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A New Adventure Awaits You

The East Empire Company commissions the Dragonborn to slay a dragon that is interrupting trade routes throughout Skyrim. But is the dragon stirring up trouble with a particular reason and is there something more sinister behind it? An immersive new quest that takes you to the large island of Wyrmstooth. Battle across new landscapes and through new dungeons in this unofficial expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The quest begins for players at level 10 and above after you have been summoned by the Greybeards. Theodyn Bienne, a courier for the East Empire Company, will track you down wherever you are in Skyrim (or elsewhere) starting from the Bannered Mare in Whiterun and will deliver to you an important message. The task seems simple enough; slay a dragon that's stirring up trouble. But things are never that simple...


  • A challenging new quest with an exciting dragon battle.
  • Fight your way through one of the biggest dungeons in Tamriel with a group of followers.
  • Mind-control a Draugr to solve a unique dungeon puzzle!
  • 30+ new npc's.
  • 17 new quests; 2 main quests and 15 side quests.
  • A large new handcrafted landmass with its own unique map and map markers!
  • Over 700 lines of new recorded voice acting.
  • Make a new player home out of an abandoned imperial fort.
  • Placeable bear traps sold by Ja'Shavi-Dar.
  • Playable bard instruments found across the island.
  • Unlocks some cut content such as the shout Fiik Lo Sah (Phantom Form).
  • Learn new spells such as Conjure Draugr and many more.
  • New harvestable ingredients.
  • Custom music tracks.
  • A strategy guide is also available to help you through each quest.


  • Daniel Coffey (Lurius Liore)
  • David Bodtcher (Alberthor, Balmir, Hroldar, Sigur, Geitrich)
  • Tim Morgan (Theodyn Bienne)
  • Andrew Miller (Vulthurkrah)
  • Adrianna Peterson (Daenlit, Elmera, Spriggan Matriarch)
  • Ben Britton (Athir, Vulom, Holmar)
  • Dan Marfleet (Shargam, Bolmar, Hulgard, Castus Arius, Ynglod Ironbender, Skonjar)
  • Randy Westbrook (Dunyick, Vontus Laenius, Nalion)
  • Cassandra Wladyslava (Ajira, Shomara, Svenja, Lalaine Laenius, Gildan, Thelma, Helga the Haggard)
  • Matthew Dixon (Ja’Shavi-Dar, Speaks-Many-Tongues, Plants-Bitter-Seeds, Sits-With-Beetles, Mudcrab Merchant)
  • Avery Smithhart (Yngfa, Leone Laenius, Rose)
  • Blary (Ingredients Wall Art resource)
  • Artisanix (Paintings and Frames resource)
  • Varlaisaran (Adabala Building System)
  • León van der Stadt (Composer)


Q. What patch level is required?
A. You should be running 1.8 or higher.

Q. Do I need any DLC or mods to play Wyrmstooth?
A. No, the only thing required to play Wyrmstooth is Skyrim and the 1.8 patch or higher.

Q. What ENB did you use to take the screenshots?
A. For the screenshots I used K ENB.

Q. Is the mod stable?
A. Installing Wyrmstooth should NOT affect the stability of your game. Wyrmstooth was tested extensively on multiple machines running a base Skyrim install with the latest patch without encountering a single crash. If you are experiencing intermittent crashes after installing Wyrmstooth you most likely have a load order issue you need to sort out. Also try lowering your graphics settings, reconsider how many retexture mods you require, and/or ensure your ENB is properly configured as you may be overburdening your system. Don't forget to refer to the Wyrmstooth Readme file for additional suggestions and steps to follow.

Q. Is development of Wyrmstooth complete?
A. Yes.

Q. How much time did you spend working on Wyrmstooth?
A. About 2000 hours.

Q. What can I do with the Wyrmstone and Brimestone ore?
A. I'm hoping to include new armors and weapons in a future release. If you're a 3d artist and would like to contribute to this project please contact me at

Q. Can I mod Wyrmstooth?
A. You may make mods that use Wyrmstooth.esp as a master but you may NOT modify the Wyrmstooth.esp or Wyrmstooth.bsa files themselves or take assets out of Wyrmstooth and put them in your own project.

