Project overview: Tiberium Secrets is a total overhaul mod set in a parallel universe that introduces three new factions that can stand in conjunction and potentially independent from the Command and Conquer Tiberium universe. These new factions come complete with diverse units, structures, mechanics, and lore. Players will take command of a shadowy human faction intent on ensuring the survival of its species without concern for red tape or ideologies, a biological experiment turned hunter of their creators, and an artificial intelligence believing itself to be the next evolution of humanity. Vanilla tweaks/changes and content for the original factions will only be produced/released after the new factions are completed, despite any of our documentation, concepts, and lore that we may refer to or show for world building purposes.

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Ideas for ASI Superweapon and Power Grid, and More! (Games : C&C3: Tiberium Wars : Mods : Tiberium Secrets : Forum : ASI : Ideas for ASI Superweapon and Power Grid, and More!) Locked
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Sep 30 2012 Anchor

This post is probably going to be very long and in depth.
I would like to mention some ideas of the giant backbone or the ASI, it's power grid. I mentioned in some of my earlier ideas about asim infantry requiring power. The concept is simple. No matter what, I believe ASI will have an extremely large demand for power. They primarily use electronics and technology. Heavy defenses, power. Infantry units possibly using..power. A super weapon that I will mention later will demand an exceptional amount of, power. I was almost thinking ASI would demand more power than laser general from generals zero hour, because virtually everything is mechanical.

1. Instead of building traditional power plants separately, ASI realizes this could be impractical and possibly a weakness. To combine fusion electricity all in one could triple the power output demanded by the armies technology. In other words, One large power plant would be built. The super weapon I will mention later in the post the ASI figured would require so much power that a single plant will be the only practical way to provide.

A single very tall building is placed as the buildings core, this would be the backbone of the power plant and the most vulnerable. When a player starts, he would place the base of this in the ground. ASI wants to protect its assets efficiently so most of the structure is underground. As a player continues to require power, one builds more structures almost like a tree branch that connect to the structure. After this structure is completely built, it will house small arms defense on the roof, midsection of the structure and ground perimeter of the structure, providing AA defense, as well as unit defense. The armor of this building would be thick, possibly withstanding even a super weapon blast. As the building is destroyed, the building is destroyed from the outside in. As the pieces begin to fall off that provide power, only a single core remains. If this is destroyed, ASI will lose all power and communications. I would like to point out that this structure is a large super structure.
The above not only houses a major power factory, but all of the internet and tech servers buried deep within the ground. This building is crucial in commanding the ASI. It communicates to the terminator soldiers, air craft as well as a deadly accurate strike for its super weapon. It powers the targeting systems of vital organs to the units and basically talks to the entire base, short of being a command structure. In essence, this building would have many different options that could be purchased. Some ideas are..
a. Fibre optics upgrade, Maybe makes building units or structures slightly build faster.
b. Alloy metal defense upgrade, makes all units stronger
c. Efficient target track system, maybe makes pulse lasers more accurate and efficient
Just some general ideas for upgrades.

Now the ASI realizes if all of its enemies were to target this one building, the army would be crippled. So the computers outsmarted the humans. (Sorry colony, I don't know where you fit in this haha!) A sure fire way to not be too over powered but make sure the ASI cant be easily taken off line is to create an off short server center and secondary power plant. This power plant could be placed in any friendlies base. Its simple think of building two command centers and if one gets destroyed you have a backup. Building this secondary power plant with core and tech servers would not provide any extra ample amount of power but would be placed in the event of a super weapon emergency or in the event that ASI needs to power from an off shore area. You would only be able to build one backup server center/power plant to prevent making the ASI invincible. The defense guns on this building would be light to medium, with a short range. Instead of defensive guns, this building could be protected with swarming metal nanites that swarm to the ground and damage infantry or vehicles or the roof swarm could pursue air craft.

2. Hack center. This concept is also simple. The ASI dont really have a desire for tiberium so they said screw trying to come up with technology to harness more tiberium, lets just be more effecient and steal it from our enemies so we can have more resources for technology and we can save them from themselves, and make them weaker by taking their resources. I would like this faction to have a very small, but VERY strong defense hold. Simply looking like a metal cone pointing in the air or a flat rock, this building simply depletes tiberium from the enemy players one at a time. Its up to you guys whether you like the idea of taking a larger sum of money maybe every 2 minutes or so, or a very small constant flow of money like 2 tiberium every few seconds. This building would also have a perimeter alarm so if any enemies approach the building to attack, the player would be warned on the map via triangle highlight on map and warning from game voice (like Hack center under attack). No troops would have to garrison inside as this would be a weakness and flaw in the structure. Its simply a smart server that hacks with a titanium alloy cover. This building would simply have very strong defense like a turtle.

