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You know I'm all for constructive criticism, but really there's a difference between trying to help some one out, and making them feel like an idiot. I understand that alot of the time sparks start to flare up whenever some one bashes you, but the thing of it is, if you don't add fuel to it then there's really not much the jackass can do about it.

I love feedback to be honest, if people don't like my work, well, tell me why and what you think I can do to fix it. I mean hell I'm not the be-all end-all modder, but if I see something that I don't think looks right, I'll slap a comment on it and try to help others out.

Random Looney: "Lawl this map sucks"
Me: "Well alright, why is that? is it the textures? Layout? weapon placement?"

We are all here for a few reasons, some of us want to learn to mod and have fun while doing something we enjoy, some of us want to alpha and beta test games, some of us just want to find new ways to have fun, but this is a community of creative thinkers and uncreative criticism doesn't help anyone really.

So I leave you with this: ..."why can't weeee be friends, why can't weee be frieenndss" erm, anyway.

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