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Better torch / flashlight for COC
icone - - 24 comments

This is a really nice addon, thanks!

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EnZuLian - - 233 comments

This will help until Gunslinger mod with its handeheld flashlight and weapon flashlights gets released, gets an english translation AND gets ported to COC... so in 38 years. ;)

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Alundaio - - 1,758 comments

Is handheld flashlight something people actually want? I'm the one who put that in Misery and could probably do it properly now with source code but I remember reading a lot of comments about how stupid it was.

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LukeFerreira - - 90 comments

Why not? More stuff is always welcome.

I thought the handheld flashlight in Misery worked fine, those people were probably just whinning about it because the headlamp consumes energy.

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burguois - - 59 comments

I think it got a bad rep because it just seems rather unnecessary and illogical.

Having to choose between a flashlight and a gun seems like a stupid decision. It was stupid in Doom 3 (hence all the "duct tape" jokes), and it seems even more stupid in Stalker where the problem has been solved by having a torch that you strap to your head, in the actual proper game.

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TGP96 Author
TGP96 - - 83 comments

I'd say handheld flashlight would be a great addon, only if there would be enough diversity in the mod. This case is somewhat dealt in Misery, but COC has only the basic/vanilla mechanics covered up.

What I mean, is that player could be driven to situation where he needs to use this "extra action" to simply get a flashlight out, while everything else from player's controls is still very easy and simple.

I'm NOT saying that simplified- nor extra detailed gameplay would be a good or a bad thing. Both are very enjoyable as far as they don't cause any unnecessary annoyance.

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czwarty_ - - 1,323 comments

I really like the handheld flashlight thing and it's nicely balanced.
You want to use flashlight with every weapon? Pay for it.
You want to save your money? Fine, but you have to trade something for it, in this case - your ability to fight in every condition.

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Amoch - - 1,541 comments

Please no, handheld flashlight makes very little sense in terms of gameplay, esp. in a game like STALKER with many dark areas (and playing during the night).

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Rexhunter99 - - 74 comments

I know I'm over a year late... but yes. I always feel STALKER starts you off with too much gear, particularly CoP and would love it if you spawned in with a knife, pistol, handheld flashlight and just rags for clothes, adds to the entire gimmick of the place being brutally harsh to humans. Then of course having headlamp 'helmet' items to replace the hand held flashlight and helmets with upgrades to enable built in flashlights would top it all off. The handheld flashlight would gate a lot of the mid-teir and end-game stuff better... right now in COP since you spawn with an AKS74U and sunrise suit, you're basically set right up until you get to Pripyat.

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j1mmy_stalker - - 19 comments

I tried porting the one from Dead Air into COC 1.4.22 and well I got as far as it being drawn but the light wont come on. I am not sure why, but I would love to have a handheld flashlight mod for COC. As well as a Misery geiger counter.

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l00 - - 66 comments

Nice addon, very useful. Thank you !

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Guest - - 692,336 comments

Internal folder is empty. Is that right or mistake?

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yoshjoz - - 154 comments

This was a really nice mod in 1.3.2, will it work with 1.4?

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yoshjoz - - 154 comments

It works and is still a great atmosphere enhancer!

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Jimbles_Notronbo - - 4 comments

According to Chrome, your mod is "malicious." PLEASE update and fix, as I'd love to download the mod, but I don't want any malware on my computer, or for Chrome to cockblock me. PLS FIX

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onadra - - 14 comments

Does this work on DirextX 9 (Basic)?

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onadra - - 14 comments

Well I think it should, but for some reason, I have the old glow texture. I've tried on other renderers as well, also reinstalling doesn't help... Funny, it was working before O_o

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NOMADs_Reviews - - 180 comments

I like the idea of a hand held torch as a starting light source, makes getting the head lamp, or a gun light something to aim for. To make it useful throughout the game, consider having it as a wind up version, so it is useful as a backup if you run out of batteries. Another type of flashlight could be a large, heavy battery operated one that is very powerful - more so than the headlamp and gunlight. Better able to temporarily blind opponents and can be used as a club. And if you want it, you pay for it.

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Devana25 - - 13 comments

Well now flashlights will actually be usable in outdoor areas. Thanks!

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swipe - - 62 comments

The mod works great until it gets foggy. Then it's almost useless because it bugs out. Even if you're indoors while it's foggy outside the light does not work. It's flickering and blanked out in spots.

Is there something I can do to fix this?

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JohnnoirAtlas619 - - 87 comments

Does this work in Last Day 1.3+?

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irekprzybylski96 - - 93 comments

seriously this is admins light lul , too bright and too wide for me , or something is not installed because I have big lighting area but in the circle not like in pictures here , I use 1422

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Nikkolai_Superfly - - 130 comments

I like this.

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D.C.V. - - 6 comments

Thanks, now night vision is no longer mandatory to go out at night. The default flashlight is completely useless during dark nights. This one is much brighter, but without being excessive.

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