Apricot juice (juice=js) is an opensource HTML5/javascript game making framework currently being developed by The Accord. The apricot acronym stands for A Powerful Rendering Interface Consisting of Typing. This acronym was thought up after the name was chosen and may or may not be incorrect.

The engine will consist of various javascript classes that can be used to simplify the game development process. Current classes under development are:
Sprite Class (for displaying images)
Object Class (for creating game entities)
Background Class (for backgrounds)
Path Class (for path finding and motion)

Currently the team is developing the engine by building a couple simple games. As we complete the different classes we will upload them here. The first one is the sprite class. This javascript class will allow the user to easily manipulate and draw images on the HTML5 Canvas.

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Throughout the storyline of Kaepe there are several who get in the way of our heroes, but the following are the ones that stand out the most amongst the crowd.

The goal of the post is to introduce you to the enemies that are out for the destruction of Kaepe and The Order. Their individual biographies will be posted at a later date.

Dark Lord Zamir, Right Hand of Noir

Ba’al Kal’ar, Tyrant of the Oaratan Empire

Armored Oaratan “Reaper”

Oaratan “Reaper” Foot soldier

Shadower- A mobile game

Shadower- A mobile game


Shadower is a game aimed at the mobile development. Created in HTML5, Shadower provides a simple yet addictive experience.

Character Art 1: Heroes

Character Art 1: Heroes


This blog post focuses on the transformation of the Heroes of Kaepe as they have evolved since the beginning of the game. While most have only undergone...

Menu/HUD design

Menu/HUD design

Kaepe 3 comments

This week I worked on the various HUD elements. We decided to go with a kind of steam punk off-kilter design.

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Zombie Holiday

Zombie Holiday


The Zombie Apocalypse has begun and the zombies are winning the fight. You play as Santa manning a snow cannon at the north pole fighting off waves of...

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