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Come next week I'll be posting a Questions for the devs video, where I, Lord_Set, skyline5gtr, and wombatleader will be talking about the mod and where things will be going.

Posted by Lockerd on Feb 23rd, 2014

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

Come next week I'll be posting a Questions for the devs video, where I, Lord_Set, skyline5gtr, and wombatleader will be talking about the mod and where things will be going.

I'll be asking 10 questions which will be from YOU, so ask them below in the comments section.

Obvious rules. being.

No Asking for Release date or any topic related to such.

No asking if ME3 or other Copyright Law Music to be added.

No asking to port a model from the game.

Etc....use common sense.HAVE AT IT!!!

I cannot wait to see what you all have to ask, if someone already asked a question you were going to, upvote them and it might be picked.

Have Fun.

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Rallehop Feb 23 2014 says:

Will the mod have some sort of Combat AI like Star Trek Armada 3? (basically the units fly around fighting instead of standing still unloading on each other.)

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scorpio23 Feb 23 2014 says:

Do the reapers have a titan ? seriously the thought of reaper titan scares me but also makes me wonder how many ships it will take to kill anyway thanks guys :3

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I-Threnna Feb 23 2014 replied:

The Reapers have a titan. "Ravager-class" titan I think. If you think Harbinger's the largest reaper (or something similar) then you're in for a shock.

Massive Japanese monster with laz0r beams of death and stuff. Look through the image sections. It's quite far back, but you'll find it.

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ashevil2 Feb 24 2014 replied: +2 votes     reply to comment
Captain_Vidinos Feb 23 2014 says:

What are both, Alliance and Cerberus built, Normandy SR-2's abilities? Also will both factions be able to build their Normandy after they get destroyed?

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dalekKharn Feb 23 2014 says:

How has the team worked out where weapon points are on the ships, since we never really see much space combat and what we do see of the alliance ships is them jus firing from the front spikes? And what is each team members favourite ship from the mod?, ie i love the turian cruiser.

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PirateLord Apr 6 2014 replied:

Same here bro i want this mod out know

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dalekKharn Feb 23 2014 says:

Oh will there be Hero units in the mod, like the Armada 3? ie, Alliance/council could have the Normandy, Hackett or Anderson for it heros?

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Admiral_Hackett Feb 23 2014 replied:

Hackett, definitely Hackett.

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Nanoelite001 Feb 23 2014 says:

Will the Geth use credits seeing as though the only thing they need is time and resources?

and will the Quarians have large but brittle fleets and/or specialised anti-Geth weapons?

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Admiral_Hackett Feb 23 2014 says:

Are the Asari the only ones with titan class ships? I've seen the Cerberus ones; will my forever faithful Alliance have an answer to the ever growing might of Cerberus?
Additional Q: In Sins of the Prophets planet bombardment is replaced by Pelican drop-ships being launched from ships, will Kodiak shuttles feature in a similar way in DoTR?
-Thanks. Hackett out.

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Plejadenwolf Feb 23 2014 says:

What's your favorite faction and in addition what's your favorite ship (to each of the members) and why (in terms of design, tactics...)?

What are the main differences between vanilla gameplay and the gameplay of Dawn of the Reapers? Which new functions are fundamentally new in comparison to the vanilla game?

What's your inward urge to do a Mass Effect themed modification for Sins of a Solar Empire?

What are your personal hopes for future Mass Effect games? Will future (official) Mass Effect projects may play a role for your ongoing projects?

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Tormidal Feb 23 2014 says:

Will the Reaper's arms/tentacle/things be animated as they fire?(e.g. the arms will angle themselves toward their target)

I know there are limitations in the Iron Engine, but is it possible to do that?

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Admiral_Hackett Feb 23 2014 replied:

No, I remember something last year about that, they unfortunately cannot due to the engines limitations.

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Lockerd Author
Lockerd Feb 23 2014 replied:

this is the only question that i'll answer here, it can be done, but it'd look stupid as all hell, it'd act like the STA3, scimitar ability, but since nothing on the ship itself can move, the arms on the model would stay in place.

so you'd see 10 arms on the reaper instead of the original 5.

