Mod Name: [VS_INI] For those who are bored by original Yuri's revenge's passive AI along with illogical unit stats, This is a simple INI(Rules/Art/AI) mod which emphasizes on game play re-balance/uplift and major AI enhancement.

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VS_INI Version 5B Update


Download link [Update Jun 04 2017]

VS INI Release - 5B

Release Version 5b is here. The package also includes a copy of spawner.xdp file for anyone who wants to play on cncnet5 client(You still have to tweak some INI settings to allow modded files to be read).

Version 5b features one of the biggest updates up to now. Huge thanks to Mouytp,Yuuka and Maxwell for testing and balancing PvP contents.

If you enjoyed playing this mod, please consider shooting us a review or rate us a score.


*Release version 5B* (Based on previous mod version VS_INI_5 not original YR)

*Release version 5B*

Game-play changes:
1.Allied SEAL speed increased from 8 to 9.
2.Fixed DemolitionTruck/Terrorist unable to destroy walls and trees.
3.Vehicles are categorized into 5 lifting class for Magnetron's weapon, pull speed and lift height differ from Light to heavy units respectively, vehicle landing damage increased from 0.35x to 0.4x.
4.Yuri Psi-commando's price decreased from 1300 to 900.
5.Changed all 3 naval transports back to non-hover, reverted all 3 hover transports from warfactory back to hover.
6.Fixed Tanya's garrsion weapon unable to fire through walls.
7.Allied IFV AA weapon's effectiveness against jumpjet infantries increased from 110% to 125%.
8.CrazyIvan/Psi-Commando weapons' effectiveness against [concrete] buildings increased from 75% to 100%.
9.Allied Dolphin's speed decreased from 8 to 7.
10.Allied Harrier/BlackEagle's weapon now has a small AoE damage CellSpread only apply to infantries.
11.Yuri Chaos Drone's price increased from 550 to 750, deploy attack's chaos debuff lasting duration decreased from 350 to 300 frames.
12.Soviet Conscript's build time slightly increased (Now same as GI/Initiate's building time).
13.Yuri Brute weapon's effectiveness against [none] armor infantry increased from 100% to 120%(No, Brute still can't win a dog fight).
14.Iraq Desolator's speed decreased from 6 to 5, price increased from 800 to 900.
15.Soviet Tesla Trooper's HP increased from 380 to 400.
16.Soviet Siege Chopper deployed weapon's effectiveness against [steel] armor decreased from 40% to 30%.
17.All Ore Refineries' power consumption increased from 50 to 75.
18.All MCVs now has build limit of 1(Doesn't mean player can't have multiple con-yards, as long as player has at least one of each side's undeployed MCV, player is forbidden to build a new one).
19.Yuri Lasher Tank now uses a secondary weapon against infantry with new visuals (DPS remains unchanged), infantry killed by Lasher will explode and generate poison clouds just like Virus' weapon.
20.GattlingTank/IFV/FlakTrack's turn rate improved from 15 to 20.
21.Allied Grizzly Tank can now first 2 consecutively shells within one reload period as its new feature.
22.Allied SEAL can no longer destroy bridge via bridge hub nor destroy building in one shot, Speed increased from 8 to 9, HP increased from 225 to 250.
23.Allied Spy now has the ability to destroy bridge via bridge hub by using timed bomb similar to Ivan's.
24.Walls now build 20% Faster, maxium connecting cells increased from 5 to 8.
25.All Engineers' speed decreased from 6 to 5.
26.Dreadnaught/AircraftCarrier/BoomerSub's HP decreased by 15%-20%.
27.Soviet Apocalypse Tank weapon effectiveness against Jumpjet Infantries decreased by 20%, Price increased from 1750 to 1850.
28.Allied Battle Fortress's price decreased from 2000 to 1900.
29.All 3 sides' T3 Lab price increased from 2000 to 3000.
30.Soviet Sentry Gun can now be charged by TeslaTrooper just like TeslaCoil, charged weapon's DPS is increased by 15%.
31.Pillbox/SentryGun now has 15% extra build time, weapons' effectiveness against all buildings and vehicles decreased by 10%.
32.Allied Grand Cannon's HP decreased from 1100 to 1000, ROT decreased from 4 to 3.

