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Trek Wars adds Star Trek Factions into Empire at War. Forces of Corruption. You can play new campaigns as galactic conquest and fight with each faction in Skirmish against each other, Star Wars vs. Star Trek

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Jun 16th, 2008
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This is the interpretation of Trek Wars 0.9, done my Wolf V.2, a mate from the SMG team. He made some changes to the units (Foc units too), did a rescaling and a reballancing. Some of these changes will also be in Trek Wars 2, so check it out. Hopefully I will have finished Trek Wars 2 until you're through this version here :) To Install this Mod, just extract the Archive into your FoC "Mods" folder :)

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Trek Wars 0.9 Interpretation
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Peo01 Jun 17 2008 says:

Constitution.... Constitution... I praise you for bringing this online :D

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Azron-stoma Jun 18 2008 says:

a nice variation, I like how it's more in line with canon, and how 1 acclamator can hold it's own against an entire Federation fleet, problem is however, the Borg Cube or rather, the Imperial star destroyer in relation to it, technically, a Borg cube would be no match for even a C arrack or Tartan, but of course for the sake of balance it would have to be relatively powerful, problem is, when the ISD attack it, it has to close to within a ridiculously close range before it can even fire one of it's smaller turbolasers, meanwhile being pounded by everything the cube has, while only firing sporadic shots from ONE turbo, had it been
firing from all guns the ISD would be quite capable of chewing the cube up and spitting it out.

also is it me or do the federation never really build anything? and are complete pushovers, naturally this makes sense because in all reality they are, but I would prefer it if they sent Galaxy and Sovereign classes after me more often, rather than sending nebula and Lakota classes at me for hours, granted 1 acclamator can do the job of keeping them at bay, but it does become tremendously boring. and they don't appear to build up or attack in galactic conquest at all.

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Nathanius Jul 11 2008 replied:

False. This poor balancing is the result of fanboy biases and nothing more~

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roshi322 Jul 21 2008 replied:

In truth the Federation would put up a good fight. for one federation ships are far more agile then star wars ships. enterprise could easily out maneuver a star destroyer. Also to mention that cloaking tech is in start trek armory giving them the element of suprise and the ability to get away. The borg have adaptive tech giving them the ability to adjust there shields to completely brush off incoming fire from any star wars ship. not to mention if a borg ship went and assimilated just a single starwars ship. It would give them the extra tech needed to completely wipe out a star destroyer. Not to mention if I am correct a star destroyer has a massive blind spot behind it since all its fire power is pointed forward and to the sides. its big butt doesn't have much guns on it.

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Guest Mar 2 2015 replied:

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Snapshot_9 Jul 9 2009 replied:

you are joking right?? Ok, iv had this debate countless times. Here it is in dot point.
1. Trek ships have accurately hit objects 2m in length from 50,000Km, the most range we have seen from a wars ship is mabye in the best of a 20-100 km
2. We see SW ship shooting the unshielded deathstar and causing small explosions, voyager used 1 torpedo with a 200 iso-tonne yield to destroy an entire planetoid.
3. SW ships do not use laser, thier weapons seem to be plasma based (bespin mining) But have never displayed the damage capabilities of ST weapons.
4. Hyperdrive is most probably faster than warp and sliptream but not transwarp. The borg use transwarp conduits to reach anywere in the galaxy in a few min.

Dont believe me about Trek Ship fire power, In DS9 romulan and cardassian forces attept to kill the founders, it is reported that after only a few hours a borbardment the planet would be reduced to its core

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Azron-stoma Feb 6 2010 replied:

1. while they may be able to get a 2m shot from that distance if it was an inert object, the main point about the dificulty of the shot wasn't just the size of the port, but the size of the port under combat conditions (extreme jamming) as a result, no federation ship could make the shot any closer than an X-wing could at short range, also Vader intended to bombard Hoth from hundreds of millions of KM away, but Ozzel f***ed up the plan by bringing the ships in too close.

2. that's a load of bull, it takes 200 photon torpedoes to destroy an 8kilometer by 5 kilometer asteroid, and the Isoton unit of measurement is highly inconsistent and therefore inadmissable, also the only even joke about it destroying a small planetoid came from an off hand, sarcastic remark from the eternal ensign Harry Kim, while the 200 photon torpedoes to destroy asteroid line came from William T Riker in a serious plan, a man who had turned DOWN captain around 3 times.

