instructions.

Thank you for viewing this brief over view of the Chaos Archon mod game elements. We hope you enjoyed it.

numbersix Author

Release note: the package is built, just waiting on the testers and running some checks myself. Expect a release within a week.

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thats nice :D

I cant test tho :(

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numbersix Author

Yeah, its a private test. If no major bugs show up, and if you want I might send you a link in a couple days.

You need:
Quake 1
182Mb of HD space

Prob. a decent machine spec. (no idea what the minimum would be)
Athlon 3000+, 2 G mem, GeForce 8800+ (or equivalents)

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numbersix Author

>You bid against other players on the contents of these anonymous units

Can believe it...I'm actually thinking about adding this.

Keep a master high score for every player - all the frags you score on every level. Add 2 new hub levels - a marketplace where you can use frags to buy certain items (standard stuff, shot guns, nail guns, and a few bonuses) and the "storage wars level". Just like the TV show, an auctioneer would guide players through bidding on units that contain unknown (and possibly awesome) items.

Have to restrict some of the map items and random items to make it worth while.

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numbersix Author

Morphic cube addendum

Playing the role of a monster is not easy. Here are a few hints.

If you have not evolved before, stick to a familiar face.

I'd suggest the Ogre for his simplicity. You have used a grenade launcher and he has a decent fire rate. He can also learn to fire a nail gun if you find a nailgun and collect some nail boxes.

The enforcer can also pick up some human weapons and get armor.

Believe it or not the gremlin is also a decent choice - he can use all human weapons.

Some evolutions have been enhanced for more balance. The Hell Knight, and Scragg have exploding shot and faster / more plentiful standard missile attacks.
The Scragg can also "emit" a pain field as a short range melee weapon.

The zombie has a few new tricks, including plagued flesh, tracer attacks, and a noxious gas cloud for the melee attack.

The Fiend has a "rage" attack - start that and you get a count down to a violent explosion. For a real blast, try a quad and pentagram rage attack.

When you really want to experiment try the Lava bomb or the Scourge.

In a lava pool the Lava bomb can use ALT-FIRE ("x") to turn into a small Cthon!
You then attack with the usual Cthon method. (It may be necessary to turn off chase cam, both for line of sight and so the bombs hit the target.)

The Scourge can touch a rocket launcher or lightning gun and collect rockets for bombs, and cells for lasers. These will show up in the standard weapon select cycles.

I havent left Shalrath out. Along with his trusty bomb, he can fire lightning now and summon a "sphere of annihilation." What does the sphere do? Destroys anything that touches it. It will also "suck" missiles out of the air.

It can be a lot of fun playing as a monster.

You may have to change your play tactics versus bots. All monster forms do not do well against the standard bot attack strategy. If you are not doing well, look for something different to try.

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