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Need your advice Stalker!!!

So I just gave up on Clear Sky: The Faction Wars mod, it's really TFW+Arsenal Overhaul merged I found on Reddit because I LOVED the Faction Wars mod but I HATE the horrible looking weapons, I played AO+Complete and loved the weapon ballistics from AO. Like you can shoot with small arms and it might penetrate a stack of tires but that's about it, maybe through wooden crates but with low damage if the enemy is close enough to the crates, but the 7.62x54 AP will even go through the thick metal slabs used as shields/barriers. One thing that REALLY got on my nerves more than I thought it would was the horrible looking ground from vanilla or even just The Faction Wars, just a blaring reminder how old the game is, in my face all the time. As I was playing TFW+AO I ran into a game braking crash, asking for work to a faction trader will result in a CTD. Not being able to get good with a faction kind of killed any fun I want to have with Clear Sky as I NEED to play a Factiion Wars type mod but CAN'T go back to horrible looking weapons or a pixelated ground, both of these things immediately kills any immersion I have with ANY Stalker game. Oh, and the Reddit page is like 2 years old so I don't think it's getting a fix anytime soon. (I played SoC with a starter pack that had HD weapons and a decent enough job on textures.)
I read your comment on Complete for Pripyat and wanted to get your advice on what mod(s) I should play for CoP. I'm looking or HD weapons, believable ballistics, and halfway decent environment/structure textures. My rig is not the best so play on the lowest graphical setting but the lowest graphic setting and some texture mods still make a HUGE difference. If all three of the aforementioned aspects are met at least halfway I'd be a very happy Stalker. And not to mention a mod that fixes bugs the way Zone Reclamation Project did for SoC.
I'm JUST looking for these improvements as this is my first time playing the Stalker series and I want to enjoy the story, regardless if it's good or bad. I'm NOT looking to make the game ANY easier, I play on Master diff and in fact if there was a mod that made the game a bit more difficult as well that would be great too.
If you could do me a big favor any cut my reading/installing/uninstalling time down by a huge margin that would be the bees knees. What mod or mods do you recommend that work together but keep the story untouched? After which, what mod do you recommend (if any) that I can play using CoP that is a good substitute for TFW?

Thanks in advance.

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I don't understand your review of 2008 Complete.

Most of my experiance in the game is being shot at by people I can't see, dying in three shots from people who need 20 rounds to kill, and randomly being dog-piled to death by animals that can launch me into the air.

Did you play a previous patch? Was the game not actually modded? Is the game harder on lower difficulties?

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