MOD INFO - Zombie Master Black Edition is a "spin-off" mod based on the original Zombie Master Source Code. - Features: 9 all-new custom weapons - 3 new zombie types - challenging gameplay.

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Boonie says

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Just plain awful

Not a single server online


count_snipula says

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offers realism,co-oporation and a lot of funny moments

Zombie master black edition is the next game/mod in the series. In this version it includes no zombie's form normal but now has 2 new zombie's and one that only spawn's by hidden spawn. There is a fast zombie that kill's you instantly by touching you there is a wobbler i think it's called that has a little more health but doe's 50 hp instead of instant kill, and that last zombie isent even a zombie it's a blob, for people that havent played this yet wobbler has a blob on it's head just like a head crab but blob's instant kill you, there are 2 way for them to spawn there is a trap spawn orb that spawn's them or you hidden spawn them. 95% of the time you will hidden spawn them. The Gun's in this mod are very diffrent form normal zombie master some need to be right clicked after each shot and some is there strong but you cant reload until your clip in drained. In this mod in fill's more smother gameplay then kinda Skippy zombie master gameplay.In this mod you play as a rebel. There are around i would say 15 map's and most of them it could be all of them are right from zombie master. Overall i give Zombie Master a 10/10 i see nothing wrong with this game, yes it's very hard but this game requires teamwork like zombie master dident reley have on most map's on every map on zombie master black edition require's team work or you wont make. I hope to see Zombie Master 2 come's out soon.


This is an insult to the original ZM.


really this is horrible

this review contains spoilers

Amazing mod, amazing weapons, layout, maps, and everything. The only problem is its lack of zombies :P. I really hope this mod doesn't die like alot of mods.

Very bad.

how u do ragdolls and alone server by yourself without being the zombie master?????*frustrated*:[meew]anime girl cat


This mod lacks alot of stuff.
Servers, Players, Guns, Excitement.
There is also many bugs including "The guns getting jammed"
In my opinion this is one of the worst multiplayer mods I have played.

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offers realism,co-oporation and a lot of funny moments

Aug 13 2011 by count_snipula

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