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A quick update on what's been going on since March, why the recent silence, and thought on modding.

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Despite a few annoying setbacks, we are much, much closer to seeing a point where the 6 of us left on the team can say that the project will be "done."

One of those annoying distractions is work. :p

Thankfully, it's really cool work, and I was a Camera Assistant for TNT's "The Great Escape" for a few
weeks. Go check it out!

The official release date for Fallout: Project Brazil, is still "when it's done." However, I can now anticipate the number of tasks remaining on the progress bar for our first voiced Demo, and our first Release Candidate later this year. :)

It all comes down to this. I swear, it doesn't look like this in the final render. ;) This is just a map.

You can still see a few unfinished areas on this little map, but for the most part, you're looking at a finished San Bernardio Mountains Worldmap. It's HUGE. About the same size as the Mojave Wasteland. most of that is skyline stuff, but everything in tan or super light brown is a playable area. Any of the dark stuff is just decoration. :)

Heightmap view of the skyline from Union City towards Cajun Pass

This is what our skyline will look like. Miles and miles of desert and mountains mixed up in a post-nuclear wasteland. Then again, this part of the desert has always been a little arid. This is Mad Max country.

Facebook Photos of the Week

The Gates of Union City.

By the time you reach Union City, you have crossed the entire map. That is only the 3rd major quest in Black Bear. There will be a couple hours of dialogue packed into the game at this point, and so much writing it will make you think you are playing a novel. It's like your own multi-hour long action movie. Or an epic dream, however you want to think of it.

We already have a little bit of the voice acting done! I'm even planning on doing a little documentary video to go along with the final release. ^_ ^

So, with this news post, I think I'll get back to work!


Brandan Lee
Project Leader


You guys are simply amazing, I can't imagine how epic your games would be if you actually went into game development instead of modding!

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KorbisBarkly Online

Don't give them any ideas...

But seriously. The mod looks great, I can't wait for it to be finished. But you should take your time, the more time you put into it the better it will turn out!

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Lol exactly, it's like I said on the Nexus, I'm willing to wait for 5 years or so seeing how awesome this looks... but please, don't take 5 years o.o

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Thaiauxn Author

Haha, it won't take 5 years, but it'll still be quite a while. We're still in need of someone that can join the project, be passionate, and help us get a lot of stuff done. A couple actually: 1 that's a phenomenal writer that can match up to what we're doing, and another to work on GECK. We'll get it done without them, but at a very slow pace. :)

Hopefully, one day, we'll be able to go into development some day.

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Ohhoho this will be a great thing for Fallout fans!

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If you need voice actors count on me ^^

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wow, can't wait to see the final product!

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