Post tutorial Report RSS Hammer - Add Rain/Snow to your maps! [HD Vid. Tutorial]

A tutorial on how to add rain, snow, snowfall, or ash to your map. Works for any source game!

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This is just the basics of getting precipitation into your maps. You should experiment for a more desired result, by adding things like fog, sounds, etc. It gives your maps a better atmosphere and helps you set the mood for the game.


Nice tutorial!
Its very helpfull! Thx m8

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infl1ct1on Author

Glad you found it helpful!

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why was this removed?

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Video removed by user? How am i to learn if the learning has been removed?!?! D:

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hey,why did you remove this?

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It's also possible in orangebox games to add realistic rain by making an info_particle system in your map.
With it you can make a rain in which the drops fall to the ground realistically, which isn't very good for old machines (Like mine T_T)

PS: Why remove this vid? It would help a lot

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BUH'MMMMMMMER...WHY WAS THIS DELETED!.. Not mad, just diapointed..
Got's a question ferya"
Who has the how to(S)
What is best to learn (i PROMISE NOT TO PUT OUT TRASH,,lol) I just wanna play wid'it (them)

I've played everything so many times god only knows HL1 probably in the 5 digit, This seems like the next logical step..

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