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Sorry, everyone. We delayed RED's DEMO for such a long time. As a matter of fact we planned to release a DEMO in Oct 15th, but delayed because of a great deal of problems. I will explain\complain later.

Now I am going to tell you our progress and the difficulties we're actually facing. But please be patient-No matter what happens, we will bring you RED, the entire, full, satisfying RED.


For those who do not know us well, what's RED?

Red Requiem: Liberation - RED - is a standalone mod for HL2: EP2, which means nothing is required to play RED, for example, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Episode Two or Source SDK Base is not required too.

And we adapted Source 2007 instead of the latest Source 2013. Also we don't want to make money AT ALL so RED itself and its DLCs and expansion packs are totally FREE. What we want is to tell a good story.

About the Background story can be found in RED's main moddb page and here:

requiem 2016 12 05 22 17 36

Your decisions DO MATTER. It changes how the story goes. In this cutscene you can decide to kill the female PLA you're holding or shoot Sarah. Your decisions impact the way your friends\enemies think of you and how they interact with you.

You will play as a GIGN elite called Victor, who will prove his value and find his side in the world that is in chaos. RED has multi-line story which means you can make your own decision that change how the story goes. Yes, YOUR DECISIONS MATTER. Also, we plan to make many DLCs to tell the original story in other characters' POV.

requiem 2016 12 03 23 12 54

requiem 2016 12 05 22 27 59

Telling the stories of many individuals is the most vital and challenging. Also, the most exciting thing.

Yup, we're focusing on telling a good story.

What's more, we prepared some challenge modes, such as Survival and Zombie Survival, and the Zombie Survival even has its own storyline. We're going to create a MP- which is originally for making trailers,then transformed into a fully playable version.However we don't want to release it this early.

(However we're told that Survivals are really overused. We're actually thinking of abandoning them..)


Well, the most annoying thing is that you can see that there's only one more step to success and we're just having a hard time making that step.


To the most important part, well, we're going to talk about the difficulties we're facing.

First, we have to learn more and more if we want to make the story better- That's what we did. We figured out the way to do Motion Capture in order to make the story more exciting; We tried our best to get to know the Facial Expression Capture to make the emotions more convincing.

Our attempt to use Facial Expression Capture.However we can't really figure out a proper way to use it.

However these are all because of our weakness. We're unable to tell an impressive story by simply using the default NPC animations and extremely lack of animators,so we decided to do Motion Capture; We don't know how to make NPCs talk in HL2 way, that's why we use Facial Expression Capture instead of the original system- the advanced enough one used in almost every Source Engine games.

And what's worst, we're still in urgent need of Programmars and Mappers. We used to have some talented programmars. However, they had to leave with various reasons. Many good ideas became almost impossible to achieve. For example, the all-new MAIN MENU, and HUD, are still W.I.P without big progress.


One possible HUD. We almost did it, but it's still far from being finished.

We're just a group of high school students- Now some of us are in university- which means we have no more time finding solutions to fix the difficulties we're facing. One year ago two studios - one from UK, one from China, stole our Screenshots to raise money. We had to clarify - and promise that LHYB STUDIO will never take a single cent from our followers or watchers. That's why we're from all over the world but still try to gather money from inside of our studio instead of raising money from public - to buy Kinects. WE DON'T AND WON'T TAKE A CENT, that's our promise.

We can solve the difficulties by ourselves, though it takes long. However, if you're willing to join us, to help, to fight together, we can bring our followers a perfect enough RED - not just a DEMO - as soon as we can.

If you wanna contribute your creativity or power - don't hesitate. We need you.


Just contact us if you're willing to help. We NEED YOU.

All kinds of people are welcomed here!



We welcome every sorts of email

- However we received an email with very, very aggressive language this week.

That does hurt us deeply. I can understand the struggle of being kept waiting, but please be patient, and be nice.
If we receive more advises and encouragement instead of anger, we will appreciate it. Because that means our self-willing job is worthwhile.


In the end, as for the MOTY 2016 - Well, we failed one year ago, very saddening. This time I dare not to expect too much, not expecting to win. I just want to make RED better and not letting you guys down. But if you're willing to vote for us, it will be appreciated.

The following is a video tribute to you all - "Thanks For Your Company #2016" by LHYB STUDIO

Thank you for listening.

