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Well guys, as the title suggests, we are in need of several 3D Artists. Read this post (it's not too long) to get the low-down on the team and the position.

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Well guys, as the title suggests, we are in need of several 3D Artists. Read this post (it's not too long) to get the low-down on the team and the position.

So, we have been working on this game for a long time, and recently we saw a couple of our 3D Artists leave the team for differing reasons. No hard feelings there and we wish them the best of luck in their futures. That said, we are also now entering full-scale production, so we are in need of expanding our art department anyways. If you fit the bill below, then please apply asap.
Here is what we are looking for:

We want to find 3D Artists who have been in the field for at least two years and can show their skills in a portfolio containing recent work. We of course love to see sci-fi stuff in there, but as long as your work is strong, you meet the first criteria. We do require all 3D Artists to model and texture their work.

It's safe to say that all of our members take this seriously, and that is what we expect from you. We expect you to take this as seriously as if it was a job; we need you to hit deadlines and create quality work. Several members put in 15+ hours/week to the project (including me of course), but all I ask is around an hour/day average.

Team Work Oriented:
You are going to be part of a team and you must be able to work with the game's direction and be able to take critique as well. You are also joining an established 3D Art team which means you will need to mesh with the other 3D Artists.

This is simple--I want you to be emotionally invested in this game. I want you to think this game not only has potential but that it deserves potential. I want you to believe in this game.

The final thing I look for is someone with a personality, humor, and someone that would be fun to work with. We try to promote a fun and healthy work environment for all our artists to shine and I want you to contribute to that.

Here is what we offer:

We offer a fun, friendly, and professional team environment where everyone wants to improve as an artist/designer/programmer/what have you and wants to create a wonderful game. We offer a team that is very well organized with a full task management system and an easy way for us to share WIP with each other. We also offer royalties (% determined close to release) to all team members who stay through the entire development process.

To Apply:

If this project sounds interesting to you and you want to join us, then send an email with a link to your portfolio and resume along with a short bio of yourself.

Now, here is a look at some of the work produced already, but keep in mind most of our 3D work is not showable yet. That said, I will also post some concept art here so you can see what you will be working from.
XR15 Texture Update

TK9 SMG Final Third Person Model+Texture!
In-Game Rubble Screenshot
VTOL Concept--Vehicles Are AWESOME!
Boy, I Sure Love Guns!
RSF Sniper Concept
Promotional Wallpaper 1--Street
So, as you can see, you will be working with good concept art (there are several environmental pieces that have not been released that are even better), and you will be working with other talented 3D Artists. That's all for now, this is Millan Singh signing out--

On a side note, check out our facebook page too:


Damn I'd love to apply with you guys but my plate is already full. Sucks.

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fragfest2012 Author

Well, you can always make some room... :p Regardless, I am now curious as to what does fill your plate.

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Reads like a Copy&Paste of your last article searching for concept artists.
It allmost seems that you've lost your whole team.

Would have been better if you'd posted all the open positions in one article.

Seriously, one or two more of these articles and even the last ones will be convinced that your team broke apart. (no matter if this is true or not) And since we just saw what happened to Orion: Dino Beatdown, i guess noone would be willing to join a sinking boat.

Another thing you should think about changing is this:
" We also offer royalties (% determined close to release) to all team members who stay through the entire development process."
I'd say it would be far better to base these royalities depending on how big the contribution to the project has been.

Currently it sounds like you only have to stay in the team for the whole time, so a member who stays and has done very little contributions would get money but someone who contributed a lot but had to leave for w/e reasons wouldn't see a cent.

Also with a contract like this you could fire the whole team short before the game is done and keep the whole money for yourself.

I'm not saying that you will do that, but again, we allready saw that happening on Dino Beatdown.

Even though this is only a small project you should overthink your PR strategy and most of all what you tell to the public.

You could have posted that you're looking for more 3D artists to join your team because of the huge ammount of assets that need to be done.
Wouldn't even be a lie, because there are a lot of assets required for a UDK game.

And if you're really seriouse about it, you could also take freelance artists into account. Ofc. you might have to pay them on a per model base or something, which can be hard without any money in the back.

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Also there might be some ppl who would like to help out (maybe even for free) with only a few things because they are allready tied up with other projects and cannot get involved very much.

Kinda like a gap filler before the main project goes into the next phase.
(also kinda good for an artist to do a little something else from time to time that is not related to the project he's mainly working on)

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fragfest2012 Author

Thanks, Mr. Kraid, words of wisdom you have spoken.

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fragfest2012 Author

I suppose I may have not included enough details in the royalties section, but what you suggested is exactly how it works; I guess I just basically didn't specify enough--I will change that now. As for copy-paste, it is for the most part, because I liked the format, the requirements were very similar, and it decreases the amount of work I need to do. That said, we have not lost the full team, and this is no indication whatsoever of that; I simply wanted to post the concept artists first so that they would have a little time to get enough material ready for the 3D artists. Is that not reasonable?

I did post the article because there are a large number of assets needed, which should have been obvious with the whole "going into full-scale production" part, since anyone who knows what the UDK is knows what is required to make a game for it. As for freelance, my response is this: if only I had money. We are doing this for free and because we believe in it, and that is not uncommon for indies. We don't have a whole lot of financial backing, and most of it has come from my own pocket and gone towards things necessary that the team can't do.

As a final note, this is the last of these articles I need, since we are already good on Programmers and Level Designers.

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Maybe you find some ppl on forums where design students meet, e.g. polycount.
But make sure to provide solid information and good wording, they have high standards regarding ppl who look for team members.

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fragfest2012 Author

Way ahead of you man; got a thread on polycount, world of level design, and gamedev.

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wise words WNxKraid, well said.

it is hard to find well skilled developers of whatever sort, most of them are already working on other or own projects.
i still hope you will find all the people you need for your game because i am tracking this for quit some time now and do like what i see and read.

a leveldesigner,

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fragfest2012 Author

Thanks man, much appreciated!

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