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After a rocky start, Indie Royale rolls on with another 4 (now 7) games! Get it while its hot.

Posted by INtense! on Nov 12th, 2011

Four great games, one crazy low price, all available on Steam, Desura and direct download. Indie Royale is a new indie games deal site inspired by the awesome HiB (run by us! in partnership with In this bundle we have Fate of the World, a tough and extremely addictive strategy game from Red Redemption that asks you to save the entire world from crisis. We have NightSky, a fantastic arcade puzzler from Nicalis and a past IGF Seamus McNally Grand Prize finalist.

Next up is Scoregasm from Charlie's Games, a brilliant space shooter that will get you a little hot under the collar with its hordes of bullets, enemies and explosions. Finally, we have the Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! adventure game combo, both from Size Five Games. That's right - this bundle has 5 games in it, rather than 4!

That's over $40 worth of games we've got for you right there, and we recently added all DLC for Fate of the World and two bonus games from Charlie. To grab it, Indie Royale is the place to do so.

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CZERW Nov 12 2011 says:

I think it would be a little easier to sell stuff for you guys if you would offer games from same or simmilar genre (action, logical/puzzle etc.) or simmilar theme (horror, familly friendly etc.) for each bundle. It's just hard for me to picture a person who would play all of these very different game types together, but maybe its just me..

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Skylar15 Nov 12 2011 replied:

Hopfuly they are able to make a bundle for every gerne if they take your advice. Or atleast these gernes:

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gmh_michael Nov 13 2011 replied:

i would say its just you. i want different games in my packs ^_^

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ZeroXR Nov 12 2011 says:

I personally think the theme is that these games offer a challenge being their cohesive theme. They have other bundles in the works with themes revolving them as well.

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textpainter Nov 12 2011 says:

A couple of the games are listed as Windows only. For this bundler are Linux clients availible?

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Protektor Nov 13 2011 replied:

Scoregasm is available for Linux. Two of the bonus games just announced have Linux versions, Bullet Candy Perfect and Irukandji. So that is 3 games in the bundle with Linux versions.

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myromance123 Nov 12 2011 says:

Things lacking in comparison to HiB:
1. You're not getting developers to develop multiplatform, just selling what they already have supported.
2. It doesn't seem to go to charity in any way (from what I can see, correct me if I'm wrong).
3. No chance for open-source bonuses if an income mark is achieved.

The part where Linux is either not supported, or only some are supported are kind of a let down for me. However, I'm sure the indie devs are thankful for this and that there are interested customers.
I'm just trying to provide constructive criticism, please don't take this harshly.

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joshino Nov 12 2011 replied:

IMO you have to look at the context, what the humble indie bundle does IS amazing. It not only gives to Indie developers but also gives to charity. However on the other end of the spectrum big games still get larger sums of money which go to various different places including the publisher. However Indie Royale is on the good side of gaming, almost like the green side of gaming. It is also pushing a new idea for distribution with this step up pro gramme! Anyway I wouldn't knock it for what it's not but for what it is and what it is, is good!

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myromance123 Nov 13 2011 replied:

Their purposes are different, but what they are is definitely still the same. Indie Bundles. I'm definitely not knocking it down, it's a much better way to sell games compared to Activision's disgusting methods for example. However, I am trying to push for multiplatform availability, because in the end what it does is benefit everyone. Consumers enjoy it on what platform they wish, and developers have a larger market audience to attempt sales at. It also never hurts to let them know what I personally feel and think in a polite manner.

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No_Frags Nov 12 2011 replied:

i feel the same as joshimo, that its not supposed to be humble bundle and thats what its good for.. things you ask is very humble bundle specific and arguable. I feel sorry for Linux and Mac users missing these deals tho, sort of..

P.S. good bundle :)

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Protektor Nov 13 2011 replied:

I would like to mention that it is not the developers that are porting their games for HiB. HiB has hired 4-5 full-time programmers to port the games to Linux and Mac. So it isn't the developers being nice but rather HiB that has hired full-time programmers to do the porting to other platforms. I would imagine that HiB is charging developers for this work. That is also I would assume why HiB bundles are so far apart is because of all the porting work that has to be done. When your the one doing the porting it also makes it easier to say when this amount of money is reached we are releasing the code to the games.

