New website design, new game name, upcoming ingame trailer release, PAX East attendance announced and new company name launched!

Posted by AgeofChivalry on Feb 23rd, 2011


Today represents a new chapter of our dream to become a successful indie game company as we announce that Team Chivalry will now be operating under the name “Torn Banner Studios” Incorporated. This is an administrative change more than anything else but it is also a statement of how seriously we are taking this opportunity and represents an additional step taken by us towards our goal. Check out the company’s new logo below:

User Posted Image

In addition, we had a lot of feedback from our community members on the original name of our game (Chivalry: Battle for Agatha) which we felt was valid and as a result we have opted to change the name of the game to something more obvious and straightforward for marketing purposes. The new name of our first product as a company will be “CHIVALRY: MEDIEVAL WARFARE”. Checkout the new game logo below:

User Posted Image

This news is accompanied by the launch of our brand new website design at which reveals a whole host of information about the game including background information on the teams, lore from the game world and much more. The website will continue to be expanded upon as we develop the game and we hope it will become a library of knowledge for players prior to release.

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This news also means that we will be focusing much more on marketing from now on. No more waiting months to hear the latest from our project, we have a ton of content we are very excited to show you.On that note, we are happy to announce that Torn Banner Studios will also be exhibiting our game at PAX EAST this year! If you are in the Boston area this March make sure you swing by! We will be in Booth I-15 in the indie alley. To find us, look for our castle (rough concept image):

User Posted Image

Also note that on our website there is a countdown to our new ingame trailer release and we’re very excited to see what you guys think of your first glimpse ingame! So be sure to track us here and also follow along on our news page of our website to ensure you get all the juicy details. We’re very excited to see how future news of our game is received by this community so be sure to let us know what you are thinking and keep us on the right track by joining up on our forums: .

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Armageddon104 Feb 23 2011 says:

I don't really like the new name, but the game is still looking great!

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Rampsquatch Feb 24 2011 replied:

which name, the one for the game or the developer?

cause I think they are both good, although yes medieval warfare does sound a lot like modern warfare. but it fits and who really cares anyway.

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medve Feb 25 2011 replied:

yupp, sounds like a retarded cod4 mod

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Dr.Worm Feb 23 2011 says:

I Love Chivalry,

but The whole "Midevil Warfare" just make me think you're just going in and doing the whole "Modern Warfare" it's generic, and looses the original flare of a perfectly good title

just goes along the same lines as "Trench Warfare", "Future Warefare", "Ottoman Warfare" just, stick with the old one or come up with something better.

I Loved your HL2 mod and I am looking forward to the indie release but this title is just so bland.

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Tibberius Feb 23 2011 replied:

I understand where you are coming from and will be honest with you. We chose this name for one reason and that is because we felt that when you see it, you immediately understand what the game is about. If you already know what the game is about, the name really has no effect on your decision. So we felt that this name was best for its ability to be read and effectively convey the most basic principle of what the game is efficiently.

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Dr.Worm Feb 23 2011 replied:

Yeah, that makes senses. Can't wait for the release, just thought I'd threw my two cents in.

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Matt_Bak3r Mar 2 2011 replied:

wish you didnt have such a name but, I agree with you.

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Otreum Feb 24 2011 says:

I'm also getting the "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" vibe from "Chivalry: Medievil Warfare".

I really liked the old name more than the new one, however even the old one made me think of the "Age of Empires" games.

So perhaps finding a different synonym to warfare would be a better approach.

Some better examples would be:
- Medievil Bloodshed (sounds more gritty)
- Medievil Arms (gives it a more olden style militaristic sound)
- Medievil Struggle (Not really an interesting name, but certainly an alternative)
- Medievil Fray

(NOTE: Those synonyms sound a bit more brutish than some other synonyms which most people wouldn't even understand)

Or perhaps use synonyms of things like Destruction, Battle, Power, etc etc...
Basically anything you see in another battle type game, look at the synonyms for it, and chances are you'll find something a bit better sounding.

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RogerRamjet Feb 24 2011 says:

Personally, I would have used your existing game explanation/style as your studio name (since it is well known and already in the minds of fans), "Medieval Warfare Entertainment" or "Medieval Warfare Studios" (a nice logo comes to mind), but what would over 25 years in the industry know.. lol.. I know, you went through heaps of names and there was heated debates over the name and the logo. Always is. Hope it all goes well for you guys...

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Tatsur0 Feb 24 2011 says:

I can't say I'm a fan of the new name but anyone who knows their stuff will agree it's better for marketing. I can see a few methods of taking advantage of the logo for opening sequences and I'm sure we're all looking forward to the upcoming in-game trailer. Good luck at PAX and keep up the good work.

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cinco Feb 24 2011 buried:


moddb=pc community. get your console kiddie *** outta here. thanks

-5 votes     reply to comment
Tatsur0 Feb 24 2011 replied:

It is in the best interests of the developers to consider multiple platforms. While this question is answered in their F.A.Q on their new website it's still a question that should hang in the air. Also probably worth pointing out that the Console market still dominates the PC market (though I haven't played on a console in some time so not a fanboy remark) but information is best shared online (PC) so again it makes perfect sense to bring it up here on IndieDB/ModDB.

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Metalspy Feb 24 2011 replied:

Aha, so that explains the description of ModdB; "Mod DB covers the game development scene across all platforms PC, XBOX, Playstation and Nintendo serving up downloads of the best mods and other indie ..." /sarcasm

+1 vote     reply to comment
Minuit Feb 24 2011 replied:

"moddb=pc community. get your console kiddie *** outta here. thanks "

Grow up.

