Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth 1.15 New Release A Historical 16th century mainland Southeast Asia Mod By Rasiya Team

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Once in a while a mount and blade mod comes along that perfectly illustrates the time period/setting. Brytenwalda, Gekokujo, Anno Domini and many others come to mind when fondly thinking of these great adaptions. SM (I cant pronounce nor memorize the name) may not yet be as exstensive as those masterpeices however ill be damned if it isnt one of the best and most interesting mods ive ever played. In this modern mount and blade modding age of half baked mods that just put a ****** reskin on native and mods that are run by tyrannical ******* developers the Raisya team shines as one of the few examples of the spark that the modding community still has. The effort put into the research, items, factions, etc is almost unparrelelled to other mods. I am proud as a member of the small and tightly nit mount and blade community that this mod is a shining example at this communities ability to portray complex settings in such a low tech engine. Keep up the good work Raisya and i wish you the utter best!

Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth (The name is open in another tab, so I'm pretty sure I spelled that right) is the kind of mod that immediately reflects the effort put into it. It's a completely original setting, to my knowledge, with an enormous amount of effort put into it's historical authenticity and aesthetic feeling.
The custom textures and models are of a surprisingly high quality. Every every city in the mod has an original layout, and every village and town has a completely different aesthetic when you walk into them. The only complaint that I have in this area is the strange bulkiness of some of the armors, specifically the iron plate armor. I realize that it's supposed to look thick, but it's more reminiscent of a fat suit than any armor I've seen. In my opinion, anyway.
The sound assets, on the other hand, are disappointingly sparse within the mod. Music is entirely nonexistent, and when guns are fired, the impacts will echo constantly until the battle is over. This is, sadly, very game-breaking, and I hope to see it fixed in the near future.
Lastly, the campaign and dialogue options are left widely untouched within the mod. It's strange when the opening screen for single player references medieval Europe, and then proceeds to drop you into colonial Siam. To this effect, many different Siamese lords and Sultans will give you quests that feel very much attached to medieval Europe. This is not game-breaking, per say, but it could certainly be improved with the addition of a few, more Siam-specific quests.

In conclusion, Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth is a beautiful mod that is, as of right now (Following release of 1.1, update 2), plagued with assorted bugs and inconsistencies. However, for it's obvious potential and constant improvement, I'm giving this mod a 9/10

Maybe don't download it right now, but in a few releases, this will be a definite must-play.


I review mods in uniqueness, and this mod holds its own in that line, lets start with location, its a mod that takes place in south east Asia, that's a very unique and different setting, already in its league of its own, and all of the factions are unique and many other features ranging from the terrain to the weapons, armor and other items, awesome mod, 10/10!


verry good =D

Impressive work on clothers and armors ...................................... ....................................... ....................................... ..........................................


This era of South Asian history of about 200 years is astonishing because it's almost like the jam-packed version of European history to this point. Almost every state had it's own religion (sometimes two), own culture, own language, own specialties and if the Portuguese came over to rule they found instead they just added to the mess. As a summary:

What I liked
- Large landmass, varied geography. Some cities are placed near bridges as was in real life to cut off access while at war.
-The tournament system is a good balance of difficulty.
- Cavalry has strong charge but thanks to the geography your going to have to think.
- Lots of non-aligned parties.

What I don't Like.
- You can't go to Indonesia :(
- No Gun practice at the training camp.
- Portuguese crossbowmen are imbalanced.


Most beautiful and bug free mod I've ever played. Lots of powerful new weapons, but still very well balanced. Troop trees are all diverse and amazing, companions actually start with skill points that reflect their backgrounds, and there are new creative features like traveling salesmen that provide skill training in addition to high level gear. Love it!

Never in my life would I have thought that the South East Asian region would have such a rich and interesting history.

I feel somewhat ashamed that I have more knowledgeable information about European history than I do about the history of my own country and its role in the history of this region.

The mod itself has come a long way since I last played it (1.1 I believe?) and now the amount of features and improvements in the latest version truly brings it on almost the same level as Gekokujo and Brytenwalda.

Many respects to the mod authors, for I really wish that I could donate to them for the amount of work that went into this mod.

An AMAZING MOD. Very well made and with an eye to detail. Don't worry if you are "not interested in the time period/culture", you WILL be. South East Asia is fascinating. Think Sandokan's great grandparents.

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