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Kingdoms Collide release is here! Come join in the action.

Posted by stenchy on Mar 12th, 2010

Kingdoms Collide

Kingdoms Collide announces it's first beta release! It's a little rough around the edges, so be gentle but constructive with your feedback (we want lots of feedback). It's a proud accomplishment that 2 guys have gotten this far with their very first mod in only one year. Hopefully it's the beginning of something great.

Also join up with other players in our IRC chat, #KingdomsCollide on the Gamesurge network.

Or follow our development on the links below:

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Garrus Mar 14 2010 says:

The mod has a great start I like where its coming from but here is some problems;

*Spawning is a big issue for big servers though can be easily fixed.

*skills need some tweaking like teleport (you can go out of the map) and beserk (you can spam it and be virtually unkillable).

*Weapons like the dagger (backstabs are glitchy) and javelin (can throw it but cant get it back) should be looked at.

*Combat isn't very friendly right now when I first went in I had no idea what to do.

*Menus are also a bit unkind in descriptions and skill point reset.

That's all i can think of for now, great start just follow through.

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KompressorIsCool Mar 14 2010 says:

spawns are oddly placed, they're too close to combat zones and immediately available to be camped by some guy with a dagger and perma-berserk

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wobbier Mar 14 2010 says:

epic win :D

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Snow_m@n Mar 15 2010 says:

Just played it. It's very nice but deserves much better animations. I give it 7/10 xD

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tomnobsnob Mar 15 2010 says:

Pretty fun but needs some work.

Remember though guys its a first release with plenty of potential!

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nedgi Mar 15 2010 says:

do i need steamed hl2 to play this?

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Hero_Swe Mar 15 2010 says:

I like it. The combat system has big potential, I am very interested in seeing how this will work out.

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devldie Mar 15 2010 says:

great but extra mana needs to give you alot more mana regen because right now i cant do anything after the first time i spam spells

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devldie Mar 15 2010 says:

there also needs to be a increased run speed perk, currently you don't see assassains because mages are better assassains ( extra mana, extra mana, dagger spam teleport/invis)

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TKAzA Staff
TKAzA Mar 15 2010 says:

Bit buggy random crashes n stuff, havent had a good time to play and comment fully yet

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davidhalo Mar 15 2010 says:

So far I've actually really enjoyed the style of this game : ) . The only major crits I have are aiming and Javelin you cant pick it back up leaving me completely offensiveless if I use heals. Fixing and adjusting the magic menu to be more readable and detail abilities would be awesome. The rest just has to do with quantity of maps and so on which I know will come further in updates so please keep up the great work, you made a new fan!

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desp1zer Mar 15 2010 says:

This mod is frigging amazing, im addicted and ive only been playing for the past 10 minutes. but what is getting me frustrated is that i can only get into one server. the others say that im banned from them, any clue on why that is?

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Dra6o0n Mar 15 2010 says:

You need a simple crosshair, as many third person mmorpgs are now using them. It IS a PC game...

It doesn't have to be accurate, just simple, like a small dot or a " ^ " or even symbol could work.

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4CH! Mar 16 2010 says:

I would try it but I dont own HL 2 :/

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IgMasas Mar 16 2010 says:


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desp1zer Mar 16 2010 says:

How come it keeps saying that im banned from the servers?

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iopzx Mar 17 2010 says:

I want more powerful m agics

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iopzx Mar 17 2010 says:


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xxclarityxx Mar 17 2010 says:


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KUB3ISM_GAMEWORKS Mar 18 2010 says:

Looks awesome :)

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Xargoth Mar 20 2010 says:

Well, thats cool looking! Thumbs up!

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Suibuku Mar 20 2010 says:

This "game" (mod) will work with any source game right?
ex. Portal.

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MixWhelan Mar 23 2010 says:

wow this looks really great guys! I can't believe i uninstalled half life 2 just now! rofl i'll have to bring it back and play this looks like wicked good fun

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Thtb Nov 22 2010 says:

Long story short:

Me and a ton of buddys want to play your game, but it simply does not work. Servers refuse to show up (yes, the typical client/host port adjustment and sv_lan 0 dance was done to honer the gods) and there are 0 servers online, as well as a brutal lack of help to fix this on your forums.

If you could provide the mod with the ability to run (listen) servers, you would have players. Right now its just a big piece of "nuthing".

Drop me a mail if you have a quick fix and i get my server up for one:

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