The Star Wars Battlefront Republic Commando Mod is a side mod for SWBF II.
This mod contains completly new Unit types, weapons, sounds, streams and the RC HUD we all know from the original game.
Enjoy a complete new Battlefront feeling with this side mod.


- reworked and new cis units and weapons
- Republic Commando units for the republic with their weapons
- first person HUD for the commandos the way we know it from SWRC
- RC background music
- new saber combo
- redesigned SWBF II menu
- Galactic Conquest
- new first person animations
- and much more...


Q: Only the interface changes, but there is no mod.
A: Make sure you installed the unofficial v1.3 patch:

Q: I have the BF1 Maps, but there is no rc era available.
A: Only Marvel4's conversion is supported:

Q: There are no fonts at the pause menu.
A: Make sure you installed the userscript the way it is explained in the ReadMe_us.txt file.

Q: The installer does not work.
A: Make sure you installed the unofficial v1.3 patch:

You have an other problem?
Feel free to contact me:
Or visit my threads on Gametoast:
Release -


This Side Mod will also change your menu interface. If you don't like it you can remove it by deleting/renameing/replacing the rcm\data\_LVL_PC\shell\rc_interface_shell.lvl file.

run the installer

older version:
RCM Side mod - Put the rcm folder in your ..\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon\ folder.
BF1 Map support - Put the zrc folder in your ..\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon\ folder.
Galactic Conquest - Put the custom_gc_x file in your ..\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\data\_LVL_PC\ folder
User Script - Put the user_script_x file in your ..\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\data\_LVL_PC\ folder.

For more information look in the ReadMe files included in the download.

run the uninstaller. Make sure to remove the gc and user scripts from the ..\data\_LVL_PC folder on your own.

older version:
Remove the rcm folder from your ..\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon\ folder.
Remove the ZRC folder from your ..\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon\ folder.
Remove the custom_gc_x file from your ..\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\data\_LVL_PC\ folder.
Remove the user_script_x file from your ..\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\data\_LVL_PC\ folder.

V1.5 changelog:
- new and more detailed rc units
- new mandalorian unit
- kamino tdm bug fix
- using font manger mod to fully support native textes
- installer

V1.4 changelog:

- fakeconsole enabled

V1.3 changelog:
- galactic conquest
- CTF missions (Death Star, Polis Massa, Tantive IV)
- TDM missions (Coruscant, Death Star, Geonosis, Jabba's Palace,Kamino, Kashyyyk, Mos Eisley, Mustafar, Naboo, Tantive IV)
- Marvel4's BF1 Conversion Pack (1.1) support
- space maps support
- added new pilot class
- added new airborn class
- new pistol fp animation
- new sbd hit 3p animation
- vibro attack value improvments
- z-6: add ammo, new weapon model, new spread
- e-web new firesound, more damage
- e-staff: reduce push
- sonic rifle/pistol: reduce shake
- blunderbuss: reduce push, more damage
- geo wing animation: fixed one frame, swapped animation
- magnaguard slown down
- custom FPMs for republic space fighters
- remove trando sprint blur
- arc170 with 3 positions
- snowspeeder new FPMs
- HUD icon fix for vehicles
- add helmet for mandos
- fixed personal and career screen

V1.2 changelog:
- scripting bug to get v1.1 working

V1.1 changelog:
- HUD support for all resolutions
- integrate vehicle weapon icons into the new HUD
- acp shotgun faster reload
- z6 more damage, less spread/KickStrength, faster warm up, not heat, new model, new HUD icon
- AT-TE floating icon fix
- add glow to backpacks

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RSS Articles


there is a new version of Republic Commando side mod coming within the next days. The old version is not compatible with the new Remaster version v1.3 that will be released at the same time. Please be aware that the new version is ONLY compatible with Remaster v1.3.

Main changes within the update:
- Usage of Remaster's galactic conquest script. Make sure you read the readme about how to install the GC script

- improved HUD for FullHD resolution, 16:9 4:3 and 16:10 formats are supported

- RC era now available on Endor

- new Mandalorian models

- The new version does no longer need an installer. It's a simple RAR archive.

There are several patches included. For instand the sound patch in case you prefer english than german voices.

In case you have custom maps with RC era support (Kothlis for example) you need to unzip the dev tools and replace the addrc.lvl in the custom map's addon folder with the new one from this update.


Fakeconsole fix

Fakeconsole fix

News 3 comments

You all asked for the fakeconsole and i think i found an fix for it

Integration bug fix

Integration bug fix


Old integration pack lite crashed the game. Fixed now!

RCM Galactic Conquest patch

RCM Galactic Conquest patch

News 1 comment

I released the Galactic Conquest patch and integrated it in the RCM full version.

RCM v1.3 release is comming

RCM v1.3 release is comming

News 6 comments

Presumably this weekend i'll upload the new version of this mod. It will be the final release.

