An elementary HTML5 Canvas game engine built on Backbone. Specialized for 2D platformers, and optimized for mobile.

Backbone Game Engine was written to run inside of CocoonJS Canvas+, so you can turn your HTML5 game into a native application on iOS or Android.


  • Built on Backbone. Events, models, collections, inheritance and RESTful persistence. Why reinvent the wheel?
  • HTML5 canvas only. No jQuery, as little DOM manipulations as possible.
  • Mobile optimized. Build to run on mobile devices with transparent touch and viewport support. Everything is optimized for maxium frames per seconds (FPS).
  • Go Native with CocoonJS. Built to run in's Canvas+. Deploy native on iOS and Android.
  • 2D platformer. Built with side-scrollers in mind. Built-in classes for sprites, sprite sheets, characters, hero, quad-tree collision detection, world and editor.
  • No compilation. You don't need to install node, grunt or whatever else. Just code and press F5 to run.
  • No server required. Fork this repo and your Github site is up and going. Create your own game and point your friends to it. Rebase to pull in latest engine updates.
  • Built for mobile. Conceived to run on tablets. Share your URL with Mom so she can add it to the home screen of her iPad.
  • Take if offline. With HTML5 Application Cache, your game runs offline. Perfect for taking it on the road or on a fishing trip.
  • Save state. With HTML5 Local Storage, save where you are.
  • World editor. Conceived for tile-based games, comes with a world editor. Place your tiles and characters, then hit play to try it out. Hit save to save your world.
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Two years ago I embarked on a project to create an old school game for iPhone and iPad. Ludo's Quest is a mashup of Super Mario Bros and Ghosts 'n Goblins. Run, jump and hit with your sword to break things.

As a Web developer, I wanted to test the limits of HTML5. I therefore built a framework called Backbone Game Engine and reproduced a Super Mario Bros to develop it. I also tested the idea of crowd-sourcing level design. Turns out kids love to build levels. No wonder Minecraft is so popular with kids. Ludo's Quest also includes a level editor. However levels remain private. You can optionally publish your level to the Web for others to play.

Ludo's Quest compiles to native (iOS and Android) with The game is solely canvas based (no DOM) for performance reasons. A lot of research was necessary in choosing the right platform to go native. Cocoon provides an accelerated canvas making that possible. For anyone wanting to take the HTML5 path, I invite you to read Cocoon's doc.

Ludo's Quest will launch soon on iOS. But you can try it today in your browser. Go ahead, play a few levels and create your own.

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Miam Boom!

Miam Boom!


Catch as many falling fruits as you can without dropping any.

Ludo's Quest

Ludo's Quest


Ludo's Quest is a mobile-first side-scrolling platform game inspired from Super Mario Bros and Ghosts n' Goblins. It targets kids around 6 to 12, but...

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