This is a total conversion, having completely brand new textures and unique environments, from dark dingy castles, to dark forests. All new weapons. Its also one of the hardest mods available, so only veteran Duke3d players are recommended to play it.

"I tell you my Brothers and Sisters, the time is among us now!
We must free ourselves of our earthly bonds and make way for our Lord
and Master!" The crowd erupts in cheer, he gradually wills the crowd to
stop and when it does, "But there is a danger in doing this, if we release
the Nightmare, none of us will be safe. We must be sure to release only the
Lord our God out into the world. We must not make a mistake lest he think
we are betraying him, so come with me my brothers and sisters and lets
make amends for the sins our forefathers made." As the night grew dark,
the only sound heard for miles was the incessant cheering of the
lost, but hopeful crowd.

"My Lord, what shall we do with this place?"
"Nothing, there is no way we can save it, however we have found a new place,
a place with bountiful fruits and pleasures. We must take leave of this
vile hovel and press on to greener pastures."
"What if he comes back and wants to take our country again? What shall we
do then?"
"Well, we won't do what we did last time, that's for sure. We can only hope
that Nightmare shall not come again and haunt us in our dreams."

The land was as far as the eye could see. One could reap the
benefits of this land forever and the resources would never run out. Their
eyes were filled with hope as they saw this new found land. The leader of
the small band turned towards his followers and bellowed, "Brothers and
Sisters! This land is Green and fresh, all of our crops will prove Ripe and
in season, the land is Undulating with myriad different colors, the Nights here
will be everlasting bliss, and the Estuaries of the rivers will provide us
endless supply of water. My friends, I name this miracle, Grune!" The roar
of the crowd could be heard miles away where even the gods took notice.

The man turned around as the servant entered the room eager to
commence the conversation. "My liege, there have been rumors of a couple of
deaths where people are found dead in bed as if they died while sleeping."
"Odd, we had rid our land of that vile fetid and left it to die in Ravenscroft.
Could it still be alive?"
"I am sorry my liege, I am not the one who can prognosticate the future.
Shall we ask the seer?"
"No, if word gets out that the king himself goes to see the seer, people will
be alarmed and we will have to call a state emergency. We don't want to cause
wide spread panic. No, we must wait and see how this plays out, and if it
is still alive, not even the gods shall hold power."
The servant, having nothing to say bowed and paid his respects to the
king. He turn around on one foot and headed for the door. He stopped short of
the door to glance towards the emblem above the door frame. He humbled himself
and made the sign of the cross. He then glanced back at the king before he

"Its as if this 'thing' is so obdurate that it even hides from us in
the books of lore!" The mage slammed the book cover and hefted the book
seeking to throw it against the far wall. The king burst in the doors leading
to the grand library and halted the mage. Doing that would have burnt the
book to pieces! "You fool! Don't you know that these books do not like to be
thrown? They would destroy themselves as soon as it even caught hint of us
having no use of it anymore. You fool!" The smacked the mage across the face
thus slamming him to the floor with the force of the blow.
The mage sat up looking directly at the king. He gracefully got up and
bowed. The king, not wanting to hear the palaver of the mage paying his
respects, the king gave the signal to be dismissed and left the room leaving the
doors swinging shut behind him.

The plebeians of the state gathered eagerly outside the castle in the
courtyard with the Forest of Bliss at their backs. The king stood on the
balcony and waited patiently for the incessant cheering to subside. As if to
enhance the moment, he raised his right hand and flipped it underhand and rose
it to the heavens. He shaped his hand as if it were holding a perfect sphere.
The crowd roared louder.
The cheering finally stopped and he ordered a small brief paean to be
said before the speech was to commence. The paean was not just ostentatious
but it was one of the few times the people in Grune were finally whole. All
singing in unison with their king. As the paean finished the king raised his
hands for silence before making his speech.
"My Brothers and Sisters, I have come to you tonight to ask something of
the common people to do a favor for their leader." He waited for the cheering
to die down. "I have put my blood and soul into ruling the kingdom fairly and
to do what is best for the country. But time is not on our side. We have
confirmed that the Nightmare Keeper is back." The crowd arose in uproar as
the mood of the crowd got hostile. The king yelled for quiet before he continued.
"I know it is a shock for you all but we MUST have four of your finest young
seers in training to help our Holy Circle of Royal Seers in helping to open
the gateway to the realm of our Gods." As the night waned, the king was still
on his perch telling his people how exactly they were going to accomplish
getting rid of the Keeper. But he had lost the crowd long ago when he
mentioned the Nightmare Keeper.

The king wept as he laid his head on the ground, kissing it. His
beloved country had fallen. His people, his legacy, gone. The Keeper took it
all. There was nothing left for him to do. In time, he too, would succumb to
the Keeper. He unfolded the special cloth in his wrist bracelet which he once
wore proudly and took the knife in it. He looked up to the heavens and wondered
why the Gods deserted them. The last sound heard in Grune was the flowing of
blood on the ground.

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The Realm of Grune
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The Realm of Grune

The Realm of Grune

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