It's a weapons/npc/items/critters/maps/scripts/dial ogues/fixes/car mod. All in one. The main idea is: you can go through the whole game using only one class of weapons. If you want to use energy weapons only, now you can. If you want to go through the game with a melee character, just go ahead! The weapons and their parameters are changed, and you'll find more powerful weapons of every class as you go further and further through the game. The game is NOT so well balanced (it was hard to make it perfect), so you might find big guns very powerful, but don't forget they need many action points to be used. Melee weapons are not so strong, but they require less action points etc... There are some moments during the game, where scripts give you weapon/equipment/items etc. depending on your skills. Some shopkeepers will sell you nice equipment if you pass weapon class skill check (e.g. if you have 125% or more of energy weapons skill, a shopkeeper will sell you a big-bad-mo-fo...

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Survivor MOD in French!

Survivor MOD in French!

News 4 comments

Some short news for today: 1) Fallout2: Survivor MOD has been updated to version 1.02c 2) French localisation patch RELEASED (thanks to Bewaltz) 3) French...

Fallout2: Survivor MOD in RUSSIAN!


As the title says, the Survivor MOD is translated into Russian. Translation made by ANDREY "MALKOM". For more info check out the homepage or...

Survivor2 MOD announced! New forum started!


As you maybe already have read on the homepage of the Survivor MOD, there comes the 2nd sequel of this mod for Fallout2! Everything is still in the concept...

Fallout2: patch 1.02 released!

News 3 comments

VER.1.02 FIXES -------------------------------- -If you kill Jo (Modoc), his merchandise keeps spawning in the bookcase -> FIXED! -> No more spawning...

Fallout2 Survivor MOD 1.01a patch released and Survivor MOD forum started!


Here's the latest patch for the Survivor MOD. The patch can be downloaded on the HOMEPAGE. VER.1.01a Three dialogues fixed (Rebecca - Den, Smitty...

Fallout 2: Survivor MOD released!

News 6 comments

It's a weapons, npc, items, critters, maps, scripts, dialogues, fixes, car mod. All in one. Short info: -Whole game can be won using only one...

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