The End Of Days is a “c&c Generals Zero Hour” mod. It brings to the main game a new faction Russia with new units, special powers, abilities and upgrades. Also it changes all other factions to un believable level by remaking their core units and adding new. Turns the main game play by making it more realistic and fun. To real war feeling! Current version is 0.92 Beta. It is not a final version of the mod. Playable factions are USA, GLA, CHINA and RUSSIA

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Great mod, high quality.

Awesome dude , well done


Very good mod, one of the best!
BUT there are many things you can do to make it better.

1: Nuke-Silo and i mean not the unusing from EA. Create a silo from realistic pics.
2: Change the Petrolbomb to a Nukebomb. I mean, USA is atomic power, this is always forgotten.
3: Carpet bomb with a real bombardment. The default one drops bombs in a line. Better the bombs (make it smaller) falling weadspread.

1: I don't like the yellow color of SU-35. Better in blue.
2: Again no nuke-silo. Why?

1: Dong-Feng is a nuclear weapon, but there is only HE and Napalm. Better a third option for nuclearwarhead. By the way, the vehicle drives strange and the range is to small.
2: Please change the nuke-silo to a better one! The default one from EA is ugly and the missle looks ugly too.
3: It would be very awesome, if you integrate Hwasong-10 (Musudan) and Rodong-1. I know it's from North Korea, but China is Asia and i see no problems to do that.

TEOD can be the best mod of ZH!

Best mod for generals zero hour


admiral1992 says

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azangara says

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SUPER!!! Очень нравится этот мод, лично мое мнение но это самый лучший мод для генералс немного ай слабоват но в целом мод отличный. разные еденицы для фракций и отличный баланс делают этот мод уникальным..))




FernandezCemany says

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Very realistic and cant wait for new update

No.1 mod for Zero Hour. Without any doubt.

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Great mod, high quality.

Dec 3 2016 by CorsicaMafios