1399-1899. 95%+ of vanilla is improved. Whole world changes with a dynamic, non-deterministic structure. more than 4 years of development with the same Mod founder (Darken). Historical starts, Truth in history, Optional cheats, Nation creation aids/improvements, Rebellion Improvements (makes much more sense and plausibility), More Nations, Vanilla Fixes and improvements, Extensive Game Balancing, New events, New Graphics, New religions, New Trade Goods, Custom in-game settings, Improved dynamic EU3 feeling, New provinces, less wasteland, Complete MP or SP compatibility, 100% vanilla events improved, New missions, New decisions, New Spy missions, Overhauled Navy, Less Annoyance, Much Better AI, More difficulty levels, Idea tech slider, Includes other mods, Vast amounts of cross referencing between events, missions, and decisions. This list could go on for a long time.

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Oct 24th, 2009
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Terra Nova mod version9.58(INx 3.1 only - from filefront) is released!

this version should work with 3.2 beta patch but there will probably be a few small bugs or issues because I havent even done more than look at patch 3.2 beta

savegame compatible with all 9.xx TN version.

This version has some important balance changes and bug fixes:

version 9.58:

-removed persian core from herat province as Persia is meant to be a creatable nation in TN mod. added Persian cores in the province history files (most were around year 1500).
-HR Emperor can now add provinces to the HRE. Nations will have thier provinces leave the empire slightly more often.
-Japan's Onin War event will now only scede Japanese provinces. this will allow the player to conquer some of Japan before this event fires.
-Ryuko (however you spell it) and any other Japanese culture can now form Japan if it does not exist.
-fixed a CTD if Japan was at war and then got the sengoku Onin War event (because Japan would cease to exist).
-changed the latin naming of the Missionary Society events to the english 'Missionary Society'.
-most ideas now have two effects (positive).
-being completedly blockaded now gives 0.02 war exhaustion (was 0.03) and being completely occupied now gives 0.02 WE (was 0.01).
-fixed some zero manpower and no tradegood provinces reported by fuzzbug.
-fixed a TN bug in the close foriegn trade decision.
-fixed a typo in some AI event code reported by battlecry.
-added 'sphere of influence' modifiers for formable nations into the provincial conquest (annex) event that will make the event happen slightly sooner if it is in a historic location with a historic nation.
-french provinces will take 3 times as long to join the HRE (quicker to leave also). Badboy and Prestige are now modifiers for how long it takes for a province to leave or join the HRE. German region provinces will join the HRE quicker and leave less often (slight change only). Non-german region provinces will join less often and leave sooner (slight change only).
-fixed a bug in enemy province annexation event that allowed the annexation of a non-nieghboring province.
-added the artiller upgrade enabling modifications to the common/countries files made by CatKnight.
-houfnice is now availabe at land level 6 and all other artillery is spread out better with flying batter still at land 53.
-sultanate of durfur is now called Durfur.
-Sardinia-Piedmont is now a creatable TN nation via event (like all other formations in TN).
-catholic religion now only gives +0.5 colonists per year instead of 1.0. other christian religions were reduced also. This was because 1.0 is too high and now there will be more reason to get the colonial ventures idea (which now only has 0.5 colonists instead of 1.0). colony growth still allows for decent colony expansion.
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Terra Nova mod 9.58
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