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The VG-2 and VG-5 guns are now in game, with the models done by *correction* nachocheese. The Wehrmacht's unit system has also seen heavy revision.

Posted by Lord_Wiffleby on Aug 19th, 2011

The Wehrmacht is a force of battle hardened veterans. Though they are not elite by the standards of Germany, their mainline troops are more than capable of handling at least twice their number in combat. However, it is expensive to requisition them, and to maintain them. In fact, many of the Wehrmacht's weapons can take a lot of resources to get a hold of, due to high demand from numerous commanders preparing for the fulfillment of operation Sealion. Therefore, some commanders might fare better by requesting less trained troops and older equipment held in reserve.

This is done by purchasing seperate "upgrade" packages from the Kampfkraft center for each of the Wehrmacht's buildings. These packages aren't very expensive, and generally don't take very long to process. Reservist units may take the place of another unit in the buildings from which they come, though I haven't decided yet. I'd welcome any opinions on that idea, by the way.

It is in this manner that commanders will be able to receive phased out weapons like the Pak 38, Tiger I, and the reservist Volk troops. Volk troops are troops who either were conscripted or volunteered to fight during the slight lull in the war on most German fronts that took place between 1944-1949. They are armed with a newer, cheaper breed of weapon called the Volksgewehr Series. These weapons are similar to the real life Volkssturmgewehrs, except that they aren't quite as cheap, though the main reason they exist is that they are easy to manufacture in large numbers. There are two main version that are in use by the German army. The first of these is the semi-automatic VG-2.

This weapon is given to the Volksschutzen, which are units filled with men that were picked from green units for having the potential to become marksmen. This unit is available from the reserve for the Wehrmacht, and as a support unit for the Panzer Elite.



Volksschutzen are weak in the open, but are fast enough to get to cover, which is their true strongpoint. Once standing still in cover, these men can be deadly against hostile units. As they gain veterancy through combat, they become as good of soldiers as Grenadiers. However, they have the advantage of more troops per unit, which one could say makes them even better than Grenadiers.

To complement them, Wehrmacht commanders can also recruit Volksgrenadiers. The unit in this that was previously called by that name will be known as Sturm Grenadiers. That said, Volksgrenadiers are assault troops who utilize the VG-5.

*New* Volksgrenadiers

*New* Volksgrenadiers

*New* Volksgrenadiers

These men serve as a good unit to defend Volksschutzen from close encounters, or as assault troops. Like Volksschutzen, they gain veterancy through combat and can become some of the Wehrmacht's deadliest troops.

With all that said, it's time for me to go back to work. I want to make sure a vehicle you've all been waiting for arrives here soon, which means I'm going to have to do my best at texturing. I hope my best is enough, but we'll see.

With Regards,
Lord Wiffleby

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the*Joker Aug 19 2011, 3:30am says:

Awesome. Any details on any gameplay of all these new Soldaten that we can see ingame? Those Volksshutzen and Sturm Grenadiers sure look pretty boss.

And as for the Wehrmacht, what about their Panzer corps? In the original Company of Heroes, the Wehrmacht Panzer corps was probably the best in the game. Will there be more or less armor choices for the Wehrmacht, considering all these new Soldaten seem to be pretty lethal.

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Lord_Wiffleby Author
Lord_Wiffleby Aug 19 2011, 4:14am replied:

Well, technically, the new units are Volksschutzen and Volksgrenadiers, while the Wehrmacht troops that I used to call Volksgrenadiers are now called Sturm Grenadiers.

Anyway, Germany's Soldaten are some of the best in the game, as are their Panzers, which you will see more of soon. The modelers that are providing assistance to me will have some excellent stuff to show you soon. Best of all, the vehicles that were specifically made for this mod will be part of the community model project on relicnews! Meaning that you only have to credit those who worked them to use them (in some cases, that includes me, though only for texturing).

To answer your question, all factions will be pretty lethal in their own way, whether that is due to their troop's numbers or skill. The current details of most units have already been released, though others are still under revision. Once the mod is close to being finished, I plan on releasing a manual and strategy guide for the mod, to help anyone coming to it to understand its mechanics.

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MartyForEels Aug 19 2011, 4:57am says:

Im new to this mod, so i hope there are some real WW2 weapons. I doubt Germany would phase out many of these weapons.

Just think about it a bit - When they werent losing war, they didnt have to create new mechanics and such. Just look on real 39-41 era: No "big" projects ore innovative guns appeared. And even after that, most of infantry guns were actually created because their predecessor werent good enough. Yet later vehicles like Tiger or Panther were just good enough and there wasnt any need to replace them and those projects like King Tiger were just plane insanity and they wouldnt be probably even accepted into service if there wasnt Hitler´s need for prototypes to stop Soviet hordes. Same with infantry guns - Stg. 44 was almost perfect, no need to create new sniper systems when superb Mauser is here. Riflemen considered G43 quite good.

