Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth 1.15 New Release A Historical 16th century mainland Southeast Asia Mod By Rasiya Team

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soundtrack makes me cri beyond belief while Conquistadors halberd each other to death while bullets whistle next to your face. I recommend this to anyone with a civilized background

This is probably the most fun I've had playing a Warband mod, and the mod's not even finished yet. The sound effects are a little weird, the animations are a little weird sometimes, and there are a few rare bugs, but the gameplay and overall atmosphere are great. The troop trees are varied (if a bit small for some nations), the campaign map is big, the scenes look much better than vanilla, and the combat itself accepts the addition of firearms quite well due to some rebalancing, though I think that the item prices themselves need some more rebalancing work, for a still-incomplete mod, these problems are minor, and once they're fixed it'll feel even better to see the change.

This is a very nice mod which very accurately portrays South East Asian history. This mod allows me to play as any of the South East Asian states and allows me to join in the armies of great Kings with the freelancer mod. It is also extremely accurate, right down to every lord.

Lots of colours, lots of units, lots of weapons, armours and so on, very enjoyable mix of gunpowder and bows.
Best mod I've ever played, cant' wait for the 1.2.

You can ride an elephant and shoot a cannon from its back!

it's really a very good mod what do you want me to say, very realistic and even when it's not fully done it has quite unique things and very little bugs.

This might be the underdog mod that not as many people notice, but this mod is actually one of the best mods out there. I can't fault this mod on any areas, because I would say its as perfect as it needs to be.

A fun Mod, which provided me atleast 60 Hours Great Fun.

Mod is amazing and you can really tell the amount of effort put into this one very good job guys!!

Very well-researched and authentic world. It looks amazing and it's also fun. I'm clearly biased as someone from Southeast Asia (though I'm from island SEA, which isn't part of this mod). However, the history of the region in general is very underrated in media, especially video games, so it is great to see a mod for M&B Warband that does mainland Southeast Asia justice. Will we be seeing island SEA in the future? ;)

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