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Tinderboxes = Lightbulbs? (Games : Amnesia: The Dark Descent : Mods : White Night : Forum : Suggestion : Tinderboxes = Lightbulbs?) Locked
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May 16 2011 Anchor

Just transferring this over here before trolls bury the suggestion. But you could use light bulbs instead of tinderboxes as a way to make permanent, stationary lights. Main issue might be it might be sort of odd he carries around a number of light bulbs. As well, you'd need some sort of excuse as to why all these bulbs are burned out (Could always have a power surge or something at the start of the game).

Tanshaydar Manifestation of Delusions
May 17 2011 Anchor

As I said, idea is interesting an surprisingly fits into concept.
I don't have to put light bulbs every level, even just one level would be enough for that place to has its purpose.

Though, I'll need someone to model a light bulb for me :)

May 23 2011 Anchor

Perhaps instead of lightbulbs you could use fuses,instead of lighting one light they could light a whole corridor and that would mean you could make them more rare.

Tanshaydar Manifestation of Delusions
May 24 2011 Anchor

unalsnake suggested using flares instead of tinderboxes. Maybe I can use all of the ideas in particular areas.

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