The Star Wars Battlefront Republic Commando Mod is a side mod for SWBF II.
This mod contains completly new Unit types, weapons, sounds, streams and the RC HUD we all know from the original game.
Enjoy a complete new Battlefront feeling with this side mod.


- reworked and new cis units and weapons
- Republic Commando units for the republic with their weapons
- first person HUD for the commandos the way we know it from SWRC
- RC background music
- new saber combo
- redesigned SWBF II menu
- Galactic Conquest
- new first person animations
- and much more...


Q: Only the interface changes, but there is no mod.
A: Make sure you installed the unofficial v1.3 patch:

Q: I have the BF1 Maps, but there is no rc era available.
A: Only Marvel4's conversion is supported:

Q: There are no fonts at the pause menu.
A: Make sure you installed the userscript the way it is explained in the ReadMe_us.txt file.

You have an other problem?
Feel free to contact me:
Or visit my threads on Gametoast:
Release -


This Side Mod will also change your menu interface. If you don't like it you can remove it by deleting/renameing/replacing the rcm\data\_LVL_PC\shell\rc_interface_shell.lvl file.

RCM Side mod - Put the rcm folder in your ..\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon\ folder.
BF1 Map support - Put the zrc folder in your ..\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon\ folder.
Galactic Conquest - Put the custom_gc_x file in your ..\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\data\_LVL_PC\ folder
User Script - Put the user_script_x file in your ..\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\data\_LVL_PC\ folder.

For more information look in the ReadMe files included in the download.

Remove the rcm folder from your ..\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon\ folder.
Remove the ZRC folder from your ..\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon\ folder.
Remove the custom_gc_x file from your ..\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\data\_LVL_PC\ folder.
Remove the user_script_x file from your ..\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\data\_LVL_PC\ folder.

V1.4 changelog:

- fakeconsole enabled

V1.3 changelog:
- galactic conquest
- CTF missions (Death Star, Polis Massa, Tantive IV)
- TDM missions (Coruscant, Death Star, Geonosis, Jabba's Palace,Kamino, Kashyyyk, Mos Eisley, Mustafar, Naboo, Tantive IV)
- Marvel4's BF1 Conversion Pack (1.1) support
- space maps support
- added new pilot class
- added new airborn class
- new pistol fp animation
- new sbd hit 3p animation
- vibro attack value improvments
- z-6: add ammo, new weapon model, new spread
- e-web new firesound, more damage
- e-staff: reduce push
- sonic rifle/pistol: reduce shake
- blunderbuss: reduce push, more damage
- geo wing animation: fixed one frame, swapped animation
- magnaguard slown down
- custom FPMs for republic space fighters
- remove trando sprint blur
- arc170 with 3 positions
- snowspeeder new FPMs
- HUD icon fix for vehicles
- add helmet for mandos
- fixed personal and career screen

V1.2 changelog:
- scripting bug to get v1.1 working

V1.1 changelog:
- HUD support for all resolutions
- integrate vehicle weapon icons into the new HUD
- acp shotgun faster reload
- z6 more damage, less spread/KickStrength, faster warm up, not heat, new model, new HUD icon
- AT-TE floating icon fix
- add glow to backpacks

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Fakeconsole fix

News 3 comments

Hello everyone,

you told me you miss the fakeconsole for RC. I removed it because there where no visible text after i removed the stock font for the custom HUD. But now i think i found a way to fix that. If it works i'll do some more little optical correction and than you'll get the fix as soon as possible.

For more information visit my WIP Thread on Gametoast

best regards


Integration bug fix

Integration bug fix


Old integration pack lite crashed the game. Fixed now!

RCM Galactic Conquest patch

RCM Galactic Conquest patch

News 1 comment

I released the Galactic Conquest patch and integrated it in the RCM full version.

RCM v1.3 release is comming

RCM v1.3 release is comming

News 6 comments

Presumably this weekend i'll upload the new version of this mod. It will be the final release.

Update V1.3

Update V1.3

News 2 comments

I just wanted to inform you that the release will take some more time

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Kam TDM Fix

Kam TDM Fix

Singleplayer Map 7 comments

There was a problem with Kamino TDM. You are not able to spawn. This is a quick fix. So you can now start, but it's not a perfect fix. Maybe there will...

RCM commando patch

RCM commando patch

Models Pack 9 comments

Since the copyright rules from gametoast changed, i'm now allowed to release the original RC models from SWRC that i've already used for my private installation...



Full Version 66 comments

You want it? You get it! After many people asked me for the fakeconsole i decided to find a solution for the Bug. And here it is. The description textes...

RCM sound patch

RCM sound patch

Language Sounds 3 comments

There were so many asking for English voice streams. Here they are. You need to replace the old sound lvl with this new one. Please read the ReadMe for...

RCM Integration Pack v1.3 lite

RCM Integration Pack v1.3 lite

Players Model

>>DEV ONLY<< This is the Integration Pack with the new feature that came with rcm v1.3

RCM GC patch 1.3.1

RCM GC patch 1.3.1

Prefabs 1 comment

You'll only need this if you have problems with the GC and are not using the updated v1.3.1 Version

Comments  (0 - 10 of 370)

so what all files do i have to download to make this mod run properly? (asking before i download)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
[GT]Anakin Creator

1.4 and the Kamino TDM fix from the addons.
Further you can install the sound patch if you prefer the english voice overs.
the RCM Commando patch is optional as well and changes the custom RC with the original once from the old SWRC game.

But why don't you simply read the descriptions? Further, the latest files are all pined to this main page.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

i did read the descriptions. but as i'm new to pc gaming i didn't know if any of the other files were required to use the 1.4 file.
great mod by the way.makes an old fav worth playing again.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
[GT]Anakin Creator

Well, so i should change the descriptions maybe :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Nice mod I love it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Whats with the really ****** underhand grenade throws? I can't effectively use a grenade if it only goes like 20 feet.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
[GT]Anakin Creator

I have no idea what you mean

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Majority of the time, whenever i throw a grenade its an underhand throw like you're playing catch with your dad and it doesn't go as far as a normal overhand throw. Do you not get that? The only mods i have are the Clone Wars Era mod, this mod and the unofficial patches. I was playing galactic conquest on Naboo as the normal commando and he threw overhand, but then i went to instant action Kamino and he did underhand. Just before that match in galactic conquest i did one in Mygeeto and he did underhand throws there too. Other commandos are affected by this too, like the Heavy gunner and the Sniper.

If you want I can record a few Gifs and show you what I'm talking about

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
[GT]Anakin Creator

no need. you didn't played a lot of SWBF2 mods, so you don't know the basic usage of grenades. In many mods grenades are chargeable. As far as i remember there are 4 level for charging the grenade. just hold the button and you'll see the little text with the name of the current grenade blinking. It'll blink up to 4 times. each blink mean one level up. With each level the commando will throw the grenade stronger. First level is really low so it's like you said a kind of catch for nearby enemies.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Wow never heard of that, thanks a lot dude, really appreciate it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
[GT]Anakin Creator

well there are other combos as well. For example 3 left 1 right klick and the magna guard will do an kind of ground smash.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Whaaaaaaat! Man, you learn something new everyday. Thanks for the info man.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
[GT]Anakin Creator

you're welcome :D

It's the same combo, that the Dark Times mod uses.
Btw the default Darth Maul has an "hidden" attack as well. klick, klick and in the right moment hold left and he will swing the sword over his head ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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This is a great Mod. The characters are Fantastic, very well done, (I personally loved what was done with the jetpack), the songs are very good, really me of the feeling of playing a game of Commandos. THE HUD's, my friend, you overcame any hud I had already seen in that game, beautifully crafted, menus, loading screens, everything is great. I just think the mod misses a little in balancing the Cis are numerous compared to the Republic, but I managed to beat them all times I played with the republic…

Jan 18 2015 by 15Cyber

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