Thanks for your continued support!

mtkn, 2016


Gaokao is over. And we're back.

Gaokao is over. And we're back.

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Gaokao is finally over guys! Now we have time to do what we want! We are ready to work on Kinect and the DEMO!

Some News About Red Requiem: Liberation

Some News About Red Requiem: Liberation

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Hello, guys! I'm mtkn the main project leader of Red Requiem: Liberation. We've got some good news and bad news...

Multiplayer and Co-op

Multiplayer and Co-op

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Hello, guys! We've got some good news: We've decided to create Multiplayer and Co-op and its development will keep pace with Singleplayer!

New Years Update

New Years Update


Update #1: Multiplayer, DLC and Easter Eggs are coming to Red Requiem!

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This looks interesting. It's always good to see students have a try at modding. I started as a high school student as well, so I can understand some of the challenges you are facing.

I have some things to say to the devs though. It looks like most of your models are ripped from other games and reskinned. I think you should at least mention that you borrowed content from other games, it's not fair to take credit for it yourself.

I also have some advice as a fellow modder.

First, regarding motion capture and lip syncing. I do NOT recommend using a kinect for motion capture in a first person game. The reason being that the kinect's capture quality is not good enough for animations that will be viewed up close, even for walking or crouching (don't even think about facial motion capture). You will spend more time cleaning up the animations than you would just hand keyframing them. If you were making a game/mod like DOTA or Diablo it would be acceptable, but it's not going to look good in first person. I recommend recruiting an animator to hand keyframe your animations, or just decompile and reuse HL2's animations (Valve doesn't mind, Black Mesa's soldiers, guards and scientists mostly use HL2's animations).

For facial animations, I recommend you learn and use Source SDK's Faceposer ( It doesn't look bad (all of the HL2 games used this only, no motion capture), and it's quite easy to learn, and for a group of students this is the most realistic option. Facial motion capture rigs are very, very expensive and only look good with (expensive) trained actors - technology doesn't hide bad acting. They also require lots of time to cleanup the animations even with a very expensive rig. Anyways, it's better to have slightly stiff facial animations (Faceposer) than cheesy, goofy ones that require tons of cleanup.

I also highly recommend that you either learn to code or get your programmer as soon as possible! Let me explain: Source SDK/HL2 code is very difficult to work with, even for experienced programmers and in my opinion it's the hardest part of modding. The reason being that it's barely documented, uses an old version of C++ that they don't teach in schools anymore, and the engine is NOT open source so there's some stuff you just have to guess.

I notice that you have a lot of features planned, and that's fine, but I think you haven't started implementing any of them yet since you have no programmer. I think you will have to cancel some of those features because your programmer is just going to tell you it's not possible. Another problem you'll run into is that you will code a feature, and it turns out not to be fun and you'll have to scrap it. So I highly recommend you start programming or find someone to do it as early as possible, so you can decide at an early point what you can and can't do.

It looks like your team is quite skilled at mapping, texturing, UI design and choreographing scenes. I think your team has the potential to make a good mod. Just make sure you start coding early so you can test frequently, and remember that as a group of students you have a limited budget and manpower and some things just won't be possible.

Sorry for the very long post and I don't mean to be overly negative. I'm just offering constructive advice based on my experience. I wish you good luck and I hope you learn and have fun on your project.

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mtkn123 Creator

Hello there!
Sorry for my late reply.Here i will answer\explain those points\questions. :3

1.The principle of us is to find a balance between “Stolen” and “Original”.As a matter of fact,we’re not just reskining a model,but recreate them.Some old models,like PLAs,are REALLY totally ripped from other games,like Resident Evil 5 - And those stolen model is going to be replaced gradually.
This is how we made our models(Since 2014):We combine “stolen”parts with our own parts.Yes,our own part we created on our own,not “get”.And then,we reskin,re-rig,re-animate them.For example,our new PLA ‘s vest is from COD:G,helment is from Arma3,but they’re totally re-skined by remaking UVs and heavily edited the model itself,then we created the masks,glasses,patchs,gloves for this model.In this progress,we may use others’ materials and we tried to get authorization as possible as we can.We’re unable to tell whare which part exactly from;What we can do is just simply credit COD:G and Arma3 in “Model Resources” in credits.And we actually did that.As for some new models,for example,HK-416C,foldable shield,Micro UAVs,is totally made by us.And we make many weapon animations too. :D

