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Classic Payne cancelled, final Max model uploaded in Downloads section. Read more for further information..

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I recently purchased a new laptop and was planning to install and play Max Payne 1 & 2 before the third game is released this month. Unfortunately, Max Payne 2 no longer works on my Windows 7 64-bit.

I decided before I uninstalled the game to upload the unfinished files from this modification. Classic Payne was a mod I wanted to create right from the day Max Payne 2 was released. I never appreciated the fact that they changed Max's face from Sam Lake to Timothy Gibbs (nothing personal against Tim, I just prefer Sam's look).

It took me a long time before I figured out how to use 3D modelling tools and finally got Max's classic outfit into the game but at this point I was struggling to find motivation to finish the rest of the characters so the mod stuck in a kind of limbo for around a year.

Rather than put these files to waste, I've uploaded them for anyone else to use. I don't even mind if you want to use them in your own mods. I don't claim any real ownership of these files because I haven't created any real original content, only ported assets from the first game to the second. If you mix the old model pack with the new Max model that I just uploaded, then you'll have the same state of mod that I have had on my old computer for months.

It still looked pretty cool to play the game with Max in his undercover outfit and I'm glad I did it, I'm just sorry I never got around to finishing the other characters and enemies.

Hope you all enjoy Max Payne 3.


It's great that you decided to upload what you have done so it doesn't just go to waste. I'm a firm believer in that it's not who makes something that matters, but just that it gets made that does. Good luck to you and whatever else you've got goin' for ya.

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Hopefully, other modders will follow your footsteps and continue your work. I say, even accomplishing this task, no matter how simple it seems to others, that would be a great milestone for the cooperation of modders community.

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therealzomb Author

Yeah I'd love to see others continue this project.

The most important thing to me was having Max ported and I at least achieved that. Maybe some time in the future I'll join a modding team instead of trying to do it all myself.. I don't have great time management skills!

Thanks for the kind words.

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Feels awesome to have the classic Sam Lake face in MP2!

I'd really like it if someone could now put the MP1 head on the MP2 body.

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Try install again.

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