Off course, it HAS to have some customly created guns and vehicles to keep its spirit. Yet many vehicles and firearms would probably stay in service for LOOONG time if Germany wouldnt lost.

BTW : Halftrack has been used by Czechoslovak army into late 70es (Not because they didnt have money or so - They have been Soviet first line of defense, because they were first country that West would probably attack - USSR pushed them into modernising and spend many money on equipping czechoslovak army, yet Halftrack with slight modifications was just one of best light ATs that they could get)

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Lord_Wiffleby Author
Lord_Wiffleby Aug 19 2011, 5:21am replied:

Your post is actually the principle of this mod: replace what needs replacing, and just perfect the rest. That's one of the reasons that the reserve mechanic is in game. Germany has some older weaponry like the Pak 38 that have been mostly replaced by weapons like the Pak 40. However, they still exist. For instance, Panzer IV's are basically Germany's light tank because there are a lot of them around. K-98s are the main weapon of Ostheer Grenadiers (Wehr), regular Schutzen (PE), and Polizei (PE). America still has Shermans as well. There will still be many new weapons, but don't expect to see all the old ones disappear.

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QuakeRiley Aug 19 2011, 8:26am replied:

Change the Panzer IV to a more reserves tank like the Sherman, or Jadgpanzers, they're cool.
Bolt actions give range that semi-auto rifles don't so more defensive units would use because they have such a nice range.
Shermans are a good work-horse.

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Velancious Aug 19 2011, 6:47pm replied:

Is the G-43 then still gonna be used? I don't think the Germans would replace it so easily.

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Lord_Wiffleby Author
Lord_Wiffleby Aug 21 2011, 2:16am replied:

The G-43 is still around.

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QuakeRiley Aug 19 2011, 8:22am replied:

These are Germans, Nazis at that. Just go google Nazi Super Science in Google images, that answers your point.

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MartyForEels Aug 20 2011, 5:32am replied:

Yes, but except jets, most of these experiments were just weak attempts to change war. If nazis werent loosing, Hitler wouldnt allow most of these projects or they wouldnt be even thought about.

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AwayPeskyFlies Aug 21 2011, 12:47am replied:

Well when he heard rumor of a soviet 100 ton tank thats when tanks beyond tiger were crazy

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Lord_Wiffleby Author
Lord_Wiffleby Aug 21 2011, 2:14am replied:

Who said anything about Hitler being in charge of Germany? I have identified that Germany has a Fuehrer, but I never said who it was.

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MartyForEels Aug 21 2011, 8:00am replied:

All of these superheavy tanks might look as good idea when you see Communist hordes charging into Germany, yet main problem of tanks like Maus or Tiger II is that they dont have any chance to be succesfull. They are too heavy, they would have a lot of misfunctions etc.

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xxxviroxxx Aug 21 2011, 4:12pm replied:

Ehm, der führer is der führer. Fact. End of discusion. That was easy

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Grenade! Sep 30 2011, 9:46am replied:

Please retain Hitler, as it was him who sponsored most of the eccentric projects of the Third Reich that features in this mod, if he died and Germany was just ruled by a military council then they would have just sought to reverse-engineer conventional Allied technology to suit their needs rather than developing super heavy tanks, ballistic missiles and whatnot.
Furthermore, the SS just wouldn't feel the same serving another individual rather than their establisher, it's the same thing with Stalin as both he and Hitler provides a sense of uniqueness to their faction due to their clashing but distinct personalities.

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sethfc Aug 19 2011, 12:34pm says:

Yeah, While germany would have developed ALOT of new tech, they would have kept making some of the old *limited amounts plus stockpiles of old* in order to let their vets keep using what their good with.

And i like the idea of upgrading/changing my structures to requisition either the bleeding edge new tech *highest cost* or the old vets with experience but older lesser quality weaponry.

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foo_jam2002 Aug 22 2011, 6:49am says:

Keep it up Lord!

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Reborn:X Aug 22 2011, 10:25am says:

Will the helmet feature the Reichsadler decal or will it be just a plain Stallhelm?.

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Rafenrazer Sep 12 2011, 9:56am says:

Good to see the VG 1-5 (vg 5 as you seem to interpret as a production model) is in use. Bearing in mind it was intended for semi-automatic use... So will these Volksgrenadiers function much like USA riflemen from the original COH?

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Rafenrazer Sep 12 2011, 10:04am replied:

Correction, it is actually called the VG 5, VG 1-5 refers to the development project of all volksturmm rifles...

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