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Mkilbride Feb 24 2011 says:

As everyone else has said...not a fan of the new name, feels cheap, generic, sell-outish, but I am very much looking forward to this game. One of the few mods to Indie I support because you at least finished the Mod first, not like others, leaving it incomplete, half-way done, and going Indie.

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Mars_3K Feb 24 2011 replied:

you're big on this whole 'sell-out' thing, aren't you?

+1 vote     reply to comment
AJ_Quick Feb 24 2011 replied:

didn't you get the memo ? A sell-out is anyone who's mother isn't cooking their meals for them.

+1 vote     reply to comment
linfosoma Feb 24 2011 replied:

Are you seriously going to post the same thing on every single game update? How selfish the game developers must be not to work continuously to provide free content for you to ridicule.

Get off your high horse, and get a job.

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Mkilbride Feb 24 2011 replied:

Did you not read what I posted, in how I was in support for them?

Also, the old "lives with his mom", and "doesn't cook his own meals", is getting a little old.

I don't live with my mom, and I do indeed cook my own meals.

+1 vote     reply to comment
AJ_Quick Feb 24 2011 replied:

The only thing that's getting old here is your routine of bashing mods / games for "selling out". The last time I heard someone use the term "selling out" I was in freaking high school. Seriously, get some perspective and look at what you're saying - You make a single positive comment, and then sandwich it between negativity and disparaging remarks about other projects. Do you think anyone here cares that this is one of the "few mods you support" ? I mean, if 99% of modders are greedy sellouts who release half finished work you must not play much of the stuff that's on this site then eh? In fact, why are you here again?

-1 votes     reply to comment
Elementalist Feb 24 2011 replied:

"Post a Comment" it says at the bottom. "Comments" at the top. It does not say "Post a positive comment!" and "Happy Comments!". If I was a developer, I would want to hear all viewpoints, good or bad. Sandwiching would also be an incorrect term since he gives his negative points, then his positive points.

"I haven't heard -blahblah- since freaking high school!" THIS in itself is childish as well.

That's my 2 cents on YOUR comment.

Mkilbride may be blunt about how he says it, but what he's saying is what I'm sure a good portion of the mod playing community feels anyway. Trying to insult him personally isn't going to change that, nor his attitude.

As for the news post itself, I too agree with the general vibe of the comments that the title is rather generic, but as the developers have said, I can completely understand why it was done. They could've named it "Chivalry: Non-modern Warfare" and I still would be interested.

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Tibberius Feb 24 2011 says:

Appreciate the feedback guys. We anticipated getting a little flak for the name change and I am pleased that your responses were all respectful.

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Betelgeuze Feb 24 2011 says:

Good luck guys, looking great already!

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Desiderium Feb 24 2011 says:

I tried loading the site on a couple of PCs now, including my laptop, and for an odd reason it doesn't load. Flash based stuff is always bad news.

Other than that, I'm glad to see you guys are doing well. Finally the pace is picking up in the "indie" world and some major games are being made.

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Jokerme Feb 24 2011 says:

Again, "warfare" in the name gives me the shivers too :)

I like the studio logo though, it's very well done.

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Expack Feb 24 2011 says:

I agree how Chivalry: Medieval Warfare sounds like a ripoff of Modern Warfare, which I dislike, but otherwise I can't wait to fight in a dang-awesome Medieval multiplayer game!

Oh, and a quick suggestions for a name: Chivalry: Kingdom Wars

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OisinFX Feb 24 2011 says:

How about Chivalry: Mettle of Honor?

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ExecutorTassadar Feb 24 2011 says:

Chivalry - Bad Company?

Seriously...think about another name change. :D
I really loved your previous work so I'm really looking forward to anything your going to do in the future. Best of luck!

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geX Feb 24 2011 says:

Grats on everything Tibbs. Wish you luck! If you need tester or anything in the future let me know, I'm in for another ride with you guys :)

I think its a good name, tells you more about what the game is all about if you havent played the hl2mod, but also stick to its roots. Before you kinda had to know the world and previous title to understand, and since you're going indie and release it to everyone, its not certain they have tried the previous title. So I call it a good decision.

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AlCool Feb 24 2011 says:

Great stuff! I feel like the only one who doesn't mind the name change. Regardless it IS the content that matters, and the name alone lets newcomers have an idea of what they are getting into.

Definitely one of the most anticipated games this year for me!

Good luck at PAX!

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Torabi Feb 24 2011 says:

Looking forward to this game. The gaming market really needs more games with a proper melee fighting system.

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Cremat0r Feb 25 2011 says:

"Battle for Agathia"
What was wrong about the name?
When hearing Medieval Warfare, I think of CoD, which makes me think about 12-year old hyperactive kids, or it makes me think of TF2 cp_degrootkeep, thus meaning, 12 year old hyperactive kids again.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Savci Feb 26 2011 replied:

What is Agathia? It could be even a magical land where mages shoot firebolts at orcs from a helicopter.
Medieval Warfare, however, is straightforward. And yes, it does sound like CoD4, but it's not the name that defines the game anyway.

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hate4uall Feb 25 2011 says:

Age of Medieval Warfare metal ops - really rethink the name its that bad

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HounderKnight Feb 25 2011 says:

Huzzah! Keep up the great work guys :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Savci Feb 26 2011 says:

By the way, what parry system did you guys stick with? I hope it'll take skill and good reactions, not only timing.

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