3. there's a certain litmus test to Trekkie ignorance regarding Star Wars technology, the "No Lasers" fallacy is number 1 on that list.

Lasers in Star Wars, Star Trek, and Real life are 3 completely different things, and are similar in only two, their name, as well as them having aplications as energy weapons. beyond that they have nothing in common.

also, Races using trek lasers have been shown that their lasers only go up to the megawatt range, and it is the POWER of the Lasers that is mentioned.
most races capable of making say, Gigawatt level lasers have switched to Phasers and Disruptors, but who's to say they wouldn't just keep calling them Lasers of a different kind?

Enter Star Wars, with weapons called "Lasers" but act more like Plasma weapons in both appearance and operation where even their TIE fighters carry 32,000 gigawatts.

compare that to TNG where a 400 gigawatt burst downed the shields of the enterprise D, or DS9 where a 900 megawatt burst shot down a Runabout

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Azron-stoma Feb 6 2010 replied:

there is a little something you need to learn, it's called "Visuals Trump Dialogue" in the Die Is Cast the Romulans clearly overestimated their firepower or rather, the Founder spy was full of sh**. After the first bombardment they did little more than megaton level damage, no suborbital ejecta or visible mantle, yet the readout claimed that 30% of the planetary crust was destroyed, and that none of the life readings had changed.

obviously they were being fed false data, not only about the life form readings but also about the level of surface devastation, as the visuals CLEARLY contradicted what was said on screen.

if someone says that a blast from this weapon when he/she fires will be 200 meters in radius, then fires the weapon only to have it visibly be less than a few feet in diameter, the conclusion is one of the two, A. that the person was bluffing or B. they were mistaken.

Visuals always win over Dialogue and the Visuals show Star Wars Firepower is VASTLY beyond that of Star Trek firepower, regardless of what anyone, even characters on screen, might say.

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Lucas941 Mar 2 2010 replied:

you're a sci-fy genius and I completely agree with you SW technology is lightyears more advanced than ST's tech one prove is that vader has a ship with milles of length while the biggest ship is ST must be 300 meters.

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mihajlo100 Aug 24 2014 replied:

Hyperdrive is faster, examples ar star wars and stargate.

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Azron-stoma Jun 18 2008 says:

the phasers and torpedoes target fighters FAR too easily, not only do federation ships exhibit extremely poor marksmanship (watch a dominion war battle and you'll see what I mean, missing targets only a few hundred meters away, by 10 degrees or more, while they manuver less than the falcon) it would be impossible for a phaser to hit a TIE Fighter or any other Star Wars fighter, not just because of the speed and small size, but because even if they think they get a lock they won't, as seen in A new Hope starfighters use a false targeting signal to fool targeting computers, only Imperial or Rebel targeting computers (as well as privateers in the Star Wars galaxy) can blow through this due to hundreds, or rather thousands of years of electronic warfare development, the Federation has never encountered a race that uses ANY kind of target jamming, let alone one that uses a false signal, it would be impossible for them to find a way to counteract a system regardless of how "innovative" they are supposed to be (despite the fact that the borg are so easy to defeat, even with the Federation's technology base, but they lack the intelligence, or rather the common sense to see it) that has been refined over thousands of years, the weapons and shields, and propulsion and so forth are thousands of times greater than even the most state of the art federation vessel like the Prometheus, and their electronic warfare technology would be likewise insurmountably superior.

at the very least, be best to give the phasers and torpedoes the same penalties as turbolasers when targeting smaller vessels.

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RazielKanos Author
RazielKanos Jun 18 2008 replied:

Unfortunately this is not possible.
The phasers are created out of hundred single shots, if i make them miss a target, you wouldn't have a single beam, but hundreds of sprayed shots.

Thats why i made it in the original version that phasers can't hit fighters, you need puls phasers to track fighters down.

It will be that way again in Trek Wars 2.0

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Socialist Jul 3 2008 replied:

( detailed analysis of star trek versus star wars from technical information supplied by speculation in the movies (i.e. the death star) and technical information supplied by the books. Naturally, a Galactic Empire would be able to beat a Federation of Planets contained within one small part of one small quadrant of the galaxy.

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Grumpydink Feb 4 2009 replied:


I'd have to disagree with some of your points about Trek tech.

First of all yes we have seen Trek ships missing at point blank range - particularly against Dominion ships. Considering there's a lot more evidence that Trek ships (well Fed ones anyway) can hit other ships from hundreds of thousands of kilometers distant (eg season 4's The Wounded) it seems that Dominion ships alone were particularly good at avoiding Fed fire. The most obvious reason for this would be electronic interferance with Fed target lock - as for why they wouldn't refer to it, well, considering that jamming tech has existed since the 20th century it's probably so commonplace (by the 24th) that it doesn't even merit a mention - everyone has it and they all employ it to varying degrees of success. Also we've seen the Enterprise D dispatch squadrons of fighters with ease - season 5's Conundrum for evidence.

The highest Wars canon paints a pretty poor picture of Wars tech.....Hyperdrive is pretty slow compared to Slipstream and Transwarp, Turbolasers appear to be manually aimed and reloaded and have incredibly limited destructive capability or range (looking at the impact on unshielded ships in the various fight sequences).

I'm not trying to flame anyone here - all in all it's a bit silly to compare the 2 universes since it's not even established if physics works the same way in both universes, making it impossible to compare like with like.

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Azron-stoma Mar 24 2009 replied:

ECM isn't the only issue, if it was vessels wouldn't even bother using evasive maneuvers, and it has been stated that the faster and smaller the craft, the harder it is to lock on to.

Hyperdrive is MUCH faster than slipstream drive, when was the last time you saw slipstream go 100,000 lightyears in a day? never, in fact hyperdrive is anywhere from 10-100x faster than slipstream (depending on the grade) it takes MONTHS to go from one quadrant to the other even in slipstream, while it only takes hours to cross an entire galaxy with hyperdrive.

Turbolasers have a range measured in Light minutes, the Venator for example has a range of around 10, which is equal to nearly 200 million km.

Turbolaser turrets can be automatically targeted or fired manually, however, ECM in star Wars is so advanced that it actually messes with a starships maneuverability, and they can't even tell if a ship's shields are up or down, also while the Federation balk at the idea of manual targeting, the Empire is quite adept at it!

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Azron-stoma Mar 24 2009 replied:

contrary to popular Beleif, you cannot judge the power of an explosion by it's size, only by it's violence, rapidity and the materials involved, starship hulls are not a sign of firepower, since they are invariably made out of exotic minerals with unknown properties,

however, the fact that anti-starfighter point defense guns can Vapourize asteroids (in the true sense I might add, not the disintegration chain reaction that the federation like to use which converts their target into neutrinos.) however, no vessel has ever been seen vapourizing an asteroid in the history of star trek, not even disintegrating it, only fragmentation has ever been observed.

a single shot from just one of the 12 turrets on an Acclamator Dropship carries the same amount of force as 4,000 photon torpedoes! nearly the entire payload of Deep space nine! (200 gigatons a shot as stated in the ATOC:ICS and SW:CCS) and that's using the mid estimates for Photon torpedoes taken from the TNG tech manual, the estimates from episodes such as Pegasus and Rise place it much lower, at a single megaton at best!

only 900 megawatts is required to shoot a Danube class runabout out of the stars (DS9:Battle Lines) while 400 gigawatts is enough to break through the shields of the Enterprise D, A TIE fighter carries a firepower over 33,000 gigawatts.

also, in general, Physics in both universes have been shown to work very similarly, if not identically (ILM does the special effects for both series), and for the purposes of debate, it is also assumed that they do.

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Grumpydink May 4 2009 replied:

Hey there Azron,

Re your points about the power output of Wars ships......There are enormous problems with this if you take Wars cannon hierarchy into account. Fair enough the tech manuals may say one thing but it's invariably contradicted by the movies which essentially trumps the tech manuals in terms of cannon.

Take the famous Empire ISD vaporising the asteroid that scene is quoted adnausium as being a canonical display underlining the firepower if ISD's. Well, there are at least 2 points that erode the validity of any calculations based on that scene....1. It cannot be assumed that what we saw wasn't a chain reaction started by the leading edge of the turbolaser shot, essentially the asteroid may have vaporised itself. 2. It cannot be assumed that the asteroid was solid - it's perfectly feasible that it is a shell, a tiny fraction of it's assumed volume, the knock on effects on the assumed power output of the ISD weaponry being obvious.

Regarding the weaponry range and speed, I don't dispute the range figures you quoted, but the speed that turbolasers move make the 10 light minute range irrelevant. Consider this - there are plenty of scenes in RotJ where we see the heavy TL's firing, the bolts appear to take between .25 and .5 of a second to travel a few kilometres to their target. Taking that out to the 10 light minute range that presumably means that at maximum range a target would need to remain stationary for a few days before being hit. Now compare this with Trek weaponry which can hit targets hundreds of thousands of kilometres distant in around 3-4 seconds.

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tnule Jun 19 2008 says:

quick question, I have federation at war 0.9 running, had to install directly into data folder of FOC to work. is this an enhancement or separate mod? thanks in advance.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Peo01 Jun 19 2008 replied:

it's a seperate mod.
as far as i can tell^^

+1 vote     reply to comment
tnule Jun 20 2008 says:

wonder if anyone can help? just put a huge scratch in my new cd and now it wont load the game. anyone know of a no cd patch for EAW gold pack? Thanks in advance.

+1 vote     reply to comment
tnule Jun 25 2008 says:

never mind guys found one at Gamestop for $16.00.

+1 vote     reply to comment
ChaoticNeutral Jun 26 2008 says:

It is funny when IG-88 uses his disrupt systems ability on fed ships.

It makes the phasers shoot all over the place! :)

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Omega7 Jun 28 2008 says:

I still can not download this or 0.9 for the same reasons. I have the frameworks and petro launcher installed. I'm wondering if this mod dont work for vista?

+1 vote     reply to comment
theropissed Jul 14 2008 replied:

do not use mod launcher.

instead follow my instructions to tnule below.

0 votes     reply to comment
tnule Jul 2 2008 says:

Do you mean cannot download or install? If it won't install, what worked for me was to take the data file from the download, open it, then copy and paste the folders inside directly to the data folder of FOC. Worked for me , great mod.

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theropissed Jul 14 2008 replied:

You dont need to do that.

This is what i did,

i created a mod subfolder, thats what you're suppose to do.

So that way its C:/Program Files/EAWFOCFolder/Mods/TW-Tactic

to make an exe for it just open notepad

then copy this into the blank document:
swfoc MODPATH=Mods\TW-tactic

then save the file as whatevernameyouwant.bat in the name section.

then you're all set, just double click on the .bat and you're ready to go.

just make sure you save the .bat file in the main folder of FOC.

now stop ruining your perectly good game folder.

and pretty much this is the same way you create any shortcut for a mod and how to install most mods for EAW and FOC.

+1 vote     reply to comment
jver422 Nov 29 2008 replied:

i followed you instuctions and it still doesnt work

can some body pls help me

has any one got it to work

+1 vote     reply to comment
Socialist Jul 3 2008 says:

I cant seem to open this file format in WinRAR. Any suggestions?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Socialist Jul 3 2008 says:

WinRAR won't accept the file format.

+1 vote     reply to comment
jaxxa Dec 1 2008 replied: +1 vote     reply to comment
Hunnis Jul 4 2008 says:

i have dowonloaded the file, and i was just wondering, is this a install file or a file that i just to need to put in some where, in that cases where should i put it?

+1 vote     reply to comment
theropissed Jul 14 2008 replied:

follow my instructions above.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nathanius Jul 11 2008 says:

Your're complaining that the Feds are "too good" in this already horribly biased subversion? unbelievable...

+1 vote     reply to comment
theropissed Jul 14 2008 replied:

You need to cool your jets Nathanius, this is not about bitching about who is a fanboy and bias and what not, so please, knock the **** off.

+1 vote     reply to comment
theropissed Jul 14 2008 says:

This is a wonderful mod, i cant tell any differences other than the GC ability and the price/supply of hero units have changed.

other than that its just 0.9, but i would like to see a mix of old and new units, not to mention some non-starwars enemies to fight :) or maybe just some of the older st ships, Constitution and Miranda classes, Ambassador.....

+1 vote     reply to comment
theropissed Jul 18 2008 replied:

would also like to see the NX Class and Ambassador Class and Miranda Classes added to this.....

+1 vote     reply to comment
CommisarHark Aug 7 2008 says:

so are we going to ahve mroe than just federation, in trekwars 2.0?

+1 vote     reply to comment
swanandrew Sep 22 2008 says:

Can anyone tell me in Layman's terms how I'm supposed to get this to work?!

+1 vote     reply to comment
xlucidx Sep 23 2008 says:

There is no mods folder in my FoC directory. :|

+1 vote     reply to comment
General_ONeill Oct 3 2008 replied:

You need to create one then.

+1 vote     reply to comment
General_ONeill Oct 3 2008 says:

An exception occurs when I try the skirmish. Any ideas?

+1 vote     reply to comment
enrico7113 Oct 21 2008 says:

in the other version of the mod I am sure a sovereign would own the excalibur in this version it had been rebalanced :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
enrico7113 Oct 21 2008 says:

now the ISD is a beast to destroy ... it was able alone to put big dents in my level 5 fully upgraded federation starbase !!!while when I attacked with all my units (sovereigns and excaliburs the level 5 empire starbase ... I almost was not able to replace the losses ...

+1 vote     reply to comment
psykill999 Nov 16 2008 says:

when i downloaded the mod all i got was a TW tactic.7z file i made the mod folder and the .bat file and did what u told tnule but it still did not work help please (yes i am a mod nube but trying to learn)

+1 vote     reply to comment
starewars Mar 20 2009 says:

i hate files like this .....
Im not at all a very good mod person -.-

+1 vote     reply to comment
Falatin Mar 26 2009 replied:

Hello, I'll help you with installing the mod.

You have a shortcut on your desktop for the game, right?
Right click on that icon and then left click on "Find target", This will open the main folder that you have your game installed in.
Create a new folder on your desktop and move the "Data" folder that is in your game folder to that new empty folder.
Next you copy and paste or simply move the "Data" folder that you have downloaded, into the game folder.

Start the game and play.

If you want to play the game as before, you still have the original Data folder saved on your desktop. Just switch them back.

You have to unzip/extract the file after download and before installing to your game folder.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Falatin Mar 26 2009 replied:

Hello, I wrote earlier for the new people how to install this mod, where it was just a simple "Data" folder swap. DONT do that.
I was thinking of a different game. Sorry.

Use the petroglyph mod launcher. It works great for this mod.
There are two versions of this Trek Wars mod. The first one is Trek Wars 0.9 and comes all wrapped up and ready to go "with" the petroglyph mod launcher included.The 2nd one is Trek Wars 0.9 Interpretation. The Interpretation mod comes only in a Data folder with no launcher.

So if you install the first 0.9 you will have a "Mod" folder automatically created in your main game folder. That's where you put the 2nd mod. Just move the TW-tactic folder (that has the Data folder) into the mods folder.
Launch the game through the FOC mod launcher shortcut that was automatically created on your desktop.

The name to look for in the mods directory is TW-tactic. TW is the first.

If you already have a mods folder in there, you might want to move it out, then the contents back in to the new mods folder after the install. I didn't know if my other mods would be overwritten. It worked great this way.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Grumpydink May 4 2009 says:

It's also worth adding that I have no idea how far or fast Slipstream can go over a day - it did seem to propel them 10,000 l/y in a few hours so it's not unreasonable to assume 100,000 l/y in under a week is possible.

More importantly though...

Slipstream is unoptimised in the form seen in Voyager - I think it's reasonable to make an assumption that the technology would improve rapidly once the resources of the Federation were put into researching it - in the same way hyperdrive has in the 1000's of years the Wars universe has had it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
obliterator789 May 4 2009 says:

here is my opinion on star wars vs. star trek. Firs off, at the beginning of star wars it says "Long long ago, in a galaxy far far away" my main stress is "LONG LONG AGO" so star wars ships would be way different by the time any of the star trek ships were even close to being thought of. Additionally, all of the star trek ships happen way in the feature, so the technology that star wars would have by then would pwn the star trek ships. Now if star trek ships went back in time to when ISD's would be around, star trek ships would be fighting on equal grounds with the star wars ships.

0 votes     reply to comment
fooby May 17 2009 says:

piz help
downloaded this mod, but when the first splash screen comes up i get excption, how do i fix?

+1 vote     reply to comment
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