hi everybody and welcome to Earth at war. This mod this mod is based of a massive war between the intergalactic empire, the Earth alliance and the Black hole pirates. The music is already done right now and we're now doing the modelling and the coding, however, we still need a rigger and a skinner and an additional modeller or coder would be welcome too.

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First progress update in 2012 :) we're going to get thing rolling and I'm hoping to get out of this phase of the development next month. (This doesn't mean you'll get a release next month). We've established a fleet Chorussystem for the factions those'll be explained below:

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In vanilla FOC you had 4 fighter/bombers
3 corvettes,
3 frigates,
1 capital,
and the Empire had a super.

In this mod each faction has:
2 Fighters (Good against other fighters and bombers and unshielded frigates)
2 Bombers (Good against frigates and cruisers)
2 Elite fighters (Good against fighters, bombers and corvettes)
2 Elite bombers (Good against fighters, bombers, capitals and supers)
2 corvettes (Good against fighters and bombers)
2 Frigates (Good against corvettes)
3 Cruisers (Good against frigates and light capitals)
2 Capitals (Good against frigates and other capitals)
1 Super (Good against everything except elite bombers and artillery)

Around the battlefield you'll also encounter build satalites, from those you can build 2 stations: A shipyard station for advanced units and a defence station (Heavily armed can easily take down larger ships. In GC they'll also spawn a bunch of units) In GC you'll have satalites where you can build turrets, the stations are build from the Galaxy screen. (You can have only one station per planet so choose whisely)

Instead of 5 tech levels we'll feature 5 phases of the 'Earth wars'
Each phase features the buildables from above but they improve. There are no longer tech upgrades in the mod, you can do research to get new units or improve ones you already have. To advance to the next phase you must hunt down and defeat the enemy faction leaders; those are:
Earth Alliance:
Phase 1: Barrack Obama
Phase 2: Michael
Phase 3: Sean
Phase 4: The Gunslinger
Phase 5*: Megavin

Intergalactic empire:
Phase 1: Emperor Corus
Phase 2: Emperor Jonathan
Phase 3: Emperor Klingon
Phase 4: Emperor Kribs
Phase 5*: Emperor Samuel

Black hole Pirates:
Phase 1: Dark Lord Ansem
Phase 2: Darth Ultimelus
Phase 3: The Dark Emperor
Phase 4: Lord of Darkness
Phase 5*: Xelvin

*In phase 5 the Earth Alliance and the Intergalactic Empire team up to defeat the Black hole Pirates

Here's the explanation of the phases:
Phase 1 (Discovery): The Earth Alliance and Intergalactic Empire explore the Galaxy while fighting which each other. (The Black Hole Pirates will also attack you)
Phase 2 (Call to arms): Natives will join the factions so you can also produce their ships.
Phase 3 (Mobilisation): The Earth Alliance and the Intergalactic empire upgrade their weapons to heavier lasers and Start building fearsome Dreadnoughts.
Phase 4 (Mass Destruction): The factions deploy their new Dreadnoughts with enough fireplanets to whipe out entire planets
Phase 5 (The ending): The Earth Alliance and Intergalactic Empire team up to defeat the Black Hole Pirates while the Chosen Ones lead the factions.

This was the news update for January, have a nice day.



Nice Update, cant wait for what is in store.

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Nice i like it alot

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