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This is the culmination of a project which started five years ago, we have come a looong way.

Posted by R_Yell on Mar 23rd, 2011

The culmination, actually, only will be reached when you play it because that's the ultimate goal. All the development process makes no sense without you, the player. So there's not much more to say, hope you enjoy it, doesn't matter if it's for a day, a week, a month or... whatever :)

Desura Digital Distribution

3.5 here we go

(full changelog, notes, credits)

  • Not 'beta' anymore due completion status reached
  • New fully dual wield gun system. Combine any pair of handguns, up to 36 different combos!
  • New hand guns added: Colt Walker, Smith&Wesson Model 3 'Schofield' and Sawed off Winchester rifle 'Mare's Leg'
  • New hybrid game mode: FPS + NPC management on 3 different scenarios: team vs, co-op and survival
  • New map: Railhouse by Yester, final design/polish by R_Yell
  • Classic Few Dollars More returns with some changes. Way more balanced and thrilling than before.
  • Large performance gains due better player/NPC model LOD optimization and texture usage
  • Level enhacements: gameplay, performance and navigation optimizations in El Paso, Presidio, Desperados, Peligro and Robert Lee
  • AI redone: less robotic, more challenging and fun, better automatic skill control, important glitches fixed like quick shooting or ghost hits, improved performance
  • Enemy Awareness: know who are your deadliest opponents during the game. Includes an innovative player highlight system and freeze camera.
  • New FX's: gun smoke trails and DoF like post-process shader
  • Improved free aim revolver
  • Many bugs/glitches/exploits fixed
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Wesley Mar 24 2011, 7:43am says:

Congrats dude, you've been working on this mod for a very long time now. Glad to see you got out of beta, must be very rewarding! I'll have a play around today.

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R_Yell Author
R_Yell Mar 24 2011, 8:50am replied:

Hey thanks Wesley :), it's some sort of 'hell yeah' heheh. Best wishes for your upcoming release mate.

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AirCanuck Mar 24 2011, 3:40pm replied:

Downloading it now... I can't WAIT. I have been loving the earlier versions, and I'm so pumped. This game deserves a lot more attention than it receives!

Have you ever considered making a single-player storyline/campaign version?

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FJS Mar 24 2011, 10:25am says:

YAY! Downloading right now!

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KaNaR Mar 24 2011, 10:30am says:

Downloading right now !
I hope many people will play it. Finally a FUN mod (which is pretty rare nowadays :( )

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Awesome_ninja Mar 24 2011, 10:45am says:

This is one of these moments when I think: "Well damn.... I should of brough my PC with me on vacation =S"
Great work guys, will try it as soon as I can =)

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theM3nace Mar 24 2011, 11:43am says:


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KortalMombat Mar 24 2011, 1:18pm says:

Ghost Shots are still constant in this game, fix them.

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KortalMombat Mar 24 2011, 4:28pm replied:

- important glitches fixed like quick shooting or ghost hits

Every update you say you fixed Ghost Hits, and EVERY update they are still there, multiple times today i've gone point blank right up someones *** and revolvered em in the back of the head, the mark goes on the body and blood on the wall, but they take no damage.

Seriously, sort that out FOR REAL then keep updating the game with new stuff.

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R_Yell Author
R_Yell Mar 24 2011, 4:40pm replied:

That part refers exclusively to AI. Player hit recognition is the standard source 2007, you gonna find similar issues in other mods just here is way more noticeable because: 1. single shot weapons, 2. there's an indicator which tells you it's false hit. There's no big fix possible as it's hardly fixable in the end, when you understand how networking and prediction works. Many people reported it's much better now regarding this btw, so perhaps you should check your network related convars.

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KortalMombat Mar 24 2011, 5:17pm replied:

Oh its a hell of a lot better, but i assumed it was completely abolished.

Misread :)

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foxholeboy Mar 24 2011, 2:12pm says:

Major Congratulations on completion, this has to be my favourite multiplayer mod and one of my favourite games too! It's awesome to see it completed and to have come so far.

I will be praising this up on Podcast 17 ;)

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KaNaR Mar 24 2011, 3:03pm says:

Played it the whole afternoon, and this is by far the best _active_ mod at the moment.
Although it's not very tactical and not realistic at all, I've had really great fun playing it.
I hope many people will keep playing it :)

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Leon_Kilean Mar 24 2011, 3:50pm says:

Oo, I´ll give this a whirl when I get a new gfx card (broke my previous one, doh), congratulations dude!

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wickit Mar 24 2011, 4:46pm says:

Well played Sir

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Sharkz Mar 24 2011, 7:52pm says:

Congratulations on coming out of beta. I'll be sure to download the latest version and hopefully give it a full review in the near future. For now here is a post about the update

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R_Yell Author
R_Yell Mar 25 2011, 1:16pm replied:

Thanks a lot for the support :)

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Matt_Bak3r Mar 25 2011, 6:55am says:


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MARiN3 Mar 25 2011, 9:13am says:

this is awesome

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JuQu Mar 26 2011, 6:52am says:

I like that new coop play mode. Specially Tramonto one where players have one life and each team try to cap the sack, if you die you can spawn some NPCs. Last Man Staning is the least favourite so far.

Of cource original gamemodes (no NPC) are still better, but coop isnt pointless anymore what it was before.

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jerry111 Mar 28 2011, 7:58pm says:


I came.

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Anddos Mar 28 2011, 10:35pm says:

what ports do i need to forward to host a coop server

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Peete1986 Mar 29 2011, 4:08pm says:

I have tried earlier versions of the mod some time ago, it was fun, but it felt... clumsy, incomplete. WELL NOT ANY MORE!!! Last weekend me and a few friends have played 3.5, and I can say it is now my favorite mod!!!
Everything is balanced, the maps are complex, but not confusing, and beautyfull too!
The weapons feel great to use, it is really satisfying to shoot down somebody with the guns, or just throw a knife at their heads! or even better, JUST PUNCH THEM TO DEATH!
Also, I don't know why, but I just don't feel frustrated when I'm shot down, or murdered horribly, it is just fun!
THANK YOU FOR THIS GREAT MOD! Keep up the good work, I hope to see more servers, and the mod becoming Steam official!

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Nicklan Apr 2 2011, 12:35pm says:

Congrats to the developers!!Great mod,I had lots of fun playing.

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RDAisGod Apr 2 2011, 3:02pm says:

So, is it just me or is reloading handguns bugged?

Whether I use one pistol or two, whenever I reload, my guns are unequipped, and I'm switched to fists. Switching back to my pistol, it is still out of ammo, or on the rare occasion, one bullet has been reloaded.

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RDAisGod Apr 2 2011, 3:20pm replied:

Okay, it seems to be a bug with the Colt Walker. I haven't had it happen with the Peacemakers.

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R_Yell Author
R_Yell Apr 3 2011, 3:57am replied:

Pay attention and you'll see a meter while Walker reloads. A different gun can be used simultaneously, it's just a 'feature'.

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RDAisGod Apr 3 2011, 11:47am replied:

I see it now. Was very confusing to be switched to fists without any text hint or something (like the info that pops up about secondary fire on the right).


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version15 Apr 6 2011, 3:41pm says:

Thank you for all the effort put into the mod. Hopefully the mod makes it onto steam someday!

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NapoleonBonaPARTY Apr 14 2011, 10:36am says:

I can verify that this game is most entertaining.

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