Q. What kind of performance impact does Wyrmstooth have on Skyrim?
A. The overall impact on performance should be negligible to non-existent. Wyrmstooth is a quest/new lands mod, it doesn't make any gameplay changes. Most of the adventure takes place in a separate Wyrmstooth worldspace. At most you'll have 7 new NPCs in Skyrim before travelling to Wyrmstooth. If you do experience performance loss or instability see "Q. Is the mod stable?" and make sure Wyrmstooth.esp is the last master file loaded in your load list.

Q. Is Wyrmstooth available on Xbox or PS3?
A. Unfortunately not, it's for PC only. Mods cannot be ported to consoles.


See the WyrmstoothReadme.txt file for troubleshooting tips and compatibility information.

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RSS feed Articles

It began one sleepless night before a statistics exam. I had been working on (at that stage) a player home mod originally situated near Whitewatch Tower, that I made more for personal use than for anything else, and I was up thinking about different ways to make it more enjoyable. These ideas laid the groundwork for what would eventually become the island of Wyrmstooth. On the down side I bombed that statistics exam.

There’s nothing more daunting than being faced with a blank canvas and in Skyrim a blank world as far as the eye can see is the mother of blank canvases. At its onset I was faced with two options: generate a terrain in WorldMachine and import it into Skyrim via TESAnnwyn or manually sculpt it from scratch in the Creation Kit. Originally I liked the idea of having something to start with and have had experience in the past using WorldMachine and Vue to render realistically eroded landscapes.

Creating a natural-looking terrain isn’t very hard to pull off in WorldMachine; their node based system is both powerful and easy to use. The problem however is that it gave me too much to work with. Way too much. Almost equally as daunting as a blank canvas, the size and complexity of the landscape made me reconsider the amount of time I had available to dedicate to this project, after all it wasn’t going to be a render from afar but rather a landscape the player would be immersing themselves in and I wanted to have the landscape completed in a matter of months, not years.

Secondly, the island I had in mind was situated far to the north of Skyrim in the Sea Of Ghosts. Based on Elder Scrolls lore, the environment needed a flair of savagery. To me this could be expressed as tall jagged peaks and narrow mountain passes; a land uninviting. But these landscape features are pulled off using static mountain pieces, not the geometry of the landscape itself.

Originally I only planned for Wyrmstooth to be about as large as the Japhet’s Folly sidequest. I started with a quick test to gauge how long it would take me to flesh out a landscape by hand. The first iteration of Wyrmstooth simply consisted of a mining settlement, the docks, a mountain, and a road leading up to a Nordic barrow (today this is where a tree now falls above the road). It didn’t take long to navmesh and the island was small enough to negate the need to build LOD. All in all it only took about a week at most.

The next step was the barrow interior where I learned the importance of spreading a dungeon across multiple cells to avoid the hardcoded object limit (and associated crashes!). If I pretended Wyrmstooth was part of the official Elder Scrolls canon then I wanted Wyrmstooth Barrow to be the biggest dungeon in Tamriel. Simply creating an expansive 3-level Nordic barrow wasn’t enough – knowing all the puzzles and traps in advance I could blast through that place in under 30 minutes. I needed something more, something that would keep players down there for at least an hour or more without the tedium of endless Nordic hallways.

Dimfrost was the second worldspace added to the mod; an expansive underground cavern similar to Blackreach and almost as large. The idea was to take the player on a journey through different environments in a manner similar to the original Dungeon Siege game but in an open-world. Making this portion of the dungeon nearly made me quit working on the mod. Landscape editing and cluttering alone took at least 3 weeks of solid work and navmeshing took 3 weeks more. If anything I’d liken it to tediously grinding for levels in an oldschool rpg but for weeks and weeks on end. The payoff however was worth it.

However I was faced with a bit of a dilemma; the cavern beneath the island was far larger than the island above it! Having levelled up my world building skill at least 10 points or more I set out to expand the island above, sculpting new terrain by hand. I added a large crater to the island which would become the central feature. I used the mountains around the crater to separate the island into different ‘zones’ almost like spokes in a bicycle wheel which I could use to mentally partition the work required so it didn’t feel like one massive insurmountable task like Dimfrost. I started with the biggest mountain pieces first then added smaller and smaller details from there. Once I had my island I needed a story.

I felt the dragons in Skyrim were underutilized. Lore depicted them as beings possessing cunning and intelligence however gameplay depicted them as bears with wings and an epic soundtrack. So what I needed was a dragon with a plan: Vulthurkrah. Rather than spend his time flying around aimlessly, Vulthurkrah’s plan involved tempting adventurers to Wyrmstooth Barrow where they would subsequently fall to its many hazards and become part of an army of undead. Queue the Dragonborn. It’s simple, straightforward, and fits the main quest arc.

