With the help of Mecha the Slag, Mario Kart Source has made some excellent code progress.

Posted by KillerMapper on May 30th, 2011

The weapon system is now highly advanced, and some weapons like bananas and shells are already working. Unfortunately, we're not able to give you footage of those items, since the kart isn't finished yet. Anyways, Sh4rk remade the banana model with higher definition like the shells :


(Nope, it's not the Giant Banana from Double Dash!! but the classic banana)

Along with the new banana model, MKS got a new kart ! We wanted to get our own kart, like MKDS, MKWii or even MK3DS have their own kart style. The new look is aggressive and perfect for explosive races and battles !

MKS Kart MKS Kart

MKS Kart

We also have new music to add to the collection. The MKDD Twilight house music has been remixed by Milkydeathgrind. along with our previously released music we have a good library of music so far. MK64's Block fort, Mario circuit, Koopa troopa beach, Main menu, Bowsers castle and the star powerup music have all been created. Here is a bunch of available musics and themes :

Twilight House (Battle theme) from Mario Kart DS
Menu Theme
Bowsers Castle Music from Mario Kart 64
Koopa Troopa Beach Music from Mario Kart 64
Mario Circuit Music from Mario Kart 64

We're trying our best to provide you with some footage of the kart, items and of course a playable version as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience and support for MKS !

KillerMapper and Milkydeathgrind

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darkapples May 30 2011 says:

This is pretty exciting, and I'm glad you guys are still rolling (racing?).

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TheGoast May 31 2011 says:

I so hope to god Nintendo doesnt find this.

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Vcc2cc May 31 2011 says:

Hey, I've been following this mod on ur website for years now. I've always liked the content you have put out, and I think this mod is well on its way to becoming the best driving mod for HL2.

But I am sorry to have to say this, the music is very bad. I like the Troopa Beach music but that is all. I really am sorry to have to sound so negative but the main menu music is just awful, along with the Twilight House.

Bowser's Castle has that annoyingly techno "wahhhhhhhhhhhhh" throughout the entire song and Mario's Circuit has that technoy "bum bum bum- bum bum bum" which also annoys me. I'll prob get buried for this, I know. And I appreciate the music, it sounds good, just not MKS good.

Again, I'm sorry to sound so negative, but the music doesn't seem to match the rest of the high quality of the mod. If we can overwrite the music files I'll be okay. I can't wait to play the mod though.

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Vcc2cc May 31 2011 says:

Side note: On Troopa Beach at 0:10 I think the metallic bashing should sound more mellow, or drum like, as the original was.

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goirdin May 31 2011 says:

Epic. Just epic.

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treat May 31 2011 says:

So this has been in development for how long? Obviously, at some point in time, Nintendo's C&D trigger happy nature has had to have come to the dev teams attention. So, what? Is it denial? Worse projects than this have been shut down in much younger--if not infantile--stages. I'm amazed you're still carrying the title and art direction with such goofy, ignorant, "who me?" grins on your faces.

This isn't meant to be an insult, it's just absolutely jarring to see so much work accomplished with zero regard for the reality of copyright and intellectual property laws.

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WiFiDi May 31 2011 says:

Epic if i were the devs I'd be very careful. at any point in time they decide its a threat to there copyright they will shut it down. since Nintendo hasn't put out any legit Mario games or much of them for awhile. (heck they haven't put out any games other than the get fit games as of recent. this could keep the interest up in there brand for awhile.

they might just make it out okay just don't put adds up and keep a website small or none at all be my best suggestion.

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KillerMapper Author
KillerMapper May 31 2011 says:

For everybody who are talking about copyrights and such :