I know that Ryan "Icculus" Gordan is one of the programmers based on various comments he has made when doing presentations at several different conventions.

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alexhairyman Dec 24 2011 replied:

ah yes icculus, shelter for linux gamers. However, if developers simply used cross platform libraries or portable interfaces, the world would be a better place! many applications that "can't" be ported over actually could with a little effort, I always offer my help to Indie game people (most recently cobalt) and offer my (limited) help with a linux build, I just love linux. I use to use windows, and then one day I was introduced to Ubuntu, and I have never gone back since, linux is great. Super awesome for developers like me (the gnu toolset is so easy for both actual development and disttibution!)

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INtense! Author
INtense! Nov 14 2011 replied:

Over here we love multiplatform but as you can imagine (and rightly so) the HIB guys have done an amazing job of signing up all of the multiplatform developers. So while we push for it, it is difficult to achieve.

So instead we focus on games we have throughly enjoyed playing, and feel are worthy of your attention. We will attempt to partner with the HiB to offer the awesome linux and mac games they support.

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forteller Nov 12 2011 says:

I would've bought it if all games worked in Linux!

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dleslie Nov 12 2011 says:

I already redeemed the Desura key prior to Bullet Candy and Irukandji being added. Those games are not showing up in my game list.

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Protektor Nov 13 2011 replied:

Go back to your key page on Indie Royale and you should find keys for those games now.

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zweck Nov 13 2011 replied:

its the same key as before, already entered, not showing up. Patience, maybe, confidence, better.

sorry, its too early here, grammar is still in sleepmode.

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liamdawe Nov 13 2011 replied:

It takes a little while to show up i also had the same problem but they do appear eventually as the desura key is the same as it's a bundle key FYI

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Cry_Wolf Nov 12 2011 says:

I personally think that the "Pay more to make others pay less" and "You must pay at least this ammount or more, not less" models will never work for bundles.

Also, most of the indie purchases (and big winnings) come from the linux side which is not supported.

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Protektor Nov 13 2011 replied:

I am huge Linux fan, but what you are saying isn't true. The Linux users paid in total dollars slightly less than all the Windows users combined for the first few bundles. If you look at the latest bundles that is not even close to the case. On this current bundle there are more Mac users than Linux users now. Before Mac and Linux when you look at the last few bundles numbers Linux has been dropping and dropping and is now less than Mac. So while Linux users pay more per user, they don't make up a large enough group to be the largest paying group in total dollars.

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silta Nov 13 2011 replied:

maybe because there are less linux games in the indieroyale bundles?

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G*O*D Nov 14 2011 replied:

I think that Protektor wrote about Humble Bundle situation. He's definitely right. Linux users pay more, but they always are the smallest group. In the end Windows accounts for much more even Mac.

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silta Nov 14 2011 replied:

doesn't that simply mean that there are much more Windows and Mac users than Linux users?
What else can we linux users do than buy games and even pay more in average to support developers and make them develope games for linux? I think it's totally unfair to then argue that "even if linux users pay more in average, they still only make up a smaller fraction when it comes to the overall profits". I'm sorry for this world if it's always just about how much profit you can make.

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No_Frags Nov 13 2011 replied:

i think it works very well- its still dirt cheap, but you cant exploit it by buying it for 1c. and look at latest humble bundle stats- about 2/3 is Win, rest splits Mac and Linux

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chloric Nov 13 2011 says:

I bought it without hesitation or even without knowing any of the games. Who could give up a bundle??? Paid 10 bucks and now installing the games :p too bad that two of the games aren't available in linux though :p

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moci Nov 13 2011 replied:

I can because I don't want to play them. I'm not fooled into buying just because it's "supporting indies". If you truly want to support indies you would buy it without the discount, but that's just me.

