The End of Days is realistic mod for c&c Generals-Zero hour. It adds Russian faction with unique tech system allows to player to chose Tactical-Ballistic or Air force or Tank weapon system during game progress. A lot of new units upgrades and special powers.

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It's a nice mod, but, first of all, Rise of the Reds kinda outdoes it already when it comes to a new Russian faction, and second, it's a bit off a mess.

You see, it attempts to be more realistic, and even replaced almost all the unit models with more realistic analogues, even going so far as replacing US Crusader with Stryker IFV and Paladin with Abrams. That would've been nice but, while animations and geometries are good, each faction's units have pretty much identical color palette/texture and many designs are extremely similar (Some long range missle vehicles are very guilty of this), which causes extra confusion, and the retextured infantry is no better, with many types standing out only thanks to their weaponry, which makes everything confusing, especially in the middle of battle. Where ROTR manages to create easily distinguishable designs and even tinny igla, RPG and shmel infantry can be distinguished at a quick glimpse, TEOD overworks with realism.

As for the new Russian faction, it has very quaint buildings but while the air units offered are pretty impressive, most of ground forces are very mediocre or generic, even the mighty spetsnaz feel weak. At least Topol-Ms are present. Voice acting for new Russian units is atrocious, by the way. It's a mix of English lines from I don't know what game and original voice acting that, let's be honest, is just a bunch of Russian highschoolers with terrible intonation reading out stupid, annoying lines.

Finally, there are plenty of typos and interface readability in general is somewhat questionable. So it's really hard to call this mod satisfying despite all the effort put into it.


ncux404 says

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Most realistic mod for Zero Hour.İt includes Russian forces.Also you can find S300 AA Missile System,Tomahawk Launcher,Abrams Tanks etc.

Shortly,I like realistic mods and this is best mod for me...

So great mod!!

GOOD mod

Best ever MOD


Very good mod. The game is look more realistics, new weapons and vehicles make this game a true tactical mod.

Great mod! You had a lot of work id doing this mod. Not yet perfekt, but best ive ever seen. Thank you for your work.


One of the best c&c generals ZH mods, with realistic units and balanced factions. If you are a fan of modern war strategy games, then this is what you're looking for.


azangara says

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SUPER!!! Очень нравится этот мод, лично мое мнение но это самый лучший мод для генералс немного ай слабоват но в целом мод отличный. разные еденицы для фракций и отличный баланс делают этот мод уникальным..))

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