-We know the risks. We already tried to contact Nintendo about that. They never answered except one time with a automated answer which doesn't give us infos about the use of designs.
-They even used our pictures of Toad and Yoshi on an official Nintendo video, about a Mario Kart contest, published on the French Nintendo Channel on the Wii, without contacting us.
-We don't see why Nintendo would stop this mod. Nintendo isn't on the PC/Mac platforms, so there is no risk of concurrency. We'll never affect Nintendo sells since everybody knows that we're not pros but only amateurs, Nintendo products will always have a better quality (We can make good stuff anyways :p).
-We won't affect their reputation too since it's not official and since we're making our best to get the best quality (we're not making bad-looking characters for example).
-This MOD is also a good way for Nintendo to get publicity which touches the whole Half-Life (1,2, games and mods affiliated) community, which isn't negligible. Nintendo will loose reputation and advantages closing the MOD.
-This MOD won't affect Nintendo's finances too since MKS will be FREE, and no money will be made from this game (donations are only for helping us paying the web host; nothing more).
-We're not using Nintendo files. We're making EVERYTHING from scratch. No texture, no model, no sound will come from a Nintendo game (no rip from ISOs, ROMs and such except for temporary work). We just use theirs ideas, designs and level layouts.
-We're crediting Nintendo for all their excellent work on the Mario and Mario Kart series : Mariokartsource.com .


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KillerMapper Author
KillerMapper May 31 2011 says:


You can find other examples of MODs using copyrighted contents. Look at Golden Eye: Source : they never had problems with Nintendo, Rare or another company. Same for Perfect Dark: Source (even if it's looking dead now), or for HL1 MOD : Earth Special Forces (using Dragon Ball stuff). None of these MODs has been closed.

Anyways, if Nintendo decides to close the MOD, we'll continue, replacing all Nintendo references (characters, items...) by custom stuff (it's why we made this new kart btw). It's been since 2007 we're talking about those rights, now it's time to stop and to continue this work, so everybody can play a funny race game on Source engine. Critic our new models and musics instead so we can see what's wrong or good ;)

Btw Nintendo is making a new Mario Bros and a new Mario Kart on 3DS this year, and probably another ones on this "Project Café".

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treat May 31 2011 says:

You seem entirely confused about the purpose of/reasons behind cease and desist notifications. It's not a big legal ordeal, it's simply a cut and paste legal letter sent out as a warning. The reason you received no response to your attempted contacts is because nobody read them or nobody cared. If an image of yours was in fact used by Nintendo, it was undeniably by mistake. Furthermore, reputation/sales/platforms don't mean a thing. Simply google "cease and desist +nintendo" and you'll find numerous examples of projects that were shut down without discrimination.

Lastly, Golden Eye and Perfect Dark are owned by Rare, not Nintendo. Nintendo has no legal footing in how Rare chooses to handle their IP. The same goes for Dragon Ball.

If this mod catches on and becomes remotely popular sooner rather than later, you can expect the inevitable C&D email sooner rather than later as well. Not to mention, once this project crosses Nintendo's line of sight, their legal department isn't going to stop watching-- a turn that will leave any future development subject to the whims of whoever feels whatever is too similar to their IP. Cease and desist doesn't mean "change direction," it means "stop."

If you'd like a critique on your current work, that's it right there.

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wazanator Jun 2 2011 replied:

Would like to add on that it could in fact steal sales from them.

Look at this way; am I going to go buy another Mario Kart game from Nintendo when I could simply turn to this free mod that's running on an engine that's easy to map for, get custom skins, bookmark servers, and probably get better developer support?

I really hope they don't send you a C&D but if I were you guys I would keep the game mechanics but drop the Mario theme and go for something similar but original that won't get you in legal trouble

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AmazingRedd Jun 1 2011 says:

looks great, keep the good work.

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KillerMapper Author
KillerMapper Jun 3 2011 says:

Even if our ambitions are high, I don't think we can compete with Nintendo. Their products will always be good quality, even if customization and support will be less effective (but custom maps don't mean good maps, remember that. Look at those orange **** maps for example).
Anyways, the main objective of this MOD is Mario Kart for Source Engine. All the dev-team, including myself, joined this MOD because it was Mario Kart. In my case, I probably would not join this team if it wasn't Mario Kart Source. We know we're taking risks using a license like that. If Nintendo send us a C&D, we already planned to change the game style, deleting all stuff related to Nintendo, and make a new kart game with new characters. But I probably won't be as motivated as for a Mario game...

What we do now : we work until the first release. This beta will include mostly code which can be reused for another kart game, and not many characters or items, then we'll see if Nintendo will send us that C&D. It's been 6 years of development, Nintendo should know about us, and if not, a playable release will probably increase our popularity. Until they don't say to stop, we'll continue to use the Mario license. It's our choice, not yours.

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Khameli Jun 6 2011 says:

the car looks so sexy!

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