The Dark Times is a Star Wars Battlefront II mod with a heavy single-player focus. It adds many new features to the game, including (but not limited to!) wave modes, randomized units, heroes, and skyboxes, and AI hero support. Its sequel, Rising Son, adds more of the above as well as several new maps and scripted missions.

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Great Mod!

well done, love space battles, really brought fun back into the game!


no flaws whatsoever...
although I prefer the "starkiller" model from the "battlefront project" mod

I loved the campaign in this mod. The class system was greatly improved by having different special classes on different maps. My only problem with this mod is when you have to escort the Mon Cal engineers on the Mon Cal level, they will kill each other if you have FF on.

My Absolute Favorite part of this mod is the Mon Calamari Space map, I have oodles of fun on that map. I recommend playing it with a Flight sim joy stick (I use the Logitech Attack3).

This mod rocks!!! Space Mon Calimari is the best custom mission I've ever seen!

I made an account just to write a review for this mod. I have got to say, it is absolutely amazing. The way you have given luke a pistol and a lightsaber just like he used in ESB I think is a genius idea. Thanks very much for this mod 10/10 easily!!


Amazing gameplay, and a really exciting, challenging campaign mode.

This, along with Ultimate Battlefront: The Clone Wars, is the best mod for Star Wars Battlefront 2 out there. If you have a copy of the game, get this mod. Just get it. No excuses, get this mod. The gameplay, the graphics, everything about this mod is spot-on, and on par, if not better, than the original game.

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