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ZPavelZ Nov 13 2011 says:

Good to know this article is finally up. I bought my bundle in the first 20 minutes and it was very.... stressful. Glad to know I did not break my keyboard while trying (and failing) to buy the bundle over and over again. Being always not able to buy first due to server overload was what I was afraid of when I saw first saw this payment model, and this is exactly what happened. It was disappointing not so much because of the price going up (it did go up a bit, but not much), but because I was actually waiting for the Bundle launch and was fully prepared to type in and buy it quickly. And it did not work out. Hopefully, next time this problem will be less acute.
Also I just wanted to point out that "genre-specific" bundles probably are not going to appear, in my opinion, as it is much better to have something in the bundle that might appeal to (virtually) everyone rather than everything that only some might like. In other words, it always makes sense to widen the potential auditorium as much as possible to increase the sale volume and achieve the desired "economics of scale" effect. It is also nice to see a mix of different genres for me as I am not a "hardcore" follower of any particular genre, but I like to stumble upon something new that I enjoy playing. However, this should mean all games in a bundle should be of "good quality" (appealing both to newcomers and experienced gamers within the genre).
On the other hand, the low per-game price of the bundle serves as a leverage for those, who would enjoy only 1-2 games out of the bundle - this way they would still end up paying a "deep discounted" price for the games they like while getting a (may be not-so-much desired) bonus of a couple of other games along.

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random4433 Nov 13 2011 says:

Thanks for the additional Soundtrack!

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Katana_ Nov 13 2011 says:

Wow, barely half (not even if you don't count the bonuses) support linux?

No thanks. I'll stick to HiB - I'd rather spend the money with them, and with them I know part of what I spend goes to good causes too.

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sharkwouter Nov 13 2011 buried:


Not bad, seem like a much better idea than the humble bundle.

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truesoundsofliberty Nov 13 2011 says:

Where is the link to add the key into Desura? It does not seem very intuitive to me...

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ZPavelZ Nov 14 2011 replied:

When you hit "view" link on your bundle download page to view your code it is replaced with "redeem" link. Clicking that link takes you to Desura website, which would ask you to log-in. By logging-in you will redeem your "gift" (as they call it) - it will be done automatically and you would not need to key in your Desura key anywhere. This is the only way I could find, but it worked fine with both bundles for me.

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zema_real Nov 13 2011 says:

Great deal thanks guys. Looking forward for future bundles.
All the best to you guys.

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die_z Nov 14 2011 says:

Please just don't stop on "We're sorry, but this game isn't available on Linux. If it is released we shall contact you. " A Linux user pays for the whole bundle and then gets ***one game out of four*** (or three out of six, counting bonuses).

We want to be contacted, we want those games released for Linux.
If they'll never get Linux support then please write so

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PetworthDC Nov 14 2011 says:

I bought the bundle because I want to support these titles, but really, the game I was looking forward to playing was Fate of the World and it isn't compatable with Linux. DAMN!

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INtense! Author
INtense! Nov 14 2011 says:

We are happy to issue refunds - and have made all the developers aware that Linux support would be great for you and them. However some of the engines these games are built on make porting difficult so it is unlikely.

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die_z Nov 16 2011 replied:

no need to refund, please use my money to support future full cross-plaform bundles

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KameZero Nov 16 2011 replied:

Uhm, what?

Fate of the world: Ogre, fully cross platform
Night Sky: Custom built, so hard to know
Scoregasm/et al: Custom built, already crossplatform
Ben there dan that/time gentlemen please: Adventure Game Studio, fully cross platform

The only one that MIGHT be difficult to port would be night sky, and that depends entirely on the engine that the devs themselves made.

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runequester Nov 16 2011 says:

For the three shooters that do work on linux, I was happy to pay a few bucks, but for linux users, this wasn't really worth a big investment. Hopefully there'll be better stuff up ahead. More game bundles is always welcome.

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Raffers Nov 21 2011 says:

Definitely disagree with you there - the Humble Bundles have sold just fine despite offering a reasonably wide variety of games, and these games all work well as a bundle.

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Ryukakii Dec 4 2012 says:


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