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I'm not exactly sure what to write here, i'm a bit lost for words right now.

Posted by Spinobreaker on Aug 12th, 2011

Ive been following Halo: Homefront for a while now, and this is sad news, so i figured u guys deserve to know as well...
One of the great modders on this site... well i think V3LO put it properly... heres his post from his news section...

"I'm not exactly sure what to write here, i'm a bit lost for words right now.
I've just gotten a PM from one of InsanelyMatt's close friends who
acted as a go-between for me and Matt while Matt was on duty saying that
two weeks ago Matt was killed in Kandahar province in Afghanistan
during a fire fight.
Matt was a marine and that meant that often he wasn't able to
contribute to HHF as much as he liked, but Matt was the one responsible
for HHF continuing after our old coder left as he convinced me to keep
up development. HHF certainly owes him not only for this, but also for
his sacrifice as a Marine.
As soon as i've had a bit of time to think i'll try to decide on a
suitable way to honour Matt for his role in HHF, and write something a
bit more thoughtful."
R.I.P. Matt
All of Moddbs memebers thoughts are with ur family in this hard time


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Drakkenor Aug 13 2011 says:


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stormtroopera Aug 13 2011 says:

R.I.P. , Semper Fi forever

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joey5452 Aug 13 2011 says:

R.I.P. dude

i think to houner him up here is to actually finish the mod he was trying to keep alive

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EclipseStardestroyer Aug 13 2011 says:

See, this is why real war sucks!

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timstro59 Aug 13 2011 replied:

have you heard the song "war" by Edwin Starr?

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xjoshs1981x Aug 13 2011 says:

My cousins lost a childhood friend named Matt - he was on SEAL team 6 - one of the 30 or so people that was on the helicopter that got shot down recently - it's easy to pretend the stuff going on overseas doesn't matter to us until somebody we know personally doesn't come home...I'm sorry for everyone's loss :(

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ComradeWinston Aug 13 2011 says:

Real war? His life was thrown away by some idiot who sent soldiers into a country for no good reason at all. Get back to me about this "real war" stuff when a country actually declares war on the US.

His loss is sad and was unnecessary, its a shame his life was just thrown away in that waste of manpower those many miles away from his home. If he has a wife, girlfriend, family or whatever the combination I wish them the best in dealing with this modder's sad and early loss.

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LucianoStarKiller Aug 13 2011 replied:

too bad people are mostly @ssholes

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p*a*t*t*o*n Aug 13 2011 replied:

When last I checked, we went into Afghanistan because a maniac they sponsored whom we only just recently caught and killed ordered the deaths of over 2000 American citizens in a terrorist attack. I don't know about you but that qualifies as a good reason to me.
Please don't sit in your armchair and criticize the sacrifice of American servicemen and women who are out there defending this nation from those who would do such a thing again.

R.I.P. InsanelyMatt. Our thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones and with all of our troops around the globe.

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NakedCrook Aug 13 2011 replied:

Clearly...ComradeWinston fails to understand the larger picture...and has no sense of decorum.

These soldiers were not just fighting for you, the American people, but for every good, and just person in this world who values justice and peace, American or not.

But most importantly...those soldiers were fighting to free innocent people from the oppressive boot of dictatorial regimes.

But above all else...Matt, as tragic as his life was, died doing something that he believed in. He died making the world a better place. If this were not true, Matt would not of been a marine in the first place.

Irregardless of how you feel about the war, and whether or not you agree with the reasoning behind the war, the fact that you say the words "life" and "thrown away" in a news post about one of the bravest men you will ever hear about, being killed, defending your rights to say the words "life" and "thrown away" in ANY context, as well as allude, negatively, to the man who gave the order to retaliate and go to war, goes to show that you are a very small and petty man.

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Gilly6666 Aug 13 2011 says:

R.I.P Insasnleymatt , thoughts with your loved ones.

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IanVanCheese Aug 13 2011 says:

R.I.P Matt

I may not be American but I respect every man and woman who is willing to stand up and fight for what's right. I don't believe in heaven but if he did then I hope he made it there.

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Sanguinius Aug 13 2011 says:

Damn why do good people always die, but bastards survive everything. R.I.P Matt you will be missed.

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A_Drunk_Orangutan Aug 13 2011 says:

Your service will be honored by me, thank you.

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zck2020 Aug 13 2011 says:

R.I.P. man, Godbless.

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Freke Aug 14 2011 says:

Semper Fi, brother.

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The_Rider_1 Aug 17 2011 says:

R.I.P. Matt. You're in a better place now.

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