RSS Files
RCM v1.6 release

RCM v1.6 release

Full Version 86 comments

This version requires REMASTER 1.3 to work properly. Make sure to uninstall the old version first

swbf2 rcm 1 5

swbf2 rcm 1 5

Full Version 93 comments

It has been a while since the last Update. This version comes with new graphics and bug fixes. Hopefully the new installer will make it easier to install...



Full Version 58 comments

You want it? You get it! After many people asked me for the fakeconsole i decided to find a solution for the Bug. And here it is. The description textes...



Full Version 61 comments

Final version of the RCM Mod with a lots of new features and bug fixes ! Updated version. You don't need the gc patch anymore !



Full Version 27 comments

V1.1 has an big error. Please download this Version instead.



Full Version 2 comments

Enjoy playing a complete new feeling of Star Wars Battlefront II. This Mod gives you the taste of Republic Commando with the gameplay of Battlefront II

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Very cool mod. The models are amazing both for the characters and weapons, the HUD is so good, cool and new gadgets (i don't like the idea of a smoke grenade on a sniper since you won't see a thing after throwing one, unless it's meant for an escape situation) and very nice animations, i like the vibroblade one. I'm a bit sad there aren't the main protagonists in this mod (we have their models, but not them as characters themselves) and there aren't particular skin changes on some maps like "Felucia" you could have added a camo variation or something else, instead, the CIS seems to have more gameplay variations because you can play with mandalorians or geonosians on some specific maps. I'm not sure if there is a way to play as a standard clone but not only they have a custom model, which is fabulous, and a yellow version but THEY HAVE A JETPACK ON KAMINO?? That's so cool, why i can't play with them? The mod is probably not updated anymore but i hope the author will add more things in the future.

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For some reason the UI for the Commandos for me is doubled up, and not working correctly, I have an oversized grenade blocking my view in First and third person, only going away when I aim down the sights, has anyone ever had this happen to them?

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There is a question to the author:
Is there any way to make wrist blade strike as separate action with a separate button? There are a lot of cases in combat where an rapid strike with the wrist blade would be more useful as a standalone action, without having to switch through a bunch of different grenades and other garbage(which each player class have a different number of).

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Anyone else has problems with galactic conquest?

i dont see any item on the REMASTER tab. so the install button is useless

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I have the 1.6 version of this and the Unofficial patch 1.3, but the items are really big and in the middle of the screen instead of in the corner. why

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

You need to ensure that you install this unofficial patch specifically or else you will run into the issue you are having with the game.

I hope this clears the issue up for you. If you are using the 1.6 rcm mod while running the outdated unofficial patch known as 1.3 then you're going to have issues only install the remaster patch, I have provided to you only no need to install the outdated unofficial patch 1.3 after you have installed 1.5 r2

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Alright GT Anakin I have returned after spending some time on the Legacy Discord server unfortunately the devs couldn't help me with the incompatibility issues regarding the ZRC file which really really does indeed suck there is nothing I can do on my end I understand that you probably are reading this and don't care to go back and update the ZRC file but if in the future one day you go back, please look into this issue as it's an annoying problem. When I was on the discord server they told me to one by one place each addon from the Legacy mod into my addons folder so I did that and this was the results of doing so BF3 Cato hunt , Bf3 venator and lastly BF3 vjun all work without the game locking up on me however when I place these files in my addons the game locks up on me BF3, BF3 era, Bf3 CW space demo and BF3 more maps. Here is the response I got from the discord server.

"Republic Commando hasn’t been supported since before most of legacy was developed. I suspect a conflict between the era mod content and zrc.
Something like this is potentially unresolvable. If you can single out the exact folder that zrc conflicts with on our end, unless it is the main BF3 folder - we can look into fixing it in future."

Hello, I wanted to go ahead and share with the community my troubleshoot to get the Legacy mods to work with the republic commando mod if some of you have installed the republic commando mod alongside with the legacy mod you may have ran into an issue where the game would lock up on you and crash such as the video below.

Now some others may have encountered this same issue and have been stuck trying to figure out how to troubleshoot this issue well I have the answer to this issue below you will find 4 videos the first 2 videos are non-voiced instructions on how to install everything this is more for advanced users who are able to learn by just watching as some prefer to have zero audio so I will be accommodating people who prefer that format. On the other hand I will have 2 With voice videos where I slow things down and slowly walk you through the process of troubleshooting/installing everything this is more for people who are lost from the non-voiced instruction videos/require a slower pace as the methods used are a little confusing at first but do work from my testing. Please note that the only thing that the non-voiced version doesn't include in them are how to install the shader patch I explain how to install that in part 1 of the voiced video that's the only thing the NON voiced version doesn't include.



Feel free to watch either version as we all learn differently some of us will prefer voiced instructions others may prefer non voiced feel free to leave a comment if this works for you so far this has helped a lot of people, I'm glad that I could help the community. If you were able to follow along with the non-voiced instructions the only thing you will be missing out on again is how to install the shader patch which allows you to run your game past 1920x1080 without having graphical issues.

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I went ahead and rerecorded the tutorial videos so it will cover the same information as the videos above.

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