NecroDoom is a gameplay mod featuring the Necrosuit, a heavy-weapons exoskeleton capable of delivering large doses of whoopass to anything that moves (or doesn't move, for that matter). It's mostly just a showoff mod for the recently-ripped Necrodome weapons, but I got a bit carried away and implemented a few neat things that should hopefully make for an interesting gameplay experience. Full list o' Features: 6 new weapons, ranging from twin chainguns to rocket pods. Brand-new (sorta) military hardware, including the crowd-pleasing Napalm Bomb Revolutionary (not really) dismount system -- enter/exit the Necrosuit at will (and blow it up if you so desire!) New HUD, SFX, and title music for grins. NEW: Cross-game compatibility! Works in all the Dooms, Heretic, Hexen, and Strife!

NecroDoom v4
PhillMcHogan - - 31 comments

you should make this brutal doom compatible because this is an epic wad and has that potential!

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PsychoNick - - 3 comments

Hi, first I'd like to say thanks for making this mod.
After playing through some doom 1 and 2 I must say I see a lot of potential.
Two ideas that first sprung to mind were:

1) I can see this crossed with a mod like brutal doom with the updated enemies and effects, with heavy metal music blearing with this suit and it's weapons would make for an amazing combination.

2) This suit as an item pick up like a soul sphere in a mod like project brutality, would need balancing etc but like with brutal doom could make for an amazing experience.

All the best and look forward to see where this goes forward if it isn't complete already as it is already pretty great.

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Kennethern - - 3 comments

The issue with making a mod compatible with Brutal Doom is the fact the code looks like mutilated spaghetti to Doom coders. Trust me, it's not easy. Everything would need to be changed damage-wise, pickup-wise, HUD-wise, movement-wise, projectile-wise and done again for the "realistic" difficulty.

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AschTheConjurer - - 32 comments

In the meantime, pick up the Project Brutality mod for BrutalDoom, and the overhaul pack for PB, one or the other of them comes with a BUNCH of HUD conversions. Personal favourite is the UDV (Ultimate DOOM Visor)

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JDICK - - 28 comments

This version cuts off the helmet animation on each side of the screen top and bottom. Looks horrible like that.

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JDICK - - 28 comments

I have to force my aspect ratio to 4:3 which makes my picture look way stretched to fix it. Why did you take out 16:9 compatibility with your newest update?

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Doomflayer - - 15 comments

This mod is such an amazing concept, and I've not seen it done as well with anything else.

It would be an instant classic in my collection.... but...

Why oh why does the HUD not work in 16:9 like Version 1 did?? This alone ruins the mod entirely which is very sad, and seems a huge error.

The lasers could do to have dynamic lighting compatibility, it'd be cool to see them glowing green using GZdoom.

The grenade launchers are also bad as they don't have explode on impact, and the fuse is ridiculously long rendering them actually useless.

And other than that, some walking sound effects, impact sounds of projectiles hitting the armour, and perhaps a tiny bit of scuffing at the edges of the screen to show an armour glass windshield would just make this godly.

I'm honestly gutted this has been abandoned, I wish I knew how to mod so I could personally fix it up!

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