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Gabe Newell and Erik Johnson of Valve Software visited the worksite of NEOTOKYO developer pushBAK, during their recent trip to Australia.

Posted by pushbak on Oct 22nd, 2009

Gabe Newell and Erik Johnson from Valve visited my workplace in New Zealand during their recent trip to Australia. They were visiting with my boss. I managed to get a photo with Gabe during their tour of the facility. Both Gabe and Erik were super nice, and really chill.

Here's some pics of the speech bubble I made, and the cardboard Jitte (actually a print mounted to foamcore and then cut from the outline).

The whole photo op was like a few seconds of chit chat and then a quick picture, so not much to report, but I did give them each a NEOTOKYO OST. So hopefully they listened to that while on their flight back to the states, and didn't just chuck it in the nearest trash bin.


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mrbarracuda Oct 22 2009, 7:45am says:


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cW#Ravenblood Oct 22 2009, 7:54am says:

aha lol
yey, the version of nt which is now released sux a bit....
but Im happy that you will release my favorite map noe :D

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Discrate Oct 22 2009, 8:18am says:

Where do you work lol? how would gabe know your boss.

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Tatsur0 Oct 22 2009, 9:30am replied:

PushBAK works at WETA Workshop. You can see his name in the credits of District 9 the movie. But you'll have to guess which one is his :)

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Mr.John Oct 22 2009, 10:01am replied:

District 9 was a cool movie!

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Dekaku Nov 12 2009, 12:18pm replied:

Agree District 9 was a great movie. They really did a great job at WETA (Beside the other ones, dont wanna forget anyone)

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56er Oct 22 2009, 8:32am buried:


Maybe you shouldn't *** around with these stupid valve guys, and there treatment of players and moders? (see L4d2)

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PierreOfTheFrench Oct 22 2009, 8:48am replied:

Their treatment of players and modders? Valve is always very attentive to their players, constantly patching, releasing content, and functioning around what players want the most not what they think will sell the most. Also, how the hell do they treat their modders poorly? How many other games do you know of (or engines rather) that you can create a full conversion mod for with fair ease with all of the tutorials and sdk tools... You have not played L4D2 yet have you? I personally probably will not be buying it until the price goes down but you don't need to be a ****. One thing you think is a poor choice and all of the developers are ****?

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Kitsunami Oct 22 2009, 8:54am replied:

Remember, its not Valve that has done anything wrong.

It was the L4D team who acted alone, theres even an interview where gabe stated he had said he didn't think they should be going with L4D2 so early.

Really, the L4D team suck, but valve themselves are epic. I mean come on,they allowed pc users to pre-load borderlands (they didnt have to, valve usually only lets pre-load on their own titles)

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zaglis Oct 22 2009, 10:58am replied:

Links or didnt happen

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RocKRebel Oct 22 2009, 12:37pm replied:

They also let us preload Killing FLoor

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Spooboy Oct 22 2009, 8:22pm replied:

No ****, also.. 56er...what a dumb *** thing to say. Do you expect people to respect or support you when you slander valve?

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sbnewsom Oct 22 2009, 9:58pm replied:

L4D Team doesn't suck. They made L4D. Plus I really enjoyed L4D2 while at E3. How dare you badmouth hardworking people who bring us quality content on the same level as Valve. Oh wait, your still stuck up.

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Dekaku Nov 12 2009, 12:14pm replied:

Epic, indeed.
By the way Epic Games got with their Unreal Engine also quite a modding community, there are also many total conversions, some of them turned into full price games (or how you would call it. Oh and sorry for not answering PierreOfTheFrench directly, i wanted to use the word Epic for a [poor] Transition)
But both, the Source and Unreal Engine are good, with many great Mods (Good for us, great games for free :D).

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Mr.John Jan 21 2010, 6:45pm replied:

But they make ****** content, just see hl, hl2 etc. Very undetailed. L4D and L4D2 was much better, but slight still undetailed.

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taiiat May 25 2010, 6:52pm replied:

don't forget the age of half life, and half life 2. half life was ground breaking when it was new, and half life 2 was pretty highly detailed in its release as well. personally its unfortunate that everything in source looks mediocre, but 3rd party content pushes to change that. though VALVe themseves won't really go to the limits of what source can handle - as we can tell from L4D & L4D2 - but the small groups that are doing it for free in our spare time try to make things look as best as is possible with the limitations of source.
this is not to say source isn't a great engine.

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MrTambourineMan Oct 22 2009, 2:48pm replied:

Now that was retarded.

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norton2 Oct 22 2009, 8:39am says:

Hey good pic, Gabe is a charismatic person, I like him.

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AlekZanDer Oct 22 2009, 9:14am says:

Gabe is a great person once you find out who is he.But his's terrible for my eyes(but not every one is born to be beautiful for).Nice news anyway.

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Zanuff Oct 22 2009, 2:14pm replied:

Gabe is beautiful to me. Wasn't he winning that one Victoria's Secret "I love my body" contest til they removed him?

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Tatsur0 Oct 22 2009, 9:32am says:

From what I hear Gabe is pretty bad ***. Would be nice to shake his hand for all that he has given us. TGR FUEL!

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Newbez Oct 22 2009, 9:46am says:

you must have been chuffed when gabe came :)

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NullSoldier Oct 22 2009, 10:03am says:

Did he recognize your mod? I would have been really stoked. Gabe is an amazing person and responsible for a lot of great things that go on at Valve. He's the 1990's burger eating garage game programmer in all of us. <3

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Zanuff Oct 22 2009, 2:16pm replied:

There's no way he hasn't noticed NT. I'm sure New Zealand kicks the *** out of Australia. Didn't they film Lord of the Rings there?

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SinKing Oct 22 2009, 10:55am says:

Why would you write "NT sux"? Self Ironie, or is that Valve's official standpoint?
What was the purpose of their visit? Is Valve going into film business and did the visual style of "District 9" inspire them to take a go at a Half-Life movie?
I imagine Half-Life could become a cool movie, if the right people do it, so no complaints from me, this time.

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MrTambourineMan Oct 22 2009, 2:50pm replied:

Yeah, I think David Lynch should direct it :)

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DuckSauce Oct 22 2009, 11:26am says:


Nah just kidding, Gabe Newell eh? Nice :D

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MrMattWebb Oct 22 2009, 11:36am says:

Why the hell did you write SUX on it?

I actually thought this was going to be an epic mod vs valve article but its just a couple of fan pics.

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OkeiDo Oct 22 2009, 11:44am says:


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Masterhobbes Oct 22 2009, 11:47am says:

that's pretty awesome guys.

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superdoughboy4 Oct 22 2009, 12:59pm says:

That's pretty awesome.
NTSUX IS A FACT!!11111!!11!!

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Tatsur0 Oct 22 2009, 1:06pm says:

NTSux is an inside joke between the playtesters and developers of NT

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Keptron Oct 22 2009, 10:28pm replied:

For people like me, first thought was like: "What, Valve hated the mod o.o?" But when I saw Gabe smiling face I noticed that it wasn't the way I thought :p

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the_carrot Feb 28 2010, 5:30pm replied:

Sort of like Primus sucks?

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awesomepossum Oct 22 2009, 2:52pm says:

Hehe, that is awesome!

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Ekonk Oct 22 2009, 4:19pm says:

His hair is a lot better than it used to be.

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Nebcake Oct 22 2009, 6:11pm says:

lol I thought it was funny and besides its a joke people dont take it to seriously

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cm_kruger Oct 22 2009, 6:59pm says:

You guys should commission the Aliens Papercraft guy to make plans for a Jitte.

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Jesternz08 Oct 22 2009, 7:59pm says:

NT most certainly does not sux! and thats pretty awesome, Gabe (possibly)first stepped onto our small humble island! pushBAK your my new idle, weta workshop, NT!! <3

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Killer_man_1996 Oct 23 2009, 2:37pm says:

NTSUX funny becuase Gabe is on the photo but it's a bit weird... :S

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CitizenLand Oct 24 2009, 11:16pm says:

whoa! did Gabe drop some weight?

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faketits Aug 22 2010, 6:19am says:

omg itz peter griffin!!!!111one!!!eleven111

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LizardGamer Sep 15 2010, 4:40am says:

I know why Gabe came to Australia

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arimajinn Feb 6 2012, 9:14am says:

gabe ftw

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mikeumus1379353837 Sep 16 2013, 2:06pm says:

Long live NT!

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