A Warhammer 40k mod brought to you by NoMz Entertainment and two of the Co-Creators of "Warhammer 40k: There is only War" mod. The mod is going to be an FPS shooter that takes players into either a Imperial Guardsmen, or a Eldar Warrior perspective of the 40k universe. With a variety of classes, missions, vehicles, and maps, players will battle over Madien Worlds, Eldar Craftworlds, Imperial Trenches, any other map deemed nessecary. As with the "There is Only War" mod, we will start with two races of the 40k universe, and then we will continue to update and go from there, eventually adding every race of the 40k universe into the mod. However, players will be playing the mod "Star Wars Battlefront 2" style, with Control points, and even secondary missions that can reward teams in a battle. Progress is coming along well, and we have several people assisting us in this mod. See Description for all modders. Hope to have a beta out soon!

Cpt.Obvious - Guy in Charge/ Mapper
General_Longo - Head Mapper/ Modeller/ Coder
Ssrolrac - Guard Modeller
Crighton - Recruiter/ Beta Tester Boss
adscorp - Music Composer
1928TommyGun - Mapper
Commie - Mapper
New Member! Welcome our Concept artist Ancalagan! He will be working on getting concept art for the mod, seeing we are stuck in a rut right now... Anyways, all his work posted by him will be signed and under international copyright law, so yea, don't go running off to your friends saying "look what I just made" We will be very upset, and Anca might just kill ya. On that note, have fun!

All Warhammer 40,000 Icons, Models (tabletop) and everything sold by Games Workshop, property of GW.

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Lately our updates have been few and far between. This is very upsetting for all of us, however, most of the blame has to be centred on me for being so busy with school too focus on the mod. Longo is doing his best, but seeing he's going into University this year, he's feeling the stress, and pinch of trying to get ready for school, AND modding. Many of our fellow team-members have also not been able to complete much due too me finishing my exams, school work, and being in Europe for 2 weeks. As a result, things are lagging.

So, I have decided that we need some help. What we need are mappers. Mappers who are experienced, know how to create beautiful maps, that we can totally destroy with our guns and boots, and so on. Basically, we are looking for mappers who want to help out, make some maps, and help us speed up the mod.

*Note: We have two maps in mind. If you are intrested and would like to know more info, please contact me or General_Longo via private message to say how you think you could help the mod. The two maps we need made are a Eldar Madien World, (The battlefield is in a valley, while the main bases are situated on large hills, with a lake in one of the corners as well), and a Imperial Guard Trench system, complete with about 4-6 lines of trenches, an Imperial Guard bastion, or fortress in one corner, and a destroyed village full of ruins as the Eldar, or attacker, base. If you think you have the skills, please bring proof of your work. We would love to see it. Final decision will be between Myself and Longo.*

**Also please note: We are also looking for Equipment/Foliage modellers. Whether you can make a barrel, or a tree, or an Imperial monastery, we need help! If you would like to contribute in some small way, or even become our main modeller of battlefield and nature acsessories, please contact me.**

Concept Artist

Concept Artist

5 years ago News 3 comments

We are most honoured and grateful to our new member of our team. Welcome Ancalagan!

Article in Features

Article in Features

5 years ago News 0 comments

Hey everybody, so I have put up all the extra and special stuff we will be putting into this mod in an Article in the Features section. To see what will...

The Bonus things of Emptiness of Victory

The Bonus things of Emptiness of Victory

5 years ago Feature 0 comments

Some of the things that will be in the mod. All the goodies and Extra's that We, the peeps of NoMz Entertainment will be bringing to Warhammer 40,000...

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Grand-Highblood Jan 28 2014 says:

sooooooooooooo dead.... R.I.P

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moddlord1 Aug 25 2012 says:

i have made 2 fan groups. 1 = orc clan and orcs fan group - and new 2 = warhammer dark forces,science fiction,fantasy clan - i am posting about games,movies and everything i can find.do you want to be a member? the links are on my page or if you send a message back i send invitations.greetings

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HorribleGoat Jan 28 2011 says:

You people should support modders more and stop proclaiming mod dead when they're not. This team has clearly said they're just stuck so stop saying that the mod is dead. I've been working on my mod for 3+ years and completing it is still far far away (in a distant galaxy...), so these things take time. Be patient.

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moddlord1 Aug 25 2012 replied:

it takes time i understand but if you do not place news updates they think it is dead, there are many dead mods.some modders have not been on moddb for years those mods are dead and cowards die in shame.

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Cpt.Obvious Creator
Cpt.Obvious Feb 6 2011 replied:

Thank you. Needless to say, we are stuck in a ditch... the size of the grand canyon and as deep. I'm still trying to get things reorganized, but needless to say, alot of modders in this mod have just stopped working on it... My suggestion is to look onto other mods, seeing all 40k mods except exterminatus have failed so far. If things turn around, we'll let you know.

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doom_kid Dec 30 2010 says:


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Cpt.Obvious Creator
Cpt.Obvious Oct 29 2010 says:

We're not dead yet, however, we are a little stuck. Cannot promise any new updates soon due to us losing Longo... Stay tuned, or just stop watching. We'll start reupdating ASAP...

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sirsnipes Oct 9 2010 says:


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doom_kid Oct 23 2010 replied:

dont let this mod die

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Cpt.Obvious Creator
Cpt.Obvious Sep 6 2010 says:

Possible map update coming soon, maybe even starting to get ingame footage???? stay tuned.

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