Total Annihilation: Twilight Features: Why should you play Total Annihilation: Twilight? The list below, while certainly not comprehensive, summarizes some of the more notable features. - Original Total Annihilation Feel - Well Balanced Units, Structures, and Overall Gameplay - Great Strategic and Tactical Depth - New Units to Fill Strategic/Tactical Roles - Improved Models - Newly Added Sounds - Errors and Bugs Fixed - Single Player Campaigns Enabled - Balanced Expressly for Multiplayer - AI Built From the Ground Up - Customizable AI Profiles - Multi-Directional Factories - Improved Loading and Unloading for Transports - Nano Turrets and Fortification Turrets - Larger, More "Naval" Feel to Ships - Devastating Nuclear Weapons Worthy of the Name - New Experimental Gantry Units On Both Sides About Total Annihilation: Twilight What is Total Annihilation: Twilight? Put simply, TA:T is an extension of OTA (Original TA), balancing old units and adding in new ones, as might have happened...

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Total Annihilation: Twilight v1.6 has been released!

Total Annihilation: Twilight v1.6 has been released!

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TA:T v1.6 has finally been released. It includes extensive bug fixes and balance changes, as well as four new units: AMAT (Multi-unit Air Transport) Micro...

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