Other changes:
1.Updated Yuri Clone Master's weapon projectile animation.
2.Updated superweapon Genetic Mutation's invoking animation.
3.Updated Magnetron lifting weapon's warhead animation.
4.Re-enabled feedback VO for Allied Rocketeer.
5.Added Active animation for BattleBunker.
6.Added structure DestroyAnims for all 3 factions.
7.Slightly modified ApocalypseTank/Hornet/MirageTank/RoboTank/Virus/Magnetron/Sniper's cannon muzzle animation.
8.Soviet Skirmish Lunar Infantry renamed into [Eagle Hunter].
9.Updated Boris/Dolphin/Virus weapon's warhead animation.
10.Infantry corpses lasting duration drastically increased.
11.Slightly modified Lightning Storm's thunderbolt animation.
12.Updated various missile projectiles' trailer animation.
13.Added special animation effects for SEAL/Tanya's C4 bomb, TeslaTrooper's charging weapon, RepairIFV's weapon, Spy/PsiCommando's disguise weapon, Desolator's deploy weapon.
14.Misc animation updates.
15.Fixed Grand Cannon not having a positive threat value for auto accquiring purposes.

Featured PvP footages:

Short Briefing

Short Briefing


A short introduction on how the enhanced AI armies behave in skirmish games.

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VS INI Release - 5B

VS INI Release - 5B

Full Version 13 comments

VS_INI Release Version 5b (Full Version). Based on version 5 , one of the largest updates so far.

Map Release: (4) Transistor

Map Release: (4) Transistor

Patch 1 comment

A symmetric 4p map ideal for FFA games. The design emerges from the Starcraft 2 ladder map [Sequencer].

VS AI for Original YR

VS AI for Original YR

Full Version 1 comment

This is an AI enhancement purely made for original Yuri's Revenge. Unlike VS-INI there are no game play and Unit changes whatsoever, only AI changes.

Map Release: (6) UnrealArena

Map Release: (6) UnrealArena

Patch 2 comments

A simple symmetric 3v3 map. The design somewhat emerges from the classic TW map [Tournament Arena]. Have fun partying with AI on this one.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 26)

Hey, I wanted to point out that in rulesmd.ini [Easy] affects Hard AI while [Difficult] affects Easy AI. You should fix these settings in the next update :)

Proof from a guy that knows the game very well:

"[Easy] actually affects the Hard AI, [Normal] affects the Medium AI and [Difficult] affects the Easy AI (yes, it goes the other way than you'd expect). [brutal] and [Medium] don't exist in Rules.ini and so they don't do anything."

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Toveena Creator

Thank you for pointing this interesting bug out, adjustments will be made in the next release.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Any plans on updating the AI for original YR? I have opened both VS INI's and VS AI's aimd.ini file via Winmerge and there are huge differences between them.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Toveena Creator

welp, AI for the original YR was a side project anyway, it may or may not be updated in the foreseeable future. Anyone tho can try updating it themselves since all INI files are included anyway.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

So, random and simple question: how do I install this? I've never modded Yuri's Revenge before. Do I just place these into my folder or do I use XCC Mixer?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Toveena Creator

Just put them under your game directory, delete whenever you want.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Would be cool that you can create like an airfield for yuri and soviet(mostly soviet because of mig) because i want aircraft so badly(MIG FOR THR WIN BOYS)

Reply Good karma Bad karma-3 votes

Would it be possible to alter the in-game A.I. so the late-game focus is more on naval warfare if there is larger bodies of water, or ground warfare, such as late-game infantry/ land vehicles? The reason I am asking this, is because once the Soviets max out their tech tree, they send in almost nothing but Kirov airships and small tank battalions. The Yuri A.I. also does the same thing, but with floating discs. I REALLY would like to see a higher naval response, and possibly navy units attacking land-based structures from off-shore, like more frequent use of aegis cruisers and aircraft carriers from the allies, flak P.B.'s and dreadnoughts from the soviets and a larger response of boomer submarines from Yuri's bases to attack shore-based targets and more frequent use of hover transports for sneak attacks like in the campaign for cross-map island warfare. The standard A.I. doesn't do any of this, with the exception of the pre-update vanilla A.I. where if you give the enemy Yuri A.I. 3-5 MCV's from any faction and 10 minutes of free-time, they become utterly impossible to beat, to the point of the game crashing because of mass unit and structure spam....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Toveena Creator

Thanks for showing interest in this little mod, I will definitely try to work on those you've mentioned above gradually.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

furthermore a separate .zip release would be very much helpful as ALL of the sites now that allow a free .rar extractor are corrupted beyond measure.

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Always hated how bad Red Alert 2 AI was, this mod makes the Aı how it should be.

Aug 22 2016 by MustaphaTR

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