3. Super weapon of ASI
Several things could be considered for a super weapon.

I'm not sure about any building design yet for these super weapons ill probably add that later or let you all decide. I am just thinking about the destructive mechanism.

Idea A: The ASI build a terrain unstabilizer capable of causing extreme shifts of the ground wreaking havoc on buildings and everything on the ground.

Idea B: I love this one. The player could open up a mechanical tunnel anywhere on the map. This tunnel would open above the players base and release hundreds of flying units, slightly larger than a pack of nanites. This swarm of metal could wreak havoc on one area of a base, limited to a perimeter set by the super weapon. They are efficient in destroying any flying unit, ground unit or building below. The reason this is a super weapon is because they are so powerful. After the time duration or the super weapon has worn off say 20 seconds, the flying units simply fall out of the air and die. These small units would be able to fire small pulse lasers at anything. A cool ability before the super weapon is launched would be to be able to toggle between mode A and mode B. Mode A is listed above where hundreds of the same nanite flying and firing unit engage separate targets. (Almost like the scrin planetary assault carrier). Mode B would be where the swarm still comes down out of the sky but all of the flying units form a large strong circle, focusing their power together and engaging a common target. (This option would be better for destroying buildings better where "A mode" would be more practical for wiping out units. Having two toggles would add variety to the player and make ASI a more efficient killer.

Idea C: The command base of the ASI could form an ark beam with the super weapon and the on site power core/tech processor server i mentioned above. Once enough energy harnessed, the player could select 4-7 separate points on the map to attack. The areas affected would roughly be slightly larger than an average building. All factions here a spine chilling robot mechanical noise, and wherever the player selected a temporary ship comes from the map moving at a blur. It roves around the map to the areas selected firing a blistering weapon of hot metal. In other words, this medium size craft is eerie and moves around to the areas selected and all that is seen is the area that gets attacked gets a huge silver metallic looking beam go right in the ground, destroying almost anything below. The thing to make this balanced would be that the target areas are smaller. If one wanted to use it like a traditional super weapon, all the player would have to do is select multiple points in a single base to attack. This will also add variety to the super weapon and ASI. Below is an idea what this ominous ship looks like that appears, destroys and disappears.

Idea D: The ASI found a way to harness the elements of space. They save supplies and use natures element against their enemies. They use a beam to control a large meteor straight into the enemy base, causing enough damage below to destroy flying units and small buildings, and greatly damage everything in its radius.

Every idea suggested is pretty much more efficient than the other factions and that's what makes this army so deadly. Sorry for the long paragraph. Please let me know what everyone is interested in. Thoughts on all ideas are appreciated!

Sorry for double post. Am having trouble getting pictures in my post. Below is an idea for the hack center, only with a polished off look and minus the hole in the roof. I love the concept

Below is the ominous superweapon ship that appears when deployed and destroys multiple parts of an area. I also posted a picture above for another idea but I think I like this one better

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Oct 8 2012 Anchor

i dont like the nanite swarm idea, it lacks the High damage, low time rate of a super-weapon

i do like the cataclysm thingy, as i suggested one alot like it, but i have been hinted that D51 already has such a superweapons, a rocket shot into the surface creating a volcanic explosion and tremors

the last super weapon had a nice unique side on it, which can be used very tacticaly, but on the otherhand, would be hard to quickly use it

the hack thingy, it has already been confirmed that ASI does not use tiberium, but ionizes it for energy

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Oct 9 2012 Anchor

Yeah these are just some ideas to form a good amount of damage a superweapon would cause. The hack center wouldnt use tiberium, rather, it would definately just basically give the player money whether it be through ionizing tiberium, stealing it from players im not too sure but some sort of strong hold to provide resources to the ASI. What do you think of the power grid and back up server center? And if D51 already has such a rocket superweapon, then now is the time for ASI to rise to the occasion and pick one of those cool superweapons to counter act it haha. So you dont think the nanite swarm fits the role? What if it did perform high damage like you are saying.

Does any one have thoughts on the power plant cash center or superweapon concepts?

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