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We kick off our first proper development blog by sharing our plans for the immediate future, including our intent to start a Kickstarter campaign.

Posted by sam.ibbitson on Nov 1st, 2013

Progress on Bushido continues at a steady rate- with new content such as Weapons, Environment props, and maps being churned out on a weekly basis! That said, the momentum behind the project has stalled a little bit due to all of the developers having other commitments outside of Bushido. For anyone interested- we all work full-time job’s and only have our evenings and weekends to work on the game.

That's why we all sat down recently and discussed the future of the project, and there are two major outcomes we’ll be sharing today:

  • First - after a lot of mulling over we've decided that the only way we can finish the game within a reasonable time frame is to get some cash behind the project. This has led us to discussing, and eventually agreeing, that we’ll attempt to launch a Kick Starter campaign in the new year (mid-Jan) to secure some much-needed funds.
  • Second - In the lead-up to the KS campaign we want to commit to making more regular news posts in the form of these Devblogs, where we show off the really innovative and interesting parts of our project (not just images of the shiny swords!). We’re doing this because we want to continue to grow our community, as well secure some potential backers before we even launch our Kick Starter.

So, with that said- lets start with what the team have been up to over the last couple of weeks:
Art team (Sam, Kieran and Rob)

An in-game shot of our Bamboo Forest level

The art team are focusing on 3 main elements- new environments, new weapons and new armor! Our goal is to have enough of these assets completed by January so that we can effectively demonstrate the most innovative and interesting parts of our project (those being our character customisation component, unique combat mechanic and the Japanese themed environments/artwork).

Over the next month or so we’ll not only be showing the finished products themselves, but also give you a look at the tools and processes we use to create them!

We’ll also release some details on the ideas we have for rewards for our backers, such as unique armor pieces or a specially designed sword...

The programming team have recent finished the character customization component, but we’re not quite ready to show it off until we've got one of the interior levels completed AND some additional armor pieces to show how it’ll all work.

They've also been busy taking our unique combat mechanic from prototype to actual working system! This is proving tricky as we balance the usability of the system against something unique and fun. However we’re making great progress, and can’t wait to show it all off in a video soon.

So- that's it for this Devblog. We’re going to posting these a little more regularly from now on, at least 1 every 2 weeks. If you've got any feedback or just want to say hi, use the comments section below. We’d also like to invite you to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with the latest developments and also help grow our community.

Team Meteor Pixel

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MGreg Nov 1 2013 says:

We all really appreciate your work and we understand the difficulties you face so we all hope you get the support you deserve so you can finish this masterpiece!

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Kieran88 Nov 2 2013 replied:


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Borzi Nov 1 2013 says:

This is truly great :) Keep at it, I can't wait to play ;)

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Kieran88 Nov 2 2013 replied:

Thanks for the support!

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RoyalWatcher Nov 2 2013 says:

For a Project thats been only created/worked on in evenings and weekends, Bushido is MASTERPIECE!
There are something I would like to ask (again again and again :D)
- Will there be Single Player Champion or only Multiplay or Both in Bushido ?
- What do you mean by "backers" for unique armors etc. rewards ? Are they ones who pay you to support you early or ones who helps you by comments on forums etc. ?

Agree with MGreg btw, keep up the awesome work!

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Kieran88 Nov 2 2013 replied:

Thanks a lot RoyalWatcher!
-So far we only have multiplayer planned, but having some sort of horde mode could be fun with AI, that said it's not planned into our original goals
-Yeah by backers we do mean people who help us fund the development of this game. However we do really appreciate people who make lots of comments and check out our regular updates. We'll try and do something cool for those people too!

Thanks a lot for the support!

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RoyalWatcher Nov 2 2013 replied:

Thanks! I personally can't wait for Ninja-Monk class already! lol

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SinisterExaggerator Nov 2 2013 says:

I wish i had the time to offer my services as a environment artist or something but i will definatley be interested in Kick starting this when some game play is put up.

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Count_Crapula Nov 2 2013 says:

I will certainly toss you guys some dosh, without questions ;)

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iberaider Nov 2 2013 says:

Good show guys. Your work is greatly appreciated and I can't wait to get my hands on the game when it releases. You've come a long way from being a Chivalry mod to a now flourishing standalone title.

You can be sure that I'll be throwing some cash your way when your jump on KS. Keep up the great work!

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Kieran88 Nov 2 2013 says:

Thanks a lot for all of the positive feedback and support guys! We really appreciate it!!

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TheIronWaffle Nov 3 2013 says:

You guys should make a post on reddit about getting support from kick-starter. Most of the people there are gamers, and with all the work you guys have done I'm sure they'll be more than charitable! :D

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Guest Nov 10 2013 says:

You come across as a really good team. Thanks for the updates, i personally, am more than happy to wait for what promises to be a fantastic game. Not that i could contribute enormously, maybe only a couple hundred pounds (Joys of a military salary) but id be glad to.

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