This mod will add three new armies with new features. First is ASI, this faction was spawned by five scientist from the Black Hand which saw after much research, had decided that the best way to ascend is through technology, not Tiberium. Thus creating the first true Artificial Intelligence known to man. The second army will be a monstrous creature army that the Scrin have feared for many years, "The Colony." These creatures will be tiberium infested and will leave nothing left standing. These mindless things also don't know what technology is and they do not use power. They are a sickness that has no cure, but to destroy them... Lastly is Dream 51, an army that is a remainder of the United States government military force.

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Sep 29 2012, 2:53am Anchor

It's a bird! IT'S A PLANE! IT'S A... hover your cursor over the image to find out. :)


Polite feedback is appreciated.

Cheers for looking!

Sep 30 2012, 1:56pm Anchor

Looks like a heavy helicopter style bomber

great design though, better than the air unit designs of EA

Sep 30 2012, 2:38pm Anchor

Gunship? Surgical strike bomber like Terran Banshee from Starcraft 2?
Air Superiority fighter? Stealth ability? It reminds me of the Bat, batman's plane from dark knight rises :D
Weaponry? Does it have dark matter core? Powered by.."dark matter turbo-jet engines"? xd How you will call this unit? It will have two types of changeable armament,the need for reload? (Firehawk) Does it attack both ground and air?
Will it just hover in air,or it will have to fly in rounds like Stormriders,Vertigos?
And of course,do you have some ASI airfield structure type in mind?

Oh,I would like to mention,its a grand masterpiece,that fits ASI perfectly.I almost expected something like "egyptian themed" Dawn of War Necrons flying active Monoliths,or Lich King's Acherus to be ASI air unit,from you. :D

Sep 30 2012, 8:39pm Anchor

Thank you! I'm glade you guys like it, I worked very hard on it. :D It is in fact a gunship, but I'll explain more in the update under the description.

Oct 2 2012, 4:15pm Anchor

mmmmm... well... unrelated to what it is, it just looks fairly badass

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