Hi my name is itay and i like this site because of the community that sharing amazing mods and games but i hate trolls and crazy terrorists YEAH GUYS PALASTINE NEVER EXISTED

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0 comments by EITY10 on Dec 27th, 2013

Let's bust any claims they have in this video:Youtube.com
1. I just gotta state this - I didn't believe anyone can use that much ad hominem.

2. Yes, Herodotus did call the land of Israel, "Palestine", but not the entire land of Israel - he called Palestine only the southern part which was invaded and controlled by the Philistines (by the way, the Philistines are originally Hellenic - Greek) - controlled by them in ancient times (long before Herodotus). Yet, the name "Palestine" was not used officially by any Greek authority. The Seleucids and the Ptolemaics (successors of Alexander the Great), both called this region IOUDAIA - which mean Judea - the land of the Jews.

3. Her beloved Qur'an says specifically that the book of books, the old testament is correct - thus, the Jews were there before. The Qur'an itself calls the Jews "Ahl Al-Kitab" (أهل الكتاب) - the people of the book, the old testament. 

4. Jewish presence in the land of Israel, the name Israel and the name of Judea and Jews is older than her precious "430 BC". The name "Israel" goes back to 1213 BC, yup, a 1000 years older.

5. But, as the name "Palestine" was not the official name used by the Greeks - it also wasn't the official name used by the Romans. During the time of Jesus, Bethlehem was in the province of, no other than, JUDEA (PROVINCIA IUDÆA). Jesus was a Jew - by blood and by soil.

6. After the 2nd Jewish revolt against the Romans (yes, a second one before the name "Palestine" ever used) which ended in 136 AD, Roman Emperor Hadrian unified the province of Judea with the province of Syria to a province he called "Syria-Palaestina" (Syria-Palestine). This was the first usage of the name of "Palestine" on a territory. 
But Hadrian did not only do that - he exiled 90% of the Jews in the land of Israel (now renamed Palestine).
He changed the name to ERASE and ERADICATE Jewish connection to the land of Israel by giving it the name of the Jews' enemies - the Philistines - Hellenic invaders.

7. Even after the beginning of the Jewish diaspora there were TWO revolts against Byzantine rule. Yes, TWO JEWISH REVOLTS. Where is the native "Palestinian" revolt?

8. During the diaspora, when Jews were kicked from every place in Europe, the Europeans used to justify their acts by saying that Jews do not belong in Europe - they belong in Palestine (they were right, by the way). The German philosopher, Emmanuel Kant called the Jews in Europe "...the Palestinians among us". The Jews ARE the Palestinians. No Arab is a Palestinian.

9. During the Arab imperialist conquest through Islam, they occupied and continue to occupy ALL of the Middle East - within it is the land of Israel - which they called "Falasteen" (because they can't pronounce the letter P, only F). The Arabs, not only occupy the Jewish land of Israel/Palestine, they also occupy the land of the Assyrians (in Iraq, Syria and Kuwait), the land of the Copts (descendants of the ancient Egyptians in Egypt), the land of the Berbers (in entire North Africa), the land of the Maronites (the descendants of the Phoenicians in Lebanon) and the land of the Nubians (in Sudan). And she dares call the Zionists "Imperialists".. sheesh.

10. The Arabs in "Palestine" itself did not identify themselves as Palestinians - but as Syrians. The "father of Palestinian Nationalism", Awni Abd Al-Hadi, said to the Peel Commission thus: "There is no such country [as Palestine].... Palestine is a term the Zionists invented.... Our country was for centuries part of Syria." Then yes, Dana Dajani, I am telling you that you are not a Palestinian and you never were - because your people say so.

11. Ariel Sharon does have, in his birth location (and so does Yitzhak Rabin), the name "Palestine" - the British Mandate of Palestine - not the "State of Palestine". The British Mandate of Palestine was a league of nations (then UN) mandate given to the British for the duty of "establishment of a national home for the Jewish people". Note - not for the "Arab" or "Palestinian" people. The British Mandate was not Palestinian, it was British controlled aimed for Jewish independence in the land of Israel.
The British themselves did not call a single Arab, "Palestinian". Instead, they called the Jews in Israel, "Palestinians".

12. First, Begin was not Prime Minister of Israel during the Six-Day War, Begin was PM from 1977 to 1983 (two terms). During the Six-Day War the PM was Levi Eshkol. If you looked at the sophisticated and complex tool of... WIKIPEDIA, you could have known that.
And yes, Israel did strike Egypt first - but Jordan attacked Israel without Israel even saying or doing anything that threatened Jordan. Same thing did Syria. 

13. Let's go back a little, before the Six-Day War - between the Israeli Independence War (ended in 1949) to the Six-Day War (in 1967), there was a period of 18 years of Jordanian and Egyptian control over the WEST BANK, the GAZA STRIP and EAST JERUSALEM. In that period of time a Palestinian state, first ever, could have been created - but was not, because the Palestinians only appeared as a semi-separated Arab nationality in the 1960s.

14. The Palestinians, like any other Arab "people" are ARAB (and they say so in the video). The Arabs, get your head around this, come from ARABIA. That is why Arabs are called Arabs. Jews, on the other hand, come from JUDEA. That is why Jews are called Jews. If "Palestinians" are so not Arab and are the direct descendants of the Philistines.. well... you can go back to the homeland of the Philistines - GREECE.

15. The "caricatures" in the video show two things - the Jordanian Army (in a Kaffiyeh, army uniform and a rifle) - for the cartoon, it's only the Jordanians to blame (3.bp.blogspot.comRoyaltyinthenews.comPattybrdarphoto.com
The second "caricature" is an 18-century OTTOMAN Pasha (see Muhammad Ali PashaUpload.wikimedia.org).

16. If you want to talk about hateful caricatures, I can present several from current main-stream Arab newspapers: 

This video is hypocritical, full of lies, bigotry and ignorance. 

Thank you and please share.



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Happy Pessah (or however its written) for you!

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It's passover but thanks!!!

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Turkish007 Apr 15 2014, 12:30pm replied:

Well we know it here as Pessah, weird :D But anyways, the spelling is not the point LOL

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Nice to meet!

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Hee hee I have seen you around. :P

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