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The annual Mod of the Year has been opened and Tiberium Essence Needs Your Support!

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Brothers and Sisters of TE, Carnius needs your support once again. The Annual mod of the year has been launched. This mod has had it's good times of joy and it's bad times when many feared for its life. Well, once again carnius has proven to us that it IS still alive and IS still a strong mod on Moddb. For atleast the past 2 years TE has made it to the Top 100 Mods of Moddb. Well, I for one would love to see it be the winner this time!

To do this, your votes are needed. So please Click the image below to cast your vote for TE and for the 2011 MOTY!

Thank you everyone
TEF Leader


You BET Im gonna vote for this! Best mod out for C&C3!

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Vote for it people, let's hope to get TE an awesomely high place this year, it deserves it!

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Already voted yesterday :D

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