I thought about it, but I also figured it'd be too much of a waste.

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BrainEater Feb 23 2014 says:

Will the Reapers be realistically OP? (E.g. Sovereign classes needing 4 dreadnought to take down.)

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SovereignReaper Feb 24 2014 replied:

They are very powerful but expensive and take awhile to build from my understanding.

+1 vote     reply to comment
st0ne56 Feb 23 2014 says:

How will all of the council ships work together will it require lots of micro and if dreadnoughts count as capital ships will the council get a lot more caps then the other races?

How well will Cerberus handle the reapers and the council?

For the council how many ships does each race get?

Will the collectors colonize ability be seeker swarms?

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Nikmstr Feb 23 2014 says:

What was the hardest obstacle that you had to overcome so far during the development of the mod and what part (or parts) of this mod are you most proud of up to this point?

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Forloftol Feb 23 2014 says:

An interesting one: How did you choose the name 'Dawn of the Reapers'? What significance does it have? What other titles were considered before the decision was made? Etc. Etc.

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Admiral_Hackett Feb 23 2014 says:

This isn't my question. All credit to caseyhurd who just posted it on the main page so I thought I'd copy it here: "I have a question concerning the Reaper faction and its balance with the other two factions.

I know that you are working to balance the Reaper faction so that they are slow to get the actual Reapers themselves, and I know that the process of actually building a Reaper will be an major investment. But I was interested to see what you have in mind in keeping the Reapers balanced and fun in the early, mid and late sections of a match.

Are you looking at other mods with their own 'uber' factions; like the various Star Trek mods and the Borg? If so what do you think you can take from other mods' balancing structure and what do you plan to add?

I know that maintaining balance in any game is hard, even more so in an asymmetrical RTS. Needless to say, I look forward to the mod and to eventually play as the Reaper faction."

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Spudman619 Feb 23 2014 says:

What in particular inspired you to make a Mass Effect themed mod over a mod of any other franchise?

+3 votes     reply to comment
Spartan22 Feb 23 2014 says:

What role will the Citadel take, and what benefits will provided ?

+3 votes     reply to comment
starfox37 Feb 23 2014 says:

When will the Mod take place? What time frame? Is it some other universe were by some miracle the council actually listened when shepherd mentioned they were all about to be annihilated? Or is it at the very end of ME3 before the beginning of the galactic dark age?

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davidt0504 Feb 24 2014 says:

I understand the idea of wanting to have the mod as polished as possible before releasing anything to the general public but have you thought about how public interest for the mass effect franchise has waned since the release of mass effect 3? Would you maybe consider trying to release what you have out currently before or around the release of mass effect "4"? To have the highest possible exposure for the mod? From my experience in tracking mods, it usually tends to take 5+ years to get a full fledged mod out into the public and by that time interest in a franchise like mass effect could be on the low side.

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Lockerd Author
Lockerd Feb 24 2014 replied:

well this one is well thought out, I think it's already an instant question #1.

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skyline5gtr Feb 25 2014 replied:

Good ?

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SovereignReaper Feb 24 2014 says:

Am I in the mod?

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Centurian128 Feb 25 2014 says:

How is the state of the sound design? Are you using SFX from the games or are you attempting to recreate your own? In the case of the latter, how do you go about doing that? And I assume we'll be hearing a lot of unique voice talent for this, do each of the Dev's have a part? Either that they've been wanting to play or that they have actually recorded for?

The last couple are more curiosity than anything else, but I do want to know about how the sound work is coming along.

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Lockerd Author
Lockerd Feb 25 2014 replied:

Forgot to get back to you, check your PM's in the next day or two.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Centurian128 Feb 25 2014 replied:

Groovy, thanks.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Feb 26 2014 says:

Can council and cerb titants be indoctrinated? Can a council or cerb titan take out a Reaper by them self?

cheers Whenix

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