The Ancient Age is a Total Conversion Mod for Age Of Empires III TAD about the Ancient Times, which will be made by Tilanus Commodor, Ca Putt & others. Almost everyone of us started just with a minor basic knowledge. The Ancient Age is not an Age Of Mythology or Age Of Empires I Remake. Nevertheless the Age Of Empires Series is among other RTS-Games a true inspiration for us. It is our aim to include five new civilisations: The Carthaginians, Celts, Hellenes, Persians and Romans. Besides we are willed to develop an unique gameplay, which will be a good contrast to other mods and the original game. This includes for example a new building & unit system. Since the modification plays in a completely different age you can expect a lot of new material. More details will be revealed when the time is better, but for now we better go back to work - in silence.

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