2.As for motion capture,we’re using a software called IPI MOCAP STUDIO.It’s actually quite annoying;But it have many amazing features,such as “Animation Smoothing” and “Jitter Removal”,which is really helpful for animating.And we have 2 animators(3 in total,1 is in charge of vehicle animations instead of characters’) in charge of fixing\polishing those captured animations.However,animators,you know,the more the better.The original anims in HL2 is not enough at all,if we really want to tell a story unique enough and really belongs to us.
For facial animations, we’re still unable to use Source’s original one.And we can’t even find one who can.By contrast,using FaceShift is a more accessable solution - Using Source’s original one can cost more than a facial capture to us.Good acting is really vital,but this sort of capture,you know,it’s not that accurate.We found that the more exaggerated our actor\actress acts,the better result we will got in game.Well,it’s good enough,at least,we can reach the level of COD:BO,if everything goes smoothly.

3.Programmers is in urgent need;But that doesn’t means we don’t have one now.We have 6 programmers in total,but only 2 is available right now.However,our progress is not paused - it’s just slow.We just want to make RED better and better.As for the features we put forward is all considered carefully,which means we had removed numberless impossible ones.And those new features are actually finished - But just finished,however.We still need polishing,more and more.
Anyway thanks for your advices! - They’re really constructive.We have animators,programmers,mappers - but not enough at all...What’s more,i am also a great fans for Triage! It's REALLY nice to meet you here!
Thanks for your time! _(:3」∠)_

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Hi there,
Sorry for my late reply as well :P

1. I think it's okay for mods to borrow from other games as long as you mention it somewhere.
2. I actually tried IPI before, and I've heard it works better with Sony's PS eye than the kinect. But I gave up on it because fast movement looks shakey and cleaning them up makes them look robotic. I think for first person games it would look much better and be faster to just hand keyframe the animations. It also saves you the work of buiding an animation studio and finding motion actors.

And I still highly recommend avoiding webcam/kinect facial animation.

At first it might produce fast results, but think about the work afterwards. You'll have to clean up, compile each animation, and your programmers or mappers will have to trigger each animation manually. And if you're doing localisation (other languages) you'll have to redo this for every line. On top of that, you'll have to find English speaking actors and bring them into your recording studio. Imagine having to do this for every line, like "Grenade watch out!".

Faceposer isn't great but all you need are voice recordings to work from. I had to install windows xp on an old computer for it to run (I think it doesn't work on vista or later) but it was definitely worth it, I really hope you try it instead of motion capture.

3. I know this isn't always possible, but it's better to have a small dedicated team of programmers than many part time programmers. The reason is that communication between programmers takes a long time, and if someone has to leave suddenly it's very hard for someone else to pick up their work. You also have to be aware of different time zones and schedules. Source mod teams usually only have one or two, and I think any more than 3 is overkill for a mod team and will only slow things down.

Anyways what I mean is if you already have a programming team but your progress is slow, finding more may not speed it up. It might be more realistic to just cut down on features.

I'm glad you are open to criticism and I'm flattered to hear you're a fan of Triage! Nice to meet you too.

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mtkn123 Creator

Nice to reccive your reply!

1.Thanks for ur understanding.:3

2.Well,it's not that good in fact,and we have to use 3 kinects to make sure the capture quality for our animations.Actually it's difficult to find a balance between robotic and shaky,but we figured out that the level 3 smooth for the ipi is the best.Whatover,capture assisted with handmade animations is more acceptable.

As for localisation,no need to worry too much,due to that we're only intended to make English version for RED(Voice acting too) and Chinese version is only subtitles.Our voice actors\actresses are picked carefully and i am convinced that they're doing a good job! XD

3.I can't agree more.A dedicated team is better in any ways.Sure if you're willing to offer some help,we will be appreciated!

P.S:Open to criticism is the basic quality for a developer,am i right? :D

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Put a Baguette weapon as an Easter Egg since Vic's French lol

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mtkn123 Creator

Your dream has come true.

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I love that video in the Article! Can't wait to see the mod in action.

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Beautiful mod. Tracking. Good luck Devs!

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mtkn123 Creator


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Hype hype hype! All aboard the hypetrain!

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Mr.Brown Creator

Patience, my friend.
It will happen eventually.

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S O O N !

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