Wyrmstooth first and foremost had to appeal to myself as a player. Being a compulsive dungeon crawler I wanted to play something that I would find exciting having already invested hundreds of hours traversing the lands of ye olde Tamriel. I also wanted something that would rekindle the experience of an epic dungeon crawl from an oldschool rpg with a climatic finale.

The first release version of Wyrmstooth was uploaded on October 19th 2012 and development continues to this day with each new release further fleshing out and refining the adventure.

Wyrmstooth 1.14 has been released

Wyrmstooth 1.14 has been released

1 year ago News 0 comments

Wyrmstooth 1.14 is now available for download. This release replaces the first quest Dragon Hunt with a shorter version that does not involve having to...

Wyrmstooth 1.13 has been released

Wyrmstooth 1.13 has been released

1 year ago News 4 comments

Wyrmstooth 1.13 is now available for download. This release fixes a bunch of bugs that have been outstanding for quite some time like sun damage in Dimfrost...

Wyrmstooth 1.11 has been released

Wyrmstooth 1.11 has been released

1 year ago News 7 comments

Wyrmstooth 1.11 is now available for download after a year's break from the project. This version fixes a few quest-breaking bugs associated with Lurius...

Wyrmstooth 1.10 has been released.

Wyrmstooth 1.10 has been released.

2 years ago News 5 comments

Wyrmstooth 1.10 is now available for download. Travel to the lair of a dragon on the island of Wyrmstooth to do battle and fight your way through one...

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Wyrmstooth 1_16

Wyrmstooth 1_16

1 month ago Full Version 0 comments

Zip archive containing Wyrmstooth.esp, Wyrmstooth.bsa, and WyrmstoothReadMe.txt.

Wyrmstooth 1_15

Wyrmstooth 1_15

9 months ago Full Version 0 comments

Zip archive containing Wyrmstooth.esp, Wyrmstooth.bsa, and WyrmstoothReadMe.txt.

Wyrmstooth 1_14

Wyrmstooth 1_14

1 year ago Full Version 0 comments

Zip archive containing Wyrmstooth.esp, Wyrmstooth.bsa, and WyrmstoothReadMe.txt.

Wyrmstooth 1_13

Wyrmstooth 1_13

1 year ago Full Version 0 comments

Zip archive containing Wyrmstooth.esp, Wyrmstooth.bsa, and WyrmstoothReadMe.txt.

Wyrmstooth 1_12

Wyrmstooth 1_12

1 year ago Full Version 0 comments

Zip archive containing Wyrmstooth.esp, Wyrmstooth.bsa, and WyrmstoothReadMe.txt.

Wyrmstooth 1_11

Wyrmstooth 1_11

1 year ago Full Version 1 comment

Zip archive containing Wyrmstooth.esp, Wyrmstooth.bsa, Wyrmstooth.ini, and WyrmstoothReadMe.txt.

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Guest Aug 2 2015 says:

Amazing work Congrats

+1 vote     reply to comment
Saercher Jul 30 2015 says:

One of the best add-ons I have seen. worth all the time that was spent macking it. I spent over two weeks real time on wyrmstooth, The island and I dont think i got everything either.

+1 vote     reply to comment
DonBre Jul 29 2015 says:

You should get paid for this,

Awesome work!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Illicit_Misfit Jun 20 2014 buried:


-10 votes     reply to comment
OpposingFarce Jun 25 2014 replied:

That article is really, really poor and the vine teaser, featuring barbed wire and a spinning record, almost certainly refers to the next fallout game. FYI, we had to wait 5 years for Skyrim because the dev team alternatively works on a fallout title and then an ES title now.

+4 votes     reply to comment
oodaa Feb 17 2015 replied:

Well i don't know what people think here but imo it's about time for a new fallout.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Guest Apr 19 2014 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

lehgoyourboss Feb 4 2014 says:

Why not add a separate mod to add in the brimstone crafting stuff ma jig?

+3 votes     reply to comment
tranz2deep Mar 25 2015 replied:

As he said, the crafting system is not just hardwired, but adding an extra crafts set would take the mod over the limit.

As for your suggestion? The creator had extensive help in making the mod: for a expansion mod, which is what we're talking about here, we'd need some talent volunteering their time and skills..

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheUnbeholden Dec 18 2013 says:


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