Continuing development where Cavedog left off... Total Mayhem includes improved versions of 3rd party units by unitmakers from the last 12 years of modding TA. All units have been bugfixed, most have been remodeled, re-textured and re-rendered to Cavedog standard. The entire game balance has been improved. This is intended to be what Cavedog would have done if they continued to support the game.

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Mar 4th, 2012
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Total Mayhem beta 6.42 includes many improvements, a couple of new units, and a consolidated and greatly simplified install. All units and data is now combined into a single file. Please see the included file and changelog for more info.

***** Changes for beta 6.42 ******** Installer changes: - updated Xpoy's ddraw.dll and totala.ini with additional features (turn +switchalt on, increase sfx limit) and compatibility with Windows XP. - the installer will rename the old versions of totala.ini and ddraw.dll to .dll.old, feel free to back up or delete them*** Bugfixes: - fixed defiler firing animation and restore animation - fixed Core Ravager and Hedgehog F1 unitpics***** Changes for beta 6.41 ******** Installer changes: - Added Xpoy's new dll + totala.ini to download. When you run the installer, will be installed and your existing totala.ini and ddraw.dll renamed to .bak to back them up if you have them. This will unlimit your TA sound and pathfinding, fix alt-tab crashing, along with a bunch of other gameplay features - see this thread for more info: - totala.ini unit limit is set to 1500, feel free to change it if you wish by opening the file. Although you probably don't want a higher number (potential stability issues), you can set it lower. - Changed the filenames back to just ][TOTALM_ - no more version number. This means when you unzip new version you will be asked to overwrite older files, but the plus side is your TA folder won't be cluttered up with older versions of files. - you can delete all the files starting with ][TOTALM64.*** Bugfixes: - fixed game-crashing script bugs with the Arm Terrier and Core Slicer - corrected weapon for Core Defiler - minor appearance fix: moved gangplank origin on Core Gantry so units are built more centrally in the build bay. They should be able to exit the plant faster once they are built also.*** New stuff: - new buildpic for the Core Slicer :)

***** Changes for beta 6.4 ******** Major Changes! - Combined all data into a single rev31.gp3 file. - This simplifies the install, it also simplifies the management of the mod for me. - added units can be disabled by introducing blank unitname.tdf files into a subfolder of your totala folder named "downloads". - AI units can be disabled by introducing edited versions of them into a subfolder of your totala folder named "units" - I can provide these if requested. - All original TA rev31.gp3 data is now included in the file. This increases the file size by about 4Mb. - AI units are now Metal Extractors. They give the AI about 350% the metal income of a regular extractor (just a little bit less than a moho) plus 2 Geos of energy, plus the combined storage of half an Energy and Metal storage unit. The AI will be very much geared to the availability of metal patches on a map, just like a player is. *** Balance - nerfed Commander lasers slightly (~10%) - Core Commanders now take 2 shots to kill a Jeffy or Weasel just like Arm Commanders :P (might still one-shot Jeffies if veteran). - Nerfed Terrier armour - I discovered that despite the low rate of damage, the weapon's fairly large range makes it quite the superior unit, a bit too useful! - Gave the Ravager some love. Its stats now more closely match the Terrier - they are similar vehicles. It lost some speed, but gained some armour. It has better range than the terrier too - but a lower damage rate. Both vehicles are now sitting in a price point about 20-25% lower than Rockos/Storms and Flashes/Gators - although their buildtime is within 10%. - Arm Shocker given its own weapon. Same range as Howie (longer range than standard Mobile artillery but shorter than Merl/Diplomat), similar damage but much slower reload and worse accuracy. Model revamped, bigger feet, better texturing, nicer turret. - Increased cost of both Arm Shocker and Core Howie. - increased costs for hovertanks - they are a bit overpowered! Also reduced speed and movement stats a little - still quicker around obstacles than OTA. Also increased the reload time a little - less damage per second, but they still have a devastating punch when they attack in a... bunch. - increased cost of AA hovers too. Their long range and accuracy makes them deadly in large groups. - reduced range for the overpowered T3 LRPC hovercraft Big John and Tormentor - now more like 2.2k instead of 3k. Also increased energy cost and buildtime, reduced movement stats a little. - Nerfed Drake weapons a bit - primary laser from 1800/burst down to 1500/burst, range from 820 to 780. Rocket reload from 0.85 to 0.9. - Krogoth rockets reload improved to 1.3 (from 1.4) and arm guns range increased to 540 (from 500). - Mobile Fortresses increased cost. - Arm G2 and Cockatrice, Core Smasher and Basilisk - L3 tanks all increased in armour and reduced in cost slightly - Cockatrice's massive lightning weapon increased range (to 750), and tweaked effects - Basilisk doomsday weapon reduced range to 900 - Cockatrice and Basilisk are fairly close in power now - Big John and Tormentor L3 long-range artillery hovercraft - increased cost by about 40%, increased armour by about 20%, reduced range (matching Shiva/Defiler range).*** Bugfixes: - cleaned up Devastator on/off script - fixed Annihilator on/off script - cleaned up hitbyweapon and on/off scripts for all the solar panels and the moho metal makers (including underwater ones, which had been missed out last time) - fixed wont-stop-spinning-radar-dish bug on Core Screamer - Fixed horrible Core Reaver walk script! - Fixed Core Reaver broken AA Missile launcher script! Also minor texture revamp to improve ingame appearance. - Fixed potential (if rare) crashing bug with Shocker death script.*** More improvements - new buildpics for a bunch of units: - Arm Shocker all-terrain mobile artillery - Radeon resurrection vehicle - Terrier Recon vehicle - Dragonfly L2 heavy air transport - Core Reaver L2 Riot Kbot - ARV Assist/Repair Vehicle - Jeager missile truck - Ravager recon vehicle - Shodan L1 heavy laser tank - Falcon L2 heavy air transport - plus OTA units Big Bertha, Intimidator, Buzzsaw, Annihilator and Doomsday Machine - other minor model tweaks - NEW UNITS: Arm Shiva and Core Defiler, mobile rapid-fire long-range cannons (Chassis and legs from TAAN units Arm Crabe and Core Defiler). These multi-legged units replace the bipedal long-range cannon units Arm Peacemaker and Core Crusher. They look awesome but actually have less range than their predecessors for better balance.

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Total Mayhem beta 6.42
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supcomrocks Mar 10 2012 says:

the mirror wasn't working for me, if anyone else has the problem you can also get it here one worked alot better

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