A new video game engine developed by W Studios Chile(Formerly HeXentic Games). It is a Cube 2 engine derivation (According with Zlib License)will be with a 3D graphics using OpenGL with SDL, is the official game engine for the FPS Infernal Underground

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Finally After 2 years of suspended development process, The HeXentic Games team is proud to publish the first official and complete release of Infernal Underground.

The game based in the styles of the oldschool fps like Quake and DooM, is finally completed, well not as was expected but there is a good time to fun...


- Save System provided by DarkTech Engine
- Achievement Systems
- 9 Complete Levels (+ 1 secret Level)
- Intense action
- Puzzles
- Redesigned Beta Levels (New structure and secret areas)

The Game is Available to Download in the Infernal Underground ModDB profile

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Infernal Underground "The Project Rescue"

Infernal Underground "The Project Rescue"

First Person Shooter

Infernal Underground is a FPS Doom/Quake based Style developed by HeXentic Games.

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