Lots of changes and lots of work is planned and being done.

Posted by Ozzy667 on Jul 17th, 2011

Well been a while since we did a formal update because Mando and I have been very very busy with aqll the models he has been cranking out while most of the team has been busy with Lifes obligations. As you guys have seen we are getting some pretty cool models lately. Currently we are finishing a completely new B2 Super Battledroid based on the ones seen in TCW show to replace the movie style one we were using. Our team believes in helping other mods and other modders that are willing to learn and have the same helping attitude that we do. Currently Mando is not only doing models here and on his own mod but he is modeling for the ORAW mod and has been doing models here and there for other friends we have. We are also sharing models with Battlefront 2 mods and they are sharing their custom models with us. I have also been helping other mods with skins and coding advice. As you guys can see this sharing and helping is also helping our mod with both models and quality.

Now Our plans for the mod.
-You guys have seen many new Special CIS weapons. The CIS will get a new structure very soon that will the Special Weapons Labroatory. Only available on one or two planets. The structure will be expensive but will unlock the many CIS secret weapons in very small numbers that will absolutely terrorize the Jedi and Clones on the battlefield. They will also be expensive and will not be buildable by the AI. A few of them will spawn for the AI but not enough to destroy your chances of victory. Some of the planned units are
-IG110 Jedi Killer droids
-B3 Ultra battledroid
-The CIS will also be able to find some secret weapons on key planets.

-Many new sounds have been added from the show with better quality than previous attempts
-The Republic will also be getting a cloning facility which I am skinning right now that will be available obviously on Kamino but will also be available for a much higher price at other cloning capable planets to bolster your clones numbers.

-The Jedi will also be getting a lot of Jedi Heroes along with special clone units to combat the CIS's secret projects and help fight off the waves of battledroids.

-As you guys have seen we are working very very hard to improve the ground combat portion of the game. We are working on cooler death clones so you can leave a trail of carnage behind your advancing forces.

-We have also made all but the B1's single soldiers instead of groups. This has made the game play more fun and it is harder to kill the infantry with heavy weapons because of the spacing you can give them.

-Maps will continue to be edited so that each map as in real life will have areas that give infantry advantages over the vehicles.

-Space stations are being changed so that instead of one station that just gets bigger you will have a different more powerful station at each tech level. Corvette and fighter construction will be performed by a ground structures and capital ships will require a capital shipyard.

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blaze3114 Jul 18 2011 says:

i like the sound of the shipyard types can one wait to blast some clunkers in the new release

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Sab3rr Jul 18 2011 says:

Hmmm..producing minor space units on ground...interesting...gives a new edge to this mod. Nice

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Ozzy667 Author
Ozzy667 Jul 18 2011 replied:

They will still be appear in space when built but I figure most smaller ships are built on the ground at factories anyways

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kingof252 Jul 18 2011 says:

Sounds similar to Absolute Corruption, but in the Clone Wars Era, this should be nice . . .

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Chagall Jul 18 2011 says:

Sounds nice guys.

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RockNRollJoe0830 Jul 19 2011 says:

Will the Harvoster be one of the secrect weapons you mentioned Ozzy?

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godevil8000 Aug 3 2011 says:

Do you add OG-9 homing spider droid to CIS ??? Images.wikia.com It would be nice !

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nigui11 Oct 4 2011 says:

hey why do not you put together with some droids magnaguards